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Samsung TV Won’t Update

Samsung TVs are known for the technological advancements. These enable owners to stream different programs, search the internet, connect Bluetooth devices, among many other things, but it must be updated. What do you do when your Samsung TV won’t update?

If you can’t update your Samsung TV, a common reason is that the TV isn’t connected to the internet. Ensure your TV has a stable internet connection, either through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. Navigate to Settings > General > Network to check or re-establish a connection.

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There are several reasons why a Samsung TV may not update. Another potential reason is that there’s insufficient storage space on the TV to accommodate the update. In this case, try resetting the TV to its factory settings or deleting unnecessary apps and files to free up space.

Additionally, the firmware update might not be available for your specific region or model yet. Manufacturers often roll out updates in stages to ensure smooth distribution. If this is the case, waiting for a few days or weeks may resolve the issue as the update becomes available for your device. Always ensure you’re checking for updates from the official Samsung support page to get accurate information.

Samsung TV Won’t Update

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It is essential that your Samsung TV is updated to the most recent firmware so that all its different functions can work properly and new programs, applications, and software is readily available to owners.

If your Samsung TV won’t update, always be sure to check your internet connection. You can do this by clicking ‘Home’ on your remote > ‘Settings’ > ‘Network’ > ‘Network Status.’ This will show you the status of your connection and if you are not connected to the internet, will show you the different IP settings to get your Samsung TV reconnected to WiFi so that the update can commence.

Samsung TV the Automatic Update Was Not Completed

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The great thing about Samsung TVs is that they normally require no user interaction to perform available updates. This means that updates typically automatically install, but what do you do if the automatic update does not complete?

If the automatic update on your Samsung TV did not complete, you will need to restart the process manually. First, complete an electrical reset by unplugging your TV from the power source and leaving it for two minutes before plugging it back in. Then, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Support’ > ‘Software Update’ > ‘Update Now.’ This will then restart the update process and should lead to a completed update.

Samsung TV Not Finding Update

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If you try to go into your Samsung TV and update manually, you might experience finding the actual update. If you follow the previous instruction and look for the ‘Software Update,’ yet nothing appears it could be that your Samsung is updated to the most recent firmware.

However, if you know that your Samsung has not recently updated to the latest available firmware you can try updating via USB. Have the model number of your TV available and go to and select ‘Support’ > type model number into the search bar and select the correct model > ‘Manuals and Downloads’ > ‘See More’ > ‘Download.’

The firmware will then be downloaded to your computer. Once the download is completed, move it to the USB in your computer and then insert that same USB into your Samsung TV to download the latest firmware.

Samsung TV Update Stuck

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If you are not having issues finding the update, but simply are encountering problems within it being stuck, there are a few different solutions that have previously been mentioned that will solve your problem.

If your Samsung TV update is stuck, refer back to the previous section“Samsung TV Automatic Update Was Not Completed” to see the solution that will get your update downloading again. You can also try to simply turn your Samsung TV off and back on to help reset it internally quickly without having to go through more extensive measures.

Samsung TV Update Error 800

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If you are in the middle of an update and there is an error code that shows as “800,” this is not a message indicating how many seconds are left in the update. This error code is typically indicative of internet problems and can be resolved in a few different ways.

If on your Samsung TV update there appears an error code of “800” first try resetting your internet by following the instructions for your router. If this does not solve your problem, perform a factory reset by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Reset’ > enter pin 0000 > ‘Reset.’ If this does not work, you can also try to reset the Smart Hub by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Support’ > ‘Self Diagnosis’ > ‘Reset Smart Hub’ >enter pin 0000 >‘Done.’

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Samsung TV Black Screen After Update

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If your update was completed but once it is done you are seeing a black screen, this can cause major worry. To fix a black screen after an update has been completed, try the steps below.

If your Samsung TV is displaying a black screen after an update you need to first ensure that your TV is set to the correct input. Once this is confirmed, also be sure that all cables are properly connected. If cables are loose or damaged, it can cause your screen to go black after an update which calls for them to either be inserted properly again or to be replaced.

Samsung TV Software Function Isn’t Available

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If you go to complete a software update and a message appears that reads “This function is not available,” you need to figure out a solution in order to get the latest firmware installed. To do this, try the solution below.

If your Samsung TV software function isn’t available, try to access the function when not using an internet application. To do this, hold the ‘Back/Return’ button located on your remote control for a few seconds and this will put you back with a TV signal or antenna. Once you have changed the source, go back and see if the software function is now available to you.

Samsung TV Update Apps Not Working

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For any application, there is going to come a time when it needs to be individually updated due to new software that comes out from the creators of the app. If your Samsung TV ‘Update Apps’ function will not work, this can cause major problems with the proper function of any particular app.

If your Samsung TV ‘Update Apps’ function is not working, the typical solution is to perform an electrical reset by unplugging your TV directly from its power source and waiting two minutes before turning it back on. Also, be sure that you are updating apps correctly by pressing and holding the ‘Enter’ key over the app > ‘Update Apps’ > ‘Select All’ > ‘Update.’

Samsung TV Keeps Trying to Update

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There are times when Samsung TVs have issues with continual updates. This can either mean that the updates keep happening repeatedly in too often of a sequence, or the process keeps starting and then stopping.

If your Samsung TV keeps trying to update, turn the TV off with your remote, wait a few moments and then press ‘Info’ > ‘Menu’ > ‘Mute’ > ‘Power’ (repeat this twice). When the Service Mode screen appears select ‘Option’ > ‘Factory Reset’ > wait for the TV to restart. If it does not restart on its own, give it 30 minutes and turn it on manually then follow the setup that is presented to you.

Samsung TV Keeps Restarting After Update

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If your issue is not that your Samsung TV will not stop updating over and over but keeps restarting once the update has taken place, you are stuck with a ton of interruption when it comes to your viewing experience.

If your Samsung TV keeps restarting after an update, there could be a problem with the devices that are plugged into your HDMI ports if you have a Fire HD stick. Update the fire stick and be sure not to add other devices like a soundbar or Blu-ray to be controlled with that HD remote. You can also perform a factory reset which can be found under the section “Samsung TV Update Error 800.”

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Samsung TV Update Netflix/Hulu/HBO Max Not Working

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If you are experiencing problems with individual applications, this can put a huge halt to your screen time. However, when there are problems with updating a particular application on a Samsung TV like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO max, the solution is rather simple

If your Samsung TV update is not working for Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max an electrical reset may be needed (see: “Samsung TV Update Apps Not Working”). You can also try to delete the application entirely and then reinstall it. Once it has been reinstalled, you should be able to go back into the application and enter in your information and hve access to the newest version

Samsung TV Won’t Connect to WiFi After Update

TV having trouble finding WiFi network

If you have updated your Samsung TV that was previously working just fine with your internet prior to the update, you will be shocked if you discover that the TV will no longer connect to WiFi.

If your Samsung TV won’t connect to WiFi after an update, first see if the TV detects any WiFi networks by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Network’ > ‘Network Settings’ > ‘Wireless.’ If they are detected, find your domain and log in. If your network is not detected, you will need to reset your router which can be done following your user manual.

Samsung TV Update Keeps Failing

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There are problems when it comes to updates that will not complete, that freeze, that repeat themselves over and over again, but there are even bigger problems when your Samsung TV update keeps failing.

If your Samsung TV Update Keeps failing you can either perform a factory reset (see “Samsung TV Update Error 800”) or it may be a problem with a corrupted file if you are using a USB. Simply redownload the file again and extract it to the USB once more. If the file was corrupted, this should resolve any issues that you are having with the update failing on your Samsung TV.

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