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Samsung TV Bixby Not Working

Some people appreciate the Bixby app on their Samsung TV. If yours is in working, there are some things that may help to get it working again quickly.

When Samsung TV’s Bixby is not working, a common issue is that the TV’s software is outdated. To resolve this, navigate to the TV’s settings, select “Support,” then “Software Update,” and choose “Update Now.” This process will ensure your TV runs the latest software, potentially fixing Bixby’s functionality.

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First up, imagine your Samsung TV is like a smartphone that’s been overloaded with apps and background processes. Just as your phone might start lagging or glitching, your TV can experience similar issues when its memory is full, affecting Bixby’s performance. Clearing the cache and data of the Bixby app can provide a fresh start. Go into the TV’s settings, find the apps section, select Bixby, and then choose to clear its cache and data. Think of it as giving your TV a mini reboot, which can help Bixby spring back to life, ready to follow your commands.

Another reason Bixby might be giving you the silent treatment is a poor internet connection. Your TV relies on a stable connection to process voice commands through Bixby. To troubleshoot, check your Wi-Fi signal strength on your TV’s network settings. If it’s weak, try resetting your router or moving it closer to your TV. It’s akin to ensuring a clear path for a river to flow; without obstruction, the digital information can stream smoothly, allowing Bixby to understand and execute your commands efficiently.

Samsung TV Bixby Not Working

There may be other issues that could stop Bixby from working. Working down through these potential problems can help you to get it up and running as quickly as possible.

Software Update – If you have not updated the software on your Samsung TV recently, it’s a good idea to check and see if one is available. Some updates are applied automatically but others may wait until you give their approval.

You can access the software update section on your Samsung TV in the settings menu. If there is an update, apply it right away.

Remote Control – We discussed the fact that any battery drain in your remote control can stop Bixby from working. It might also be a problem if you have a universal remote. Bixby does not work with all universal remote controls.

Compatibility – There may be times when your Samsung TV is not going to work along with the apps that you have on your mobile device. If you are trying to operate Bixby on a Samsung mobile device as well as your TV, make sure that they are not competing with each other.

Hard Reset – If you are having Bixby problems on your TV, you might want to try doing a hard reset. The easiest way to do this is to start with the TV turned on, unplug it from the wall, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in.

You can also perform a hard reset from the remote control. Start with the TV turned on and hold down the power button on the remote while the TV turns off and turns back on again. At that point, the TV memory cache will be refreshed.

Browsing Data – Just like your computer, your Samsung TV holds on to browsing data. It can bog the system down and may need to be purged every once in a while. You can delete browsing data from the settings menu.

Network Connections – Like many features of your smart TV, Bixby requires the use of the network to operate properly. If your network is slow or if it has disconnected, Bixby will not work. You can check the network settings from your Samsung smart TV settings menu.

Samsung TV Bixby Keeps Popping Up

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Nothing is more frustrating than trying to enjoy your favorite program and Bixby keeps popping up on the screen. Here are some things you can do to stop it from happening.

The primary way that you can stop Bixby is by remapping the Bixby key. Often, your phone will have a dedicated Bixby key and if you press it accidentally, it will have Bixby popping up on your Samsung TV. Even though you can’t disable Bixby, you can remap the key so that another app will open when it is pressed.

Something else to consider is the possibility that a Bixby side key is established on your mobile device. It is also possible to customize that key as well so it points to a different app.

Although it is impossible to eliminate Bixby and stop it from working altogether, you may be able to switch over to Google assistant if your phone has that option. Bixby will continue to be active on your device, so you might still want to remap the key as was discussed earlier.

Be aware that remapping the Bixby key to open another app will not stop you from accidentally pressing the key. It will also not stop your phone from glitching, so you may have another app opening continually. Perhaps you can choose something that you wouldn’t mind opening, such as a web browser.

Samsung TV Bixby Won’t Turn Off

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If your Samsung Bixby won’t turn off, that is by design. It is also a frustrating problem that can be eliminated if you take the proper steps.

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The number one way that you can turn off Bixby so it doesn’t continually stay on is to deactivate a certain feature. That is the voice wake-up feature, so Bixby will not constantly listen for you to activate it and it won’t be activated all of the time. Be aware that deactivating this feature will also stop Bixby from accepting any commands so it’s either on or off.

Although you may be able to deactivate the built-in microphone located in your smart remote and stop Bixby from being constantly on, you can’t deactivate it on your TV permanently. It will continue to be active and unless you stop it from listening to you, it may pop up on occasion.

Rather than getting frustrated over Bixby and wanting it turned off altogether, you can also learn how to use it properly. Bixby can be a wonderful tool if you use it as it was designed. Try using it and training it. Bixby may just become a constant companion that you appreciate having on your set.

Samsung TV Bixby Not Responding

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For those who love the Bixby service on their Samsung TV, it can be frustrating when it stops working. Here’s how to make sure that it continues working for you when it is not responding.

Our top fix for a Samsung TV Bixby not responding is to check the remote control. Your remote control may continue to operate, changing channels and adjusting the volume on the TV but Bixby may not work if the remote batteries are starting to die. Change the remote control batteries before you swap out the remote. You will often find the Bixby comes back to life as a result.

There may be other issues that can lead to Bixby not responding, such as a software update. Check your Samsung TV to ensure that no software updates are pending.

While you are in the settings menu, check the network connection. If the network connection is not working between the router and the TV, then Bixby will not work between the remote and the TV.

Generally speaking, Bixby will be up and running without too much difficulty. It’s something that cannot be disabled entirely, so it will always start running once you get the problem fixed.

One other thing to try is shutting down the TV and refreshing the memory cache. This can be done by holding down the power button on your Samsung remote control while the power turns off. Continue to hold the power button until the power comes back on again. Your TV is now refreshed.

Samsung TV Bixby Keeps Talking

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When we speak to Bixby and it answers our question, it’s a convenience we appreciate. On the other hand, if Bixby continually talks without any input from us, it’s a frustrating experience. Here’s how to fix it.

The top reason why Bixby continues to talk is that the TV is set in an accessibility mode for impaired individuals. It helps some people to navigate the TV by talking them through it. Disabling this function will stop Bixby from talking incessantly and get your TV back to working as you would expect again.

In order to start the process, select the home button on your Samsung remote and navigate to the settings option.

Next, go to general and then to accessibility. You should see an option of ‘Voice Guide Settings’ and Then ‘Voice Guide’. You can turn off the voice guide in that area.

You might also need to change the voice wake-up option in the settings menu. This is also done by holding the home button and selecting the settings option.

You will find the voice wake-up option inside of the general >> Bixby voice settings. If it is set on, you can use the remote and change it to off. After pressing okay, Bixby should be a lot quieter.

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Samsung TV Bixby Commands Not Working

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Many of us appreciate the Bixby commands that allow us to operate our Samsung TV using our voice. If those commands are not working, there are ways to get them working again.

The top three reasons why the Bixby commands are not working include using an older TV software version, using a TV that is not compatible with Bixby, and experiencing problems with your Samsung smart remote. These issues can be corrected easily and you will be well on your way to enjoying voice commands on your Samsung TV again.

Compatibility Issues – Unfortunately, older Samsung TVs are not going to be compatible with Bixby. You may be able to still use some of those functions by using them on a Samsung mobile device and transferring them to the TV.

Smart Remote – The most common reason why Bixby is not working due to the remote is that the batteries are low. Bixby will stop working long before the volume and channel keys stop working. Change the batteries regularly.

Software Update – One other thing to check is an update in the Samsung TV software. If you are using an older version, navigate to the settings menu and update to the newest version.

Our top reason for Samsung TV Bixby not working is a problem with the smart remote. Many people will replace the remote when actually, it’s the batteries that need replacing. Bixby may stop working before the other functions of the remote stop working as the battery get low.

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