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Siemens Dryer Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

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Siemens is not a new kid on the block when it comes to appliances. In fact, this company was first founded in 1847 in Berlin, Germany. Even though the company has a long, reputable history, their dryers are not without problems. Like other brands, Siemens dryers can experience issues, such as not working properly. When this occurs, knowing why it isn’t working can help you better address the problem.  

The most common cause of a Siemens dryer not working (how to fix/reset) is a faulty door switch. This switch signals to the dryer that the door is closed and it can start the drying process. If there is an issue with the switch, it will prevent the dryer from working.

The dryer door switch is a safety feature that all dryers have. If the switch is faulty in any way, it can prevent the dryer from recognizing when the door is shut. If the dryer doesn’t know the door is shut, it will not start.  

Sometimes, the issue with the dryer door switch is simply that it is stuck open. Inspect the dryer door handle/lock, and try to manually move the latch with your finger. This can help work a stuck latch free. If the latch seems to give resistance, try spraying WD-40 or another lubricant on the latch. 

If, however, the dry door switch is faulty, it will need to be replaced. Replacing a door switch, also known as door latch assembly, is not as difficult as it may seem. It will require a screwdriver and a new replacement latch assembly. You will need to remove the old latch assembly and replace it with a new one. Make sure to disconnect the dryer from its power source before replacing any parts or performing any maintenance on the appliance. 

No matter what type of repair you perform on the dryer, consider completing a reset of the Siemens dryer to help ensure any glitches are cleared out. Resetting the appliance is simple and only takes a few moments. To begin, turn the dryer off. Change the dial on the dryer so that it is in the 6 o’clock position. Wait for 10 seconds and then press the low heat button, making sure to keep it pressed down while you turn the dial from 6 o’clock to the 7 o’clock position. Keep the button pressed down for another 10 seconds before letting go of the low heat button.

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Siemens Dryer Not Drying

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The entire purpose of a dryer is to dry your clothing, so when it cannot even do that right, you may be wondering why you have this appliance in the first place. Thankfully, this problem is usually one you can rectify yourself with little to no cost. 

When the Siemens dryer isn’t drying, the culprit is typically a block lint filter. This filter is located on the outside of the machine and catches all the lint that is removed from your clothing. It is recommended to clean this filter after each use.

Most of the time, you can use your hand to manually remove and discard the lint trapped on the filter. For really dirty filters, consider taking the hose attachment on your vacuum to the filter to remove stuck-on debris.

Don’t forget to also check the exhaust hose for debris. This hose vents the dryer’s exhaust outside of your house, moving gasses, hot air, and lint away from your home. When it becomes blocked by lint and debris, it not only reduces the dryer’s ability to properly dry clothing, but it can also increase the chance of a fire.

Siemens Dryer Won’t Start

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There is more than one reason as to why your Siemens dryer won’t start, but the most common cause is one that was put in place to keep us safe. A safety precaution that helps reduce fires can cause your dryer to stop dead in its tracks, preventing the appliance from starting or even finishing a cycle. 

When the Siemens dryer won’t start, check the door switch. This switch is a safety precaution that prevents the dryer from starting when the door is open. If the switch is damaged, the dryer won’t know the door is shut and it is safe to start. 

If the issue is with the door switch, it will need to be replaced before the dryer starts working again. However, that isn’t the only cause of a Siemens dryer not starting. Other potential causes are a bad power supply cord, blown fuse, or a faulty thermal fuse.

For a blown fuse, you will need to check your breaker or fuse box, looking for the fuse/breaker connected to the dryer. If it is flipped, then switch it back to the “On” position. If the dryer keeps blowing the breaker/fuse, then there could be an issue with the breaker/fuse itself, the breaker box, or the wiring. 

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Siemens Dryer Keeps Stopping

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A dryer that keeps stopping is an annoying problem to have. However, it may actually be a good thing that the dryer keeps stopping, especially if the issue is with the appliance overheating. An overheated dryer can quickly cause a fire in the dryer that spreads to your home. Thankfully, you can help prevent this from occurring with some simple maintenance. 

A Siemens dryer that keeps stopping is a sign that the appliance is overheating. In most cases it is caused by lint build up. Check the lint trap filter and remove all debris on the filter as well as any that is stuck inside the lint trap.

Another place to check for lint buildup is in the exhaust hose. It is not uncommon for lint to make its way into this hose, blocking the hose’s ability to function properly. Not only will this cause the dryer to keep stopping, but it can also increase the chance of a fire in your home. To help prevent this from occurring, clean the lint trap every time you use the dryer, and regularly inspect the exhaust hose for debris buildup.  

Siemens Dryer Won’t Open

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A dryer door that won’t open can leave you in a bind, especially if your clothes are stuck inside. Even if the appliance dries your clothing, if you cannot get the door open, then what good is it to you? 

If your Siemens dryer door won’t open, first unplug the dryer. Sometimes, the magnet that is holding the door shut will release and let you open the door if it is removed from its power source. If that doesn’t work, the door latch has malfunctioned and is seized.

Issues with the magnet on the dryer door will require replacing the door magnet with a new one. If, however, the problem is with the door latch, then you will first need to pry the dryer door open and then replace the latch with a new one. 

Replacement door latches can be purchased online at various retailers, as well as locally at appliance part stores. Refer to your owners manually to obtain the exact part number, as well as the make and model of your dryer. This information will help ensure you get the right part for your Siemens dryer. 

Siemens Dryer Not Heating/Getting Hot

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A dryer that isn’t heating up or getting hot is pretty useless since it cannot properly dry your clothing. Instead, it leaves you with damp clothing that you cannot wear and can potentially lead to mold buildup on the clothing, as well as in the dryer. But what would cause a Siemens dryer to have no heat?

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When the Siemens dryer isn’t heating up or getting hot, the problem is usually with the thermostat. To fix this problem, you will first need to replace the thermostat with a new part and then reset the dryer. If you’re not comfortable replacing an internal part, consider hiring a repair technician.

Depending on the model of your Siemens dryer, the thermostat may be located above the heating element. Though you should refer to your owner’s manual to find the exact location on your model. 

Another potential cause of the dryer not heating is a tripped heater fuse. This part prevents the dryer from overheating, which has the potential to cause a fire. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this issue is to replace the heater fuse, which does require removing the dryer’s back panel.

Other possible causes include a faulty heating element (which will also require replacing to get the dryer working properly again), and a clogged exhaust vent. If the issue is simply a clogged vent, removing the debris causing the problem will get the appliance working once more. 

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Siemens Dryer Not Spinning

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To dry clothing efficiently, the dryer’s drum will need to spin or tumble. This forces the clothing to move in different directions, which exposes all parts of the fabric to the heated air. If the dryer doesn’t spin, however, you are left with clothes that are dry on the top while the middle and even the bottom stay damp.

A Siemens dryer that doesn’t spin usually has a broken drive belt. If you can manually spin the drum with your hand, then that signals that the drive belt is broken and will need to be replaced.

If, however, the dryer is hard to spin when you try to move it with your hand, then the issue could be caused by a seized drum or bad door switch. In most cases, you will need to reach out to an appliance repair technician for assistance.

If the dryer is relatively new, consider contacting Siemens customer support first to see if the appliance is still under warranty. If so, they may fix the problem without you paying a dime out of pocket.

Siemens Dryer Not Collecting Water

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While not all dryers have the ability to collect water, condenser dryers do. These types of dryers collect water from clothing to help aid in the drying process. This collected water is either moved out of the appliance by a water drain pipe or collected in a tray inside the appliance. If, however, the Siemens condenser dryer isn’t collecting water, then the machine cannot dry your clothing as well as it should.

A Siemens dryer that isn’t collecting water is usually caused by a block condenser. It is not uncommon for the condenser to become blocked by debris, such as lint and silt. Thankfully, this is a relatively simple problem to fix, but will require removing and cleaning the condenser.

Another potential cause of the Siemens dryer not collecting water is a broken pump. There isn’t an easy fix for this problem and it will require replacing the entire pump to get the dryer working again. If you’re not sure how to replace the pump, contact an appliance repair technician for assistance. 

Siemens Dryer Not Draining

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Certain Siemens condenser dryers have a water tank that they use to collect any water that accumulates while the clothing is drying. Even though the dryer does collect the water, it will need to drain after each cycle in order for the dryer to dry clothes properly. This requires either connecting the dryer to a water drain pipe or manually discarding the water from the dryer’s water tank.

For Siemens dryers that are not draining but are connected to a water drain pipe, check to ensure there isn’t a clog in the pipe. If a clog is found, it will need to be removed or flushed out before the dryer can drain properly.

If, however, your washing machine isn’t draining, the issue is probably a clogged drain hose. The drain hose is what drains the water from the washing machine. When this becomes clogged, the water from inside the appliance has nowhere to go. The good news is that this is a relatively easy problem to fix and only requires removing the clog from the drain hose. 

If the dryer isn’t connected to a drain pipe, then you will have to physically remove the water tank from the appliance and dispose of the water. Most dryer models that have a water tank also have an LED light that indicates when the water tank is getting full. This lets you know that you should dump the tank as soon as possible.

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How To Reset Siemens Dryer

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Dryers are essential machines that are designed to make our lives easier. Like other appliances, electronics, and technology, dryers can experience glitches and malfunctions that prevent them from working properly. When this occurs, a reset can sometimes help.

To reset a Siemens dryer, you must first turn the dryer off and then set the dial to a 6 o’clock position. Wait for 10 seconds before pressing and holding down the low heat button and simultaneously turning the dial to a 7 o’clock position. Wait for another 10 seconds before releasing the button.

Keep in mind, however, that resetting a Siemens dryer isn’t a cure-all for any problems you may experience with the appliance. While they can help fix small issues caused by glitches, resetting the dryer won’t fix major problems, such as faulty parts. With that said, experts generally recommend resetting appliances after replacing a part or performing any sort of maintenance on the dryer.

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This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 07/26/2022.