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Samsung Washer Keeps Rinsing or Won’t Rinse

Samsung Washer Keeps Rinsing or Won’t Rinse

Having problems with your washer can be incredibly frustrating and annoying. Luckily, there is a lot of information on the internet about many different kinds of washer issues and how to solve them. However, all this information can be quite overwhelming, and it can be hard to determine which solution can work for you. 

If your Samsung washer keeps rinsing or won’t rinse, you should investigate if there is something wrong with the water flow or electrical circuits. Check the water supply faucets, drain control, electrical circuits, and timer. Additionally, you may need to check the control or switchboard. 

Throughout this article, we will look into all possible reasons why your washer could be causing a problem and how to fix it. We will discuss the following points:

  • Samsung washer keeps rinsing
  • Samsung washer won’t rinse
  • Samsung washer won’t complete the rinse cycle
  • Samsung washer leaks during the rinse cycle
  • Samsung washer blinking on rinse cycle
  • When it can’t be fixed and what you can do

Samsung Washer Stuck on Rinse

A common issue with Samsung washers getting stuck on rinse can be a clogged drain pump filter, which prevents water from draining efficiently. To resolve this, locate the access door at the washer’s bottom front, open it, and carefully clean the filter, removing any debris or lint.

Faulty water inlet valves can be another reason for Samsung washers to linger on the rinse cycle. These valves control the water flow into the machine. If they malfunction, the washer might not fill or rinse properly. To fix this, the water inlet valves may need replacement. Ensure the water supply hoses are also in good condition and not kinked.

Software glitches can occasionally cause washers to get stuck on certain cycles. If your Samsung washer is stuck on rinse due to a software issue, try performing a “hard reset”. Unplug the washer from the power source for about 10 minutes, then plug it back in. This action can reset the electronic components and potentially resolve the problem.

Samsung Washer Keeps Rinsing 

Samsung Washer Keeps Rinsing

It can be incredibly irritating when you’re trying to get your laundry done, and suddenly your washer won’t do what it should. In this particular case, your washer keeps rinsing. What could be the cause, and how can it be fixed? 

Water Supply Faucets

Most washers have a cold water supply faucet and a warm water supply faucet. Cold water is used during the rinse cycle, so if the program doesn’t go any further than this, it might indicate something is wrong with the cold water faucet. This is a part that you could easily replace to fix the issue. 

Electrical Problems

If electrical issues are the root of your problem, it will be hard to find out by yourself. The effect of this type of situation is that your washer won’t be able to receive signals that have to do with the timer and programming. Therefore, the washer won’t get a sign that it’s time to move on to the next cycle. 

Timer Issue

Your washer operates by going through cycles. The timer of your washer will make sure one cycle will follow the next. If the timer isn’t working, the cycles won’t function as they should, and your Samsung washer could get stuck in the rinse cycle. You will need to call a handyman to determine that this is, in fact, the issue and to fix it. 

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Samsung Washer Won’t Rinse

Samsung Washer Won’t Rinse

Front Load Washer

If you have a Samsung front load washer, one of the following circumstances could apply to you or your washer:

  • You could be using too much detergent. 
  • You could have put too many clothes or towels in the machine. In this case, there won’t be enough room for the proper amount of water necessary to rinse your load. 
  • The drain pump could be clogged or broken. Several videos on YouTube explain how you can tell if you have any issues with your drain pump.
  • The drain hose could be clogged. Luckily this is easily fixable. 
  • The water supply hose could be bent, or the valves could not sufficiently be open.
  • Failure of the control or switchboard. You can either replace this yourself or let a handyman do it. 
  • Failure of the cold water supply faucet. The faucet can be fixed or replaced. 

Top Load Washer

If you have a Samsung top load washer, one of the following circumstances could apply to you or your washer:

  • Lid –  Double check if you’ve shut the lid properly as the washer won’t rinse if it thinks that the lid is still open. It will fill up with water, but it won’t start rinsing because of safety reasons. Obvious, perhaps, but often enough, the cause of a washer that doesn’t rinse. If you have a bad lid switch on your hand, it will ensure that the power won’t go to the drive motor. 
  • Control or switchboard – Malfunction of the switch or control board could be the possible cause for front load washers and top load washers. 
  • Drive belt – The belt could either fall off or be worn out, something worth checking if your washer won’t rinse. You can recognize this issue when your washer starts making a humming noise. 
  • Drive motor – The motor in your washer is the reason it will agitate. If the drive motor doesn’t work, the washer won’t wash your clothes properly. 
  • Timer – As you should know by now, your washer operates by going through cycles. The timer of your washer will make sure one cycle will follow the next. If the timer isn’t working, the cycles won’t function as they should. 
  • Pressure switch – This switch controls the water level. If it’s not working, the motor will most likely not receive any power. 

Samsung Washer Won’t Complete the Rinse Cycle

Samsung Washer Won't Complete the Rinse Cycle

During the rinse cycle, the load is rinsed with water after it was just washed with soap. However, if the water can’t go anywhere after this rinse, the program won’t continue, and the washer will get stuck at the rinse cycle. The cause could be an issue with your drain. 

If this appears to be the concern, you might want to check first if the drain hose isn’t just bent or restricted in some way. That might very well be the reason that the water won’t go away after the rinse. If that’s not the case, the drain tube could be clogged, the water pump could be broken, or the drive belt could be loose or broken. 

Samsung Washer Leaks During Rinse Cycle

Samsung Washer Leaks During Rinse Cycle

If your washer’s drain hose is clogged, the water used for the rinse cycle cannot be drained. This can cause leaks during the rinse cycle, specifically. Also, if you’re washing a small load, the washer might try to balance it out by adding more water. 

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Putting too many items or too much detergent in the washer could also cause a leak during the rinse cycle. 

Samsung Washer Blinking on Rinse Cycle

Samsung Washer Blinking on Rinse Cycle

If the washer is blinking on rinse cycle, this might indicate that you have too many items in the washer or that the items are unevenly distributed. Try to take out some items, or if there aren’t too many to begin with, evenly distribute the items in the machine. 

When Your Samsung Washer Can’t Be Fixed

When Your Samsung Washer Can’t Be Fixed

If even the handyman can’t fix whatever is wrong, it is time to get rid of the washer. Perhaps it’s broken, or it’s just old; there will be a time that you will have to say goodbye. Letting the government collect it is an excellent way to get rid of the washer. Check your official government website for more information about this. 

When you’re going to replace your old washer, you have several options. You can either buy a second-hand washer or get a brand new store-bought washer. Either way, it is important to do sufficient research beforehand to make sure you won’t purchase one that turns out to give trouble down the road. 

It’s also important to dispose of your old washer responsibly. Because washers are big and heavy, they might be difficult to get rid of. Check your local government website to see what arrangements they have when it comes to bulky waste. 

Final Thoughts

Samsung washers are designed to last but even they can malfunction at times. By checking the wide variety of possible causes mentioned in this article, you must be at least closer to finding out what could be going on with your washer. Repairing your washer before instantly purchasing a new one is essential for the longevity of your washing machine. 

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