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Troubleshoot Amana Dishwasher Noise Problem

Dishwashers have changed how we clean our kitchens, and the change has been for the better. Many people don’t have the time to manually wash their dishes, so dishwashers can be very useful. However, they’re not perfect, even if we think they are. Sometimes, noises happen and we don’t know why.

Your Amana dishwasher could be making noise for several reasons. The drainpipe may be clogged and needs to be checked out, something could be stuck in the garbage disposal area, or part of the dishwasher’s pump and motor assembly may be defective.

Clean white dishwasher with plates inside

Keep in mind that noises are actually quite normal with dishwashers. If you’re not sure about the noises coming out of your Amana dishwasher, watch a YouTube video of someone using theirs and compare the noises.

If the noise is not normal, you’ll have to troubleshoot what’s going on and act accordingly. Remember to always unplug your machine if you want to examine it and if you don’t have enough expertise, it’s best to call a professional repairman.

Reasons Why Amana Dishwasher Has Grinding Noise

Clean white dishwasher with plates inside

A grinding noise coming from any appliance will be worrying, even more so when it’s coming from your dishwasher. Be cautious when examining your Amana dishwasher to avoid breaking anything or getting hurt.

Your Amana dishwasher could be making grinding noises because something gets stuck or is obscuring the garbage disposal. Silverware can make its way to where it’s not supposed to and cause this horrifying noise.

Here’s a look at the reasons for grinding noises in Amana dishwashers and what you can do about it:

Disposal Obstruction

It’s not common for silverware or small cooking utensils to make their way to the dishwasher’s garbage disposal, but it’s also not impossible. Many dishwashers come with a set of blades that are just below the drain, much like a garbage disposal. This is to chop up large pieces of food and make it easier to drain everything out of the machine.

If that’s what happened with your dishwasher, you will have to open it up and remove the offending piece of cutlery or cooking utensil.

Cycle Timer Failing

Your Amana dishwasher’s cycle timer is what determines the various phases like washing, rinsing, and drying. It could happen that a ratchet sound (in some cases the sound is closer to a slow clacking) is heard when your machine is changing to the next phase.

Many electrical signals and gears are required for the dishwasher to go from one phase to the next, and if these gears malfunction, you can expect to hear a lot of grinding noise. 

You will have to take the machine apart to determine if that’s the cause and fix it accordingly. It might be best to leave this job to a professional technician.

Drainpipe is Clogged

Clogged drain pipes are not uncommon, especially not if a dishwasher is used frequently. The machine’s drain line or pipe has to carry away all the food left behind in dishes so everything you loaded can be cleaned. Drainpipes can make a lot of noise, but if you suspect the noise isn’t standard, it’s probably because yours got clogged.

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You will have to clear your dishwasher’s drain and determine if there is anything left that causes clogging. Once whatever was stuck is removed, your appliance should be back to normal noise-making.

Failing Pump Motor

Your Amana dishwasher has a pump or two that helps to wash the dishes and clear its drain. If the motor keeping the pump(s) working fails, you can expect to hear a lot of noise. The horrible grinding sound will come from underneath the appliance if that’s the case.

You should consider asking a professional to test your pump motor so you can determine if it needs to be replaced. In some cases, it may only need to be repaired.

Reasons Why Amana Dishwasher Making Loud Noise

Clean white dishwasher with plates inside

Although some noise is to be expected from dishwashers, an unholy and loud noise is not part of the deal. If you hear any loud noises you haven’t previously heard or the noise just doesn’t sound right, you will have to take a closer look at your appliance.

Your Amana dishwasher could be making loud noises because the circulation pump has worn out, the drain impeller is broken, or the water inlet valve has deformed and is now defective.

Here’s a look at the main reasons why your Amana dishwasher is making a loud noise and how you should react:

Worn Out Circulation Pump

The circulation pump is an important part of your dishwasher, and if it no longer works, you will hear noise coming from the appliance. These pumps have bearings that can wear out after prolonged use.

When the circulation pump’s bearings have worn out, they will start to make a droning noise. If that’s the case, you will likely have to replace the pump. Unfortunately, a simple repair may not be enough to fix this noisy problem.

Broken Drain Impeller

Your dishwasher’s drain impeller is what pushes water through its drain hose into the garbage disposal. Without this part of the machine, it wouldn’t be able to perform its tasks. But that does not mean it’s made to last forever.

The drain impeller can break and if that happens, loud noise can be heard and this will alert you to something being amiss with your dishwasher. You won’t be able to simply repair the drain impeller, you will have to completely replace it.

Deformed Inlet Valve

Another reason your Amana dishwasher could be making loud noises and scaring you (and your children or pets) may be because of a deformed inlet valve. These valves are meant to open to allow water into the appliance and they operate quietly when they’re still new and in good shape.

However, over time, the inlet valve can deteriorate and deform, which means water will now be rushing into the machine. As a result, you will hear buzzing or squealing noises, and you may even detect a loud vibration. You’ll have to replace the inlet valve if that’s what’s wrong with your dishwasher.

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