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Samsung TV Sound/Volume Not Working (Video-Easy FIX)

There are few things as frustrating as sitting down after a long day, turning on the news or your favorite TV show, and all of the sudden realizing the sound is not working. If you have a Samsung TV and the sound/volume control is not working, here is a how-to for you.

If your Samsung remote’s volume is not working, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue. First, make sure the batteries in the remote are fresh and properly inserted. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the remote by removing the batteries, pressing and holding any button for 15 seconds, and then reinserting the batteries.

If the remote still isn’t working, try reprogramming it to the TV by following the instructions in your Samsung TV manual. It’s also possible that the remote sensor on your TV or receiver is blocked or not functioning properly, so ensure that there is nothing obstructing the sensor and that it’s clean.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, it’s possible that the remote itself is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Hand holding TV remote

Problems with the volume of your Samsung TV can make owners quickly wonder if purchasing this brand was the right choice. Before you set off to purchase a new TV though, take a look at this how-to to try and solve your volume/sound issues typically in a few simple steps. Continue reading to find a multitude of ways to problem solve when it comes to questions you have surrounding your Samsung TV and issues with the volume.

Samsung TV Volume Stuck / Locked Up Video

With modern features constantly being added, it’s sometimes hard to narrow down what exactly is causing our Samsung TV’s volume to get stuck. I hope the video above on how to unstuck your samsung tv volume was helpful. If tips shown in the video didn’t get your tv volume unstuck, read on – I’ll add a few more ways to get your volume unstuck.

As a general rule, Samsung TV volume stuck is either caused by apps running in the background or too many apps using up the TV’s memory causing poor performance. You can improve the performance of your TV by turning off AUTORUN Smart HUB or release the TV’s memory by deleting unused apps.

Turn off Smart HUB Autorun in Your Samsung TV

In some Samsung TV models the Smart Hub seems to be causing the volume to get stuck. Try turning off the AUTORUN Smart HUB to stop the volume from getting stuck by going to general settings -> smart features -> turn off AUTORUN Smart HUB.

Photo showing the menu screen for turning off your samsung tv's auto run smart hub.
Menu Location: Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Smart Features-> Unselect Autorun Smart Hub

Rest Samsung TV’s Smart Hub

If this AUTORUN doesn’t exist try to find the option to reset Samsung TV’s Smart HUB and see if that works.

Photo shows Samsung TV Reset Smart Hub button
Menu Location: Settings -> Support -> Device Care -> Self Diagnosis -> Reset Smart Hub

Delete Unused Apps in Your Samsung TV

If turning off running Smart Hub automatically or resetting it didn’t work, try to delete unused Apps in your Samsung TV. Sometimes we add many apps and forget that the TV has limited storage. Restart your Samsung TV to see if the volume is still stuck.

Shows photo of Samsung TV's Manage Storage screen with label's 1 and 2, 1 being click the app, and 2 click delete to delete app.
Menu Location: Settings -> Support -> Device Care -> Manage Storage-> Select Unused App -> Click Delete

Reset Your Samsung TV Sound

If that solution didn’t work, you can either reset the tv as suggested in the section “Samsung Volume Display Stuck on Screen” or you can reset the volume internally. To do this, select Settings > select Sound > select Expert Settings > select Reset Sound > then select Reset to reset all the sound settings.

One of these solutions should get your volume back in working order and should keep it from freezing up again.

Reset Your Samsung TV to Factory Settings

Shows a photo of samsung tv's reset to factory settings.
Menu Location: Settings -> General -> Reset (Be careful this is a reset to factory default settings)

How Do I Unlock the Volume Control on My Samsung TV?

TV remotes resting on table by TV

There are so many different settings within a Samsung TV that the options can be rather dizzying. These are fantastic TVs for smart apps, host an easy interface, and have screens that break the typical TV barrier. However, when you find that the volume control on your Samsung TV is stuck, you start appreciating how good the TV really is and simply wonder how difficult it is to create a product that works as it should.

To unlock the volume control on your Samsung TV, you want to reset the pin/code to the default of 0000. To do this, press the POWER button, mute the tv, press the numbers 8-2-4, and then press the power button again. This should reset the tv to default and then you can go into your menu and turn off the V-chip/Parental lock

Samsung TV Keep Turning Volume Up

Kid covering her ears because TV is too loud

If you find yourself sitting in front of your Samsung TV with your hands in your lap and the remote far away from the control of your fingers, yet the volume is slowly going up, you certainly have a problem. Many Samsung TV owners have experienced this issue and it is one that tends to make the front pages of question queries with sometimes very little feedback. However, this is your solution.

If you notice your Samsung TV going up in volume without your control, you need to first locate the Intelligent Mode Settings. These settings control the sound based on the noise within the room as well as other conditions and should be turned off to keep them from performing independently. Go to General → Intelligent Mode Settings → and shut off the settings.

Samsung TV Keep Turning Down

Man with TV remote angry at TV

Beyond your Samsung TV constantly increasing without any action from you, users have also experienced problems with the sound decreasing on its own. This problem can be solved by the above solution located under “Samsung TV Volume Keep Turning Up,” but there is also one other trick to try to get your volume to behave as it should. Try one or either of these to keep the volume on your Samsung TV from turning down.

To keep your Samsung TV from turning down on its own, you first need to locate the settings menu within your TV. Once you have found the settings go to sound, then to the expert settings. Within expert settings, go to HDMI Input Audio Format and change Bitstream to PCM. In short Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > HDMI Input Audio Format > change Bitstream to PCM

Samsung TV Volume Too Low

A couple's back as they are facing TV

It is a problem when your Samsung TV continues to constantly decrease in volume, but it can be even more frustrating when the volume remains at a level that is too low to hear properly. There are a few different solutions available to solve this issue. Therefore, if you find that one is not working for your Samsung TV, try a few others or repeat the process a couple of times before giving up.

If the volume on your Samsung TV is too low, first check for updates by going to Settings > Support > Software Update and update your TV if one is available. After this, try testing your HDMI Cable by going to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Signal Information > HDMI Cable Test > Start Test. If the test says that the cable is bad, this could be your culprit and the cable should be replaced.

Samsung TV Volume Too High

Man holding pieces of paper with speaker images on them

Just as bad as your volume remaining too low, it is just as problematic when your Samsung TV volume stays at a level that is entirely too high. This really can be even bigger of an issue than that of the volume staying too low due to intrusive interruption of noise. To fix this issue, you can refer to the above section under “Samsung TV Volume Too Low,” but there are other solutions that may fix the problem if those do not.

To fix the volume on your Samsung TV that is too high, you should try updating the TV and testing the HDMI cable. If these do not solve your issue or reveal the problem, try disconnecting and reconnecting the cable that leads to the external device or reconnect the cable into another available port. You can also connect a different external device to test if the original external device was the problem.

Samsung TV Has No Sound

Man watching a black and white TV show on TV

Beyond the problems that come with the volume being too high or too low with your Samsung TV, you may be running into an issue with volume that includes no sound at all coming from your device. This problem can leave many Samsung TV owners turning their devices on and off in hopes that this will resolve the issue. This may cause the volume to come back, but you might need to do a bit more to get the volume back up.

If your Samsung TV has no sound, you need to go through the steps to complete a ‘Self Diagnosis’ to determine the problem. Go to ‘Menu’ from the remote, select ‘Support,’ select ‘Self Diagnosis,’ and then select ‘Sound Test.’ If you hear a sound that comes from the speakers of your TV, then the problem does not exist within your device but is likely originating from the soundbar or other attached speakers.

Samsung TV Volume Keeps Muting

Hand adjusting remote for a TV show

Many times, it would seem that the solution to fixing the volume on a Samsung TV is rather involved. However, if you find that your Samsung TV volume keeps muting, the solution may be more simplistic than you think. The easiest first step is to reset the remote by taking out the batteries and pressing power for around 10 seconds.

Once you have tried to reset the remote and you still find the volume on your Samsung TV is still muting, try this next solution. Set the TV to standby and press Info > Menu > Mute > Power. This should turn on the TV with the service menu so you can scroll down and select ‘Reset.’ Your TV will then turn off and will go into Plug and Play mode when turned back on so that the analog and digital tuner can be reset as well.

Samsung TV Volume Won’t Mute

Hand adjusting volume on TV remote

When your Samsung TV is constantly muting on its own, this can be a major problem for those of you that would like to sit and enjoy without the constant issue of interrupted volume. However, there are times when using the mute button is necessary and many Samsung users have found problems with their TVs not being able to mute or all of the sudden losing the feature. This is a frustrating problem, but one that can be solved.

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First, you always want to check the batteries on your remote to ensure that they are working properly. If not, they should be changed and this could immediately fix the issue of your Samsung TV not muting. If this does not bring a solution, as mentioned previously, try removing the batteries from your remote, hold down the power button for 10 seconds (or 40-60 if this time frame doesn’t work) and then turn the power back on.

How to Fix Volume on a Samsung TV

TV remote changing channels on TV

For a more general fix to the problems you are experiencing with your Samsung TV, there are a few different options that will hopefully get your TV back into working order. The first suggestion to fix the volume is to simply unplug your Samsung TV directly from the power source in your wall. Give it at least a minute of being unplugged before trying to power it up again and this might be your volume solution.

If this does not work, go to the menu using your Samsung TV remote. Select sound from there and then select either additional settings or speaker settings and set the auto volume to normal (Sound > Additional Settings/Speaker Settings > Auto Volume > Normal). This may help to stabilize your volume and get it back into normal working order.

How to Adjust Volume on Samsung TV Without Remote

Man setting up TV for first time

If you find yourself searching for your remote but have had no luck, you may find yourself in a position where the volume needs to be turned down. Without the remote, it is even possible to adjust the volume and if so, how do you go about doing this? Samsung TVs all have a controller that is located on the TV itself that will allow you to power the TV on, change the channel, change the HDMI, and yes, adjust the volume.

To adjust the volume on your Samsung TV without the remote, you simply need to locate the Jog control which is located on the rear or bottom right side of the TV. It is rather small, but you will be able to see the buttons that are labeled with their various functions. Simply press either the increase or decrease button on the jog stick and you will be on your way to adjusting the volume on your Samsung TV without the remote.

Samsung TV Enable/Disable Volume Not Available

Hand holding TV remote

Samsung TVs are very technologically advanced which is one of the biggest reasons that so many consumers purchase this TV rather than other competing brands. However, with as much smart technology that it hosts, there can be times when users get a tad overwhelmed with the functions of the tv and begin to feel a little lost – especially when it comes to enabling/disabling the volume on their TV.

If you think that the enable/disable volume setting is not available on your Samsung TV, it is likely that you simply haven’t been able to find this setting yet or are looking for the wrong label. To locate the setting to disable or enable the sound on your Samsung TV, simply press Settings > select Sound > select Expert Settings > Select Sound Feedback > and then you can adjust the sound as you wish.

Samsung TV Volume Display Not Showing

Hand holding remote

Beyond not being able to control your volume, it can be just as infuriating not being able to see your volume displayed on your Samsung TV. This may not be a major issue for some, but many users not only use their hearing to dictate the appropriate volume rate of their TV, but also use the volume display to help them determine if the volume is too low or too loud. If the volume display on your Samsung TV is not showing, here is the solution.

If you want to get your volume to display on the screen of your Samsung TV and are using a soundbar, this could be the problem. You can either remove the soundbar and use different speakers that do not use a volume display or you can reset your tv to factory settings to get the display to pop back up on its own without disabling the soundbar.

Samsung Volume Display Stuck on Screen

Man adjusting TV remote

You may want the volume display to appear when you choose to either increase or decrease the volume on your Samsung TV, but most Samsung users do not want the volume display to remain on their screen throughout the entirety of their watch session. If you find that when you adjust the volume that the display remains stuck on the screen, this can be very distracting. However, there is a quick solution that will make it disappear in minutes.

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To remove a volume display that is stuck on the screen of your Samsung TV, the most effective solution is to reset the TV. This does not even have to be internally, but the power cord should be unplugged directly from the wall while the TV is on. You will then need to wait one minute, plug the cord back in, and the volume display should have disappeared from your screen.

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