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Vizio TV Chromecast Not Working

With the benefit of the built-in Chromecast on a Vizio TV, you can use a wide variety of devices to stream directly to your TV without a direct connection or overly complex menus for normal operation.

Having more pieces of technology in your entertainment arsenal does mean you have to be ready to repair many of the common issues that come with those devices to use them without having a repair shop on speed dial. You won’t be able to fix every issue and may not understand exactly why some solutions work, but the steps below will help with a wide variety of Vizio TV and Chromecast problems.

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As a general guideline, the steps to fixing most Vizo TV Chromecast issues is to progress down the list of: check that the devices are powered, making sure the devices are sharing a network, restarting the devices, and restarting the router.

Chromecast Home Will Not Connect to Vizio TV

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Chromecast Home is the core app for managing your Vizio TV. Without a device running the application, the Chromecast functionalities can’t be used.

If your Vizio TV will not pair with a device’s Chromecast Home app, check that they are on the same network. If both are connecting to the same network, try restarting both the TV and streaming device. Restart the router or try a different network if problems persist.

Network mismatches are the most common cause of a Vizio TV or other Chromecast-connected device failing to connect to another device’s Chromecast Home application. This happens in cases such as your TV being on the home WiFi network while you are using a mobile device connected with 4G. For the typical modern Vizio TV, you can go into the menu, head to the Network menu, enter the Network Connection subsection, and pick the Wireless option to pick a WiFi network. 

Connect your devices to the same network, then try again. After you’ve made sure that there is no network error, the next troubleshooting step is to restart both of the devices. If a device restart doesn’t handle it, you can risk the wrath of others on the network with a router restart. You might also try directly wiring the devices into the router to test if the wireless connection is part of the problem.

Vizio Chromecast Not Found

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Vizio TVs use your home WiFi network to communicate with devices that you want to link to it.  When working properly, this makes it easy to pair or change devices as needed.

If your devices can’t find each other, check that your Vizio TV and Chromecast device are on the same network. Restart the TV and the device’s Chromecast app if the network is properly configured. Try power-cycling the WiFi router if the problem isn’t fixed.

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If your Chromecast device and TV can’t find each other, network mismatches are still the most likely culprit. Watch out for similarly named networks, especially for routers that have different frequencies and show their networks as ‘NetworkName-2.4’ and ‘NetworkName-5g’, which are not the same network even if they run through the same router. Networks that have a default name can also be difficult to tell apart from one another, and some hackers may set up similar-sounding networks as a trap.

When both devices are powered up and connected to the same network, they still may have trouble finding each other. Restarting the devices will rerun startup sequences in the firmware and software that should resolve the typical issues. The router may also be struggling even if it’s letting the devices connect, so turn it off for half a minute to let its capacitors drain before plugging it back in and reconnecting the devices.

Vizio TV Chromecast Volume Not Working

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Occasionally, your device will be paired and streaming to your Vizio TV, but there will be an issue with the volume. The sound might not be coming through, playing a different sound, or isn’t adjustable through the device.

When a Vizio TV has no volume control when using Chromecast, make sure the sound is going to the intended audio device. Restart your Vizio TV. If the issue persists, restart the streaming app or try another app. Test the volume again, then try restarting the streaming device.

First, double check issues like a mute setting or having an extra pair of Bluetooth speakers pulling the volume from your streaming device. The Vizio TV relies on a mixture of control from itself and the Chromecast device to manage its volume. If the volume seems stuck or isn’t playing, there may be an issue with the TV that will be fixed by a quick restart. If the issue is being caused by the connection or the app, restarting them is also likely to fix the most common volume issues, as long as the devices are otherwise paired. You can try restarting the streaming device entirely if the other solutions fail.

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Vizio TV Chromecast App Not Pairing

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Your Vizio TV will need to be paired with an app to have streaming functionality. Sometimes, the devices will be able to find each other, but issues arise when trying to link the Vizio TV with a specific application.

If your Vizio TV and Chromecast app won’t pair, ensure the devices are on the same network. Then, try updating the Chromecast app and testing with other apps. The next step is to restart the devices. The last shot is to restart the router and ensure both devices are getting a proper signal.

Like other connection issues, the first step is to make sure that the Vizio TV and the device running the Chromecast application are on the same network. Make sure the app you are using is up to date and restart it. Another failed pairing should be tested by opening up another app to see if the problem is with the app or more general. If both devices are visible to each other but are still not forming a connection when prompted, there may be a lingering configuration issue or connection that’s interfering with the link. Restarting both devices will reset those settings and should allow them to pair. The last potential issue with an easy home fix is a network error on the router’s end which may be solvable by restarting the router and moving the devices closer to it for a better signal.

Vizio TV Chromecast Screen Mirroring Not Working

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Being able to mirror your device’s screen to your Vizio TV gets you the benefits of a mobile device with the screen size of a stationary one. Problems can arise where the screen isn’t mirroring to the Vizio TV or there are constant hiccups in the service.

If your Vizio TV is having issues with screen mirroring, make sure you are using a Chromecast-compatible app and device. Ensure that the devices are on the same network. Disable power saving options on the streaming device. Try restarting the TV, streaming device, and router.

You may not be able to stream through Chromecast if you are using a much older device. If you’re sure that your device is compatible, then you may have a connection hiccup interfering with the streaming. Start by checking that both devices are on the same network and can detect each other. Power-saving options enabled on smartphones or laptops can occasionally cause streaming performance issues, so disable them. If the streaming issues don’t clear up after that, try restarting the involved devices, starting with the TV and streaming device. If you have checked the network, are on a compatible device, and have restarted the devices, then try another network to see if the devices can’t communicate across that router in particular.

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