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Samsung Video Call Not Working

Video calls have become the norm within the last few years. Samsung devices are known to provide clear, crisp videos and audio. But what does it mean when your Samsung video call feature is not working correctly?

If your Samsung Video call not working, there could be a connection issue, a bug within the video app, a software glitch, or a network issue. Make sure your device’s software is up-to-date. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Software Update’ > ‘Download and Install’> follow the on-screen instructions.

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It is very frustrating when you are not able to use the video call feature on your Samsung device. Sometimes the issue is from within the video app, other times it is a Samsung device issue. This article will help you troubleshoot the issues you are having.

Samsung Video Call Unavailable

Frustrated woman looking at her phone

You are all set to start a video call when you realize video calling is unavailable? Here are some reasons why this is happening.

If Samsung video call unavailable, make sure you have a good connection for a video call. A video call requires at least 3 signal bars in order to work well. Move to another location with a better signal.

Video calling has some of the same requirements as regular phone calls. Without a good connection, sometimes text messages are not even able to go through. If you are in an area that has a poor signal, turn on your Mobile Hotspot to enable Wi-Fi calling.


Network issues are common after updates or inserting a new SIM card. Some network issues can be resolved by disconnecting your Samsung device from the network.

Resetting the network can affect a host of other options on your device such as paired devices. Paired devices may be removed and will need to be re-paired.

Other features such as Bluetooth, Airplane mode, or data roaming may be turned off. But in other cases it may turn on mobile data, Wi-Fi, or even change networks all together.

After resetting the network, you will need to go into your device settings and manually change things back to the way you like them.

Samsung Video Call Camera Not Working

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When you want to make a video call, you depend on a working camera. What can you do when the camera is not working?

If your Samsung video call camera not working, you need to reset the camera settings. On the home screen, tap and hold the Camera icon. Select ‘App Info’ > ‘Touch Storage’ > ‘Clear Cache’ > ‘Clear Data’.

Clearing the app cache means you are getting rid of temporary files that have been stored within the app. These stored files start to bog down the app, affecting its performance, causing it to run slower.

Clearing the cache will remove all data that has been stored, freeing up memory space and data. This will also ensure new updates will have the storage space needed to be successfully installed.

The following steps will walk you through clearing out the app cache.

Step 1: Go to your Samsung Settings.

Step 2: Open ‘Apps’.

Step 3: Tap on the ellipsis next to ‘Apps’. It looks like three horizontal dots next to the search icon.

Step 4: Select ‘Show System Apps’.

Step 5: Select the app you want.

Step 6: Tap on ‘Storage’.

Step 7: Select ‘Clear Cache’.

As you will notice when you are doing Step 7, there is also an option to ‘Clear Data’. Clearing an app’s data should only be done as a last resort.

Clearing the app data will return the app to its original factory settings. Any personal preferences, settings, data, etc, will be erased.

Samsung Video Call Microphone Not Working

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Whether you are making a regular phone call or a video call, you need a working microphone. If your Samsung microphone is not working, here are some easy suggestions to try.

If your Samsung video call microphone not working, remove anything plugged into the headphone jack, whether it is headphones or a decorative charm. Disable Bluetooth. Go into your device settings and make sure the volume levels are correct.

Once you have determined the volume settings are good and there is nothing within the device affecting the microphone, the next step is to do some cleaning.

The microphone opening is small but dust, dirt, and other debris can easily collect in there. Gently clean the area to remove the obstructions.

Some device covers have a microphone cover to prevent the opening from getting dirty. If your device has a cover on it, the cover could be blocking the microphone. Remove the cover and see if the issue is resolved.

Samsung Video Calling Error

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Errors are never a welcomed sight. What does it mean when your Samsung video calling has an error?

Generally speaking, Samsung video calling error will happen if the video calling app has software glitches. Restart the app by going into your device Settings, selecting the video call app, and tapping on Force Stop. Restart your device to refresh everything.

Calling errors are common when there are connection issues, whether between you and the other caller or with the network. If you are in an area with a poor Internet signal, turn on your mobile hotspot.

Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a diagnostic feature that lets you identify which 3rd party apps are adversely affecting your device. If a 3rd party app is running in the background or using unusually large amounts of data, Safe Mode will restrict mobile data to that app.

The steps outlined below will walk you through turning on Safe Mode in your Samsung device.

Step 1: Power off the device completely.

Step 2: Simultaneously press and hold the ‘Power’ button and Volume Down button together until the device turns on and the Samsung logo appears.

Step 3: The ‘Safe Mode’ option will appear at the bottom of the screen.

You can turn off Safe Mode by swiping down the screen to access the Notification panel. Select Safe Mode and then select Turn Off to restart the device.

Samsung Video Call Grayed Out

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Is the video call feature grayed out? Before you determine the device is at fault, here are some suggestions to try.

If Samsung video call grayed out, go into your account settings and make sure the video call feature is turned on. If the setting is grayed out, your provider may not support video calls, especially if you are using an older device.

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If your provider does support video calling, turn on VoLTE to enable your device to use 4G or 5G signals instead of traditional mobile networks. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Connections’ > ‘Mobile Networks’ > turn on VoLTE to make HD voice calls.

Samsung Video Call Icon Missing

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You get all situated for a video call only to find out your Samsung device does not have a video call icon. Why is the video call icon missing?

If your Samsung video call icon missing, your carrier may not provide a video calling option. Majority of users have to use a 3rd party app such as WhatsApp, Google Duo, Skype, or another app. Make sure the individual you are trying to video call can accept video calls.

Sometimes the reason why the video call icon is missing is simply a glitch in the software. A soft reset will remove any minor software issues and glitches. Power off the phone and let it rest for at least 10 seconds.

Samsung Video Call Wants To Stay On Voice

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A video call with no video is just a regular phone call. Why is the Samsung video call staying on voice?

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If your Samsung video call wants to stay on voice, make sure the video calling feature is turned on. A recent software update can also cause the feature to revert back to the factory default setting.

You can enable video calling by doing the following:

Step 1: Go to your phone keypad and tap on the ellipsis in the upper right corner. It will look like three little dots.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Video Calling’ to turn Video Call on.

Samsung Video Calling How To Enable

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Majority of devices come with video calling turned off. This is a factory default setting that can easily be changed.

Samsung video calling can be enabled by going to your phone keypad and then selecting ‘Settings’. Select the ‘Video Call’ option and turn it on. Not all devices support video calling. If your device does not have a ‘Video Call’ option, install a 3rd party app that supports video calling.

If your Samsung device does not have a video calling feature, you will need to install a 3rd party video calling app.

Samsung Video Call Blurry

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Is your video call blurry? The reason may have to do with the number of apps you have open.

Samsung video call blurry if there are too many apps running in the background. The apps will use up data and can cause your video calling app to freeze or have a video with poor quality. Make sure you are connected to a network with a strong connection.

If you are using a 3rd party app to make video calls, open the app in the Google Play Store and install any pending updates. Restart the phone to refresh everything.

Samsung Video Calls Cannot Be Made To This Number

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Unfortunately, not all devices are created equal. If you are unable to make a video call to another number, the issue is not with your device or provider.

If Samsung video calls cannot be made to this number, there are three possible reasons why. The other number may not have a device capable of receiving video calls, they have not turned on the video calling feature, or they are in an area with a weak signal.

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