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Samsung Tablet Camera Not Working (How To Fix)

We want our Samsung tablets to work. After all, that’s why we purchased them. What can we do, however, when the camera stops working?

The easiest way to correct an issue with a camera not working on a Samsung tablet is to clear the data. This can be done in the settings by choosing the camera from the application manager. From there, you can clear the data and reset the camera.

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Of course, it would be nice if we always had an easy solution to every problem that we had. Sometimes, the solutions are a little more difficult, so we’ll take a look at 3 different possibilities.

Samsung Tablet Camera Not Working

Force restarting the tablet camera:

Sometimes, you need to force restart the entire device in order for the camera to start working again. This is something that should not be done very frequently because you can lose data in the process. In a pinch, however, it may help.

On your Samsung tablet, hold the volume down button on the rocker switch and your power button at the same time. Continue to hold those two buttons down simultaneously until the device reboots.

This may take up to seven seconds or longer to happen. If you hold those two buttons in for a long time and nothing happens, try starting over again.

For those who have difficulty with the power and volume down button, there is another option available to force your tablet camera and tablet to restart.

Hold the power button and continue to hold it for up to two minutes. This will cause your device to shut down automatically. After turning off, wait a full minute for everything to clear, and then push the power button and release.

If all else fails, you may just need to wait until the battery runs out of charge. Once that happens, the tablet automatically restarts. You can then charge the tablet for 30 minutes prior to turning it on again.

Working in Safe Mode:

Your Samsung tablet has a safe mode and it can often root out any problems you are experiencing.

Press the power button on your Samsung device until the shutdown or restart screen appears. Press and hold the power off icon and eventually, the safe mode option will show up.

After selecting safe mode, the device will restart into safe mode.

Another option is to start with the device powered off. As the Samsung logo appears when you power it on, push the volume down key on the rocker switch and hold it. This will switch the mode to safe mode, which will be evident by what is on the screen.

At that point, you can check the camera to see if it is working properly. If it is working properly, then it is probably a recently installed app that is causing the problem.

Start removing apps one by one until you no longer have a problem with your camera.

Performing a Factory Reset:

You should not do a factory reset unless you are willing to lose everything on the device. Make sure you backup information, pictures, and everything else that will be wiped from the device during the reset.

To perform a reset, go into settings and select general management. Tap the reset option > factory data reset > reset.

You may need to confirm that you actually want to reset your device at this point. As long as you have everything packed up properly, you can reset the device and that should fix the camera.

If all of these options fail, it is likely that you are having a problem that cannot be corrected. You should contact Samsung and look into the possibility that they can fix your device.

In some cases, your device may be under warranty or it could be a warranty-related item that needs to be fixed. In other cases, you might have to pay to have the device repaired or they can even replace your device for a cost.

Samsung Tablet Camera Upside Down

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If you are having problems with your Samsung tablet camera being upside down, there are some ways to fix it.

One way to fix an upside down camera is to slide your finger from the top of your screen to the bottom edge of your screen. This may show a rotation lock that can be used to rotate the screen to the proper setting.

If that doesn’t work, you may want to try fully restarting your Samsung tablet. At times, a tablet can be stuck in one setting but restarting it will often correct those small issues.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Camera Keeps Saying Not Enough Space

Is your Samsung Galaxy tablet telling you there isn’t enough space? It may be telling you the truth.

When your Samsung tablet is running out of memory, it is often an issue with cached data. You can remove this by going into settings, selecting storage, and choosing ‘Cached Data’. You will then need to confirm the fact that you want to free up the cache.

This may work temporarily but if you continue to have the problem you may have an app that is using a lot of memory in the background. Check for the app permissions in your settings and remove any that are constantly running.

Samsung Tablet Camera Is Out Of Focus/Won’t Focus

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When your Samsung tablet camera is out of focus, there may be a simple solution.

If your Samsung tablet camera is not focusing you may need to reset it to default. Tap the screen to show the settings gear, and after pressing it, swipe until you see ‘reset settings’. Select that option to reset them.

If you do reset your settings on your Samsung tablet camera, you may need to reestablish some custom settings that you use regularly.

Samsung Tablet Camera Color Is Off

When the color isn’t quite working on your Samsung tablet camera, what can be done to fix it?

The color can be restored in your Samsung tablet camera by reverting to natural screen mode rather than vivid. Go to your display settings and make the change.

Another option is to disable the screen Optimizer and all beauty filters. These can be found in the settings option of your Samsung tablet camera.

Samsung Tablet Camera Is Frozen

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If your Samsung tablet camera is frozen, you may need to restart your device.

An easy way to fix a Samsung tablet camera that is frozen is to restart the device. Press and hold the power button until the option to restart or shut down appears. Choose restart and wait for the tablet to power up again.

You may also have a problem with excess data in the cache. Go into your settings manager and manage apps. Under all apps, find your camera, click on it, and look for the option to clear data.

After you clear the data, the camera should be working properly again. Otherwise, you may need to perform a hard reset to get it working fully.

Samsung Tablet Camera Slow To Operate

We want the camera on our Samsung tablet to work quickly. In that way, we will capture the moment but sometimes, it’s working slower than we like.

If you find that the camera on your Samsung tablet is lagging, you may have to clear the data on your tablet by restarting. Restarting your tablet will refresh the memory and will often leave your Samsung working better than it has worked in a long time.

In order to fully restart your Samsung tablet, you begin by pressing and holding the power button. It may take a few seconds but the options will come up to either turn off or restart your Samsung tablet.

In this case, restarting the tablet will be sufficient. After pressing the reset option, the tablet will power down and begin the restart process.

After restarting, make sure that you give the tablet plenty of time to work through the process. It will look like it has restarted but it will still be working in the background, so your camera will still be slow.

After the tablet restarts fully, it should be faster.

Samsung Tablet Camera Flash Not Working

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If the flash on your Samsung tablet camera is no longer working, what can be done to fix it?

One reason why a Samsung tablet camera flash stops working is because another app is conflicting with the use of the flashlight. The easiest way to fix this is to restart the tablet.

Restart your tablet by holding in the power button and selecting restart from the pop-up menu. It will take some time for the tablet to restart.

Sometimes, you may find that the flashlight and flash are still not working as expected. That is the case, you will need to look down through the apps in your settings menu and choose any that have access to the flashlight. More than likely, one of them is conflicting with it.

Samsung Tablet Camera Stuck In Selfie Position

If your Samsung tablet seems to be stuck in selfie mode, what can you do to fix it?

The easiest way to move out of selfie mode is to swipe from the bottom of your screen to the top of your screen. If that doesn’t work, open the camera app, press the screen to display the settings and choose the camera icon in the upper corner. This will also change from selfie mode to regular mode.

If that doesn’t work, try doing a soft reboot of your tablet. This is done by pressing and holding the power button and selecting restart from the screen.

After confirming that you actually want to restart, it will begin the process. Doing a soft restart will clear the cache and will often reset these small settings that may be causing the problem.

Samsung Tablet Camera Lens Peeling

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If the area around your Samsung tablet camera lens is peeling, what can be done?

Anytime the finish on your Samsung tablet begins peeling, it becomes a warranty issue. Take the tablet to a Samsung dealer in your local area to verify if your problem is covered under warranty or not. Otherwise, you should take it to a shop that fixes these issues.

Unfortunately, there have been many people who experience this type of problem and they don’t get a satisfactory answer to the issue. Be persistent when dealing with Samsung and don’t take no for an answer.

Samsung Tablet Camera Crashes

When the camera continues to crash on your Samsung tablet, there are ways to fix the problem.

Often, a Samsung tablet camera will crash because it has an overload of data in the cache. Go to the application manager in settings, choose all apps, and look for your camera app. After selecting it, you should be able to clear the data.

After clearing the data, any settings that were established on your Samsung tablet camera will be cleared. The next time you start the camera, it will be like the first time you started it.

Have you tried using a camera app from the play store? If the default camera is no longer working, you may find that one of those other apps works as expected.

If this doesn’t work, you can restart your Samsung tablet fully to clear the cache even further. Otherwise, you may need to reset the tablet.

Samsung Tablet Camera Black Screen

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Do you have a black screen when you turn on your Samsung tablet camera? You may have a conflict.

To correct the Samsung tablet camera’s black screen, enter the securities and permission manager in your settings. You should see a setting that allows all apps to access the camera if they have the proper permissions. Turn on that setting and it should correct the issue.

If you haven’t restarted your tablet recently, you may also want to try a full restart. Press and hold the power button until a screen appears that gives you the option to restart. Verify that you want to restart and wait for the process to complete.

Samsung Tablet Camera Orange Screen

If you have an amber or orange tint on your Samsung tablet camera screen, it may be due to a filter.

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Open your camera app and touch the screen to make the settings icon appear. Inside the settings, you should see options for applying filters. Make sure that you turn all filters off and this should correct the issue.

Another possibility is that you have a conflict with the nightlight. Open the playbooks app and choose one of the books. Select the options and it should give you the opportunity to switch off the nightlight.

Samsung Tablet Camera Turns Off

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Is your Samsung tablet camera turning off unexpectedly? Try this to fix it.

A problem with too much data in the cache may cause your Samsung tablet to crash. Go into your application manager in your settings, choose all apps and scroll down until you find your camera. Inside the camera app settings, you should see an option to clear data.

Clearing the data from your camera app makes it less bulky. Often, it will streamline your apps so that it works without constantly failing.

You might also need to download a new camera app from the app store. There are plenty of free options available that are more robust than the one currently used on your Samsung tablet.

You may need to clear some items off of your tablet that are causing low storage. If you get a low storage space warning, track down some of the larger files and remove them.

One other possibility is that there was an issue with your last android update. Try rolling back to the previous update or reinstalling the current android update. This will often fix some of the small issues that you are having.

Samsung Tablet Camera Rotates Picture

Is your Samsung tablet camera rotating? There may be an easy fix for this.

The screen orientation icon is often the way to fix a problem with a Samsung tablet when the camera is rotating. Slide the menu down from the top of your screen, and look for the rotation icon. Select the appropriate setting, such as landscape, portrait, or auto-rotate.

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If this doesn’t work, you may need to clear some of the data from your phone. You can do so by going into your settings and looking for the camera in the application manager. Clear the data and it should fix the issue.

One other option is to go to the app store and try another camera. There are many free camera options for your Samsung tablet and you may find that you actually like the way that they work better than the default camera.

When an issue with your Samsung tablet camera occurs, you can clear the data from the apps manager. Enter the application manager in settings and find the camera up under all apps. Choose the clear data option to reset the camera. Otherwise, you may have to replace the device camera with a new camera from the app store.

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