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Sony TV HDMI Not Working

HDMI ports are the beginning and end of any additional devices that you may want to connect to your Sony TV. Whether you want to hook up something like a Roku, an Xbox, or your own computer, if the HDMI port is not working, you need a solution to remedy the problem fast.

A common cause for a Sony Bravia TV HDMI not working could be a loose or damaged HDMI cable. To resolve this, check the cable connections on both the TV and the device, ensuring they are securely plugged in. If the problem persists, try using a different HDMI port on the TV or replacing the cable altogether to restore proper functionality.


HDMI ports give people the ability to use far more devices along with the capabilities of their Sony TV to have a user experience that exceeds what even a Sony TV can do. If you are wanting to access the content on your computer, your phone, some type of gaming console, or a speaker system, you must have functioning HDMI ports. If you have a Sony TV and one, some, or all HDMI ports are not working, take a look below to see what you can do.

Sony TV HDMI Not Working

Having a functioning HDMI port or multiple HDMI ports on your Sony TV gives you the freedom to use other devices outside of your Sony TV, which expands and improves your user experience. However, some Sony TV owners have found that once they connect a particular device to their TV, the device is not recognized because the HDMI port is not working. If an HDMI port is not working on your Sony TV, read on to find the solution.

If the HDMI is not working on your Sony TV, a power reset is what should first be tried to see if any temporary issues can be easily resolved. To complete a power reset on your Sony TV, turn the TV off, unplug it from the power source, allow it to sit for two minutes, then plug the TV back in.

Sony TV HDMI No Sound

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You may not need a general solution for your unworking HDMI, but may be experiencing a very particular issue, such as the HDMI working, but not emitting any sound. You can try completing a power reset that was previously mentioned in the section “Sony TV HDMI Not Working.” If you complete a power reset and there is still no sound coming from your HDMI, take a look below to see what you can do to get the sound back and working.

If you have no sound coming from the HDMI of your Sony TV, it is likely that the HDMI cable is not secretly inserted into the HDMI port. Unplug the cable from your TV as well as the device you are trying to connect and reinsert the cable securely on both ends to ensure proper sound transfer.

Sony TV HDMI No Signal or Keeps Losing HDMI Signal

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If you are trying to use a separate device with your Sony TV while using an HDMI port, you should be able to select that specific input and go straight to using your device once a connection has been made. However, some Sony TV owners find a problem with their HDMI either saying that there is no signal, or continually losing signal when in use. If you are having connection issues with the HDMI of your Sony TV, read below to find the solution.

If your Sony TV HDMI has no signal or keeps losing HDMI signal, be sure that you have the correct input selected. Once confirming, if you are still experiencing the HDMI losing signal, try using another HDMI port on your Sony TV and see if this resolves the issue of no signal or lost signal.

Sony TV Won’t Recognize HDMI

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When using an HDMI port on your Sony TV, once you have selected the correct input, the TV should be able to recognize the device you have connected, thus giving you the ability to use a secondary device. However, your Sony TV must be able to recognize the HDMI you are using. If you scroll to the correct input but are seeing that your TV will not recognize the HDMI, continue reading below to find out what you can do to get the port recognized.

If your Sony TV won’t recognize the HDMI, disconnect the HDMI cable from both the TV and the device and then securely reinsert the cable back into both devices. If the HDMI is still not recognized and the TV supports HDMI enhanced format, turn on the HDMI Input Enhanced setting on your TV.

Sony TV HDMI Keeps Popping/Showing Up

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When using a new HDMI port, you will briefly see an info banner at the top of your Sony TV that will reveal which HDMI port you are using. This should only appear for a few moments before you get to using the secondary device that you have connected to the TV. However, there are some Sony TV owners that have found that, even when they are not using an HDMI port or after the connection has been made, the HDMI banner keeps popping up on their TV screen.

If the HDMI on your Sony TV keeps popping up or showing up, turn off the infobar option from within settings on your TV. To do this, press ‘Home’ on the remote control of your TV > ‘Settings’ > ‘Channel Settings’ > ‘Infobar’ > ‘Off’ and this should stop the HDMI from popping up.

Sony TV Input Not Working

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If you have one particular HDMI input that is not working, it can be frustrating if you are trying to connect multiple devices at once. Once you have a device connected, you should be able to see that a connection is made and then go forward with the connected device, using it as it intends. However, if you notice that one HDMI input is not working, read on to see what you can do to find the source of the problem and procure a fix.

If an input on your Sony TV is not working, check the HDMI cable you are using to be sure it is free of any damages. If the cable looks like it is in good condition, try using a higher-quality cable to see if the change will cause the input to begin working as it should.

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