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Vizio TV Keeps Freezing / Shutting Off Apps

If you have purchased one of Vizio’s affordable smart TVs only for it to start freezing and turning off unexpectedly, you’re not alone. This is a known issue and has been reported by many Vizio users. This article aims to provide you with a number of troubleshooting techniques to help get your Vizio TV working seamlessly again.

A primary reason Vizio TVs may freeze is due to outdated firmware. Ensuring that your TV’s firmware is up-to-date can resolve many performance issues. To update, access the TV’s menu, navigate to “System”, select “Check for Updates”, and if an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

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Another common reason for Vizio TVs freezing is a weak or interrupted internet connection when streaming content. A stable connection is vital for smooth streaming. Check your Wi-Fi signal strength and consider moving the router closer to the TV or using a wired connection for better consistency.

Additionally, the accumulation of cache and temporary data can cause the TV’s apps to freeze. Regularly resetting your Vizio TV can help clear out this temporary data and improve performance. To reset, unplug the TV from the power outlet, wait for a few minutes, then plug it back in. If freezing continues, consider performing a factory reset via the settings menu, but remember that this will erase your personalized settings.

Vizio TV Keeps Freezing

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Below are the general troubleshooting solutions for a Vizio TV that keeps freezing. This could be due to a bug in the firmware, a hardware malfunction or another unknown reason. Whatever is causing it, the troubleshooting below can be attempted before contacting Vizio support.

Performing a Soft Reset

A soft reset is the easiest way to restart the TV using the remote. Here are the steps below.

Step 1: Press and hold the power button on the remote until the TV turns off.

Step 2: After 5 minutes, press and hold the power button until the TV turns back on again.

If your TV is unresponsive, try a hard reset instead.

Update the Vizio TV

You may also need to update the firmware on the TV. Vizio will release new updates whenever they have found a fix for any firmware bugs. The Vizio TV will normal update itself automatically, but you can manually check using the steps below.

Step 1: Press the ‘Menu’ button on the Vizio remote.

Step 2: Navigate to System > Check for Updates.

Step 3: If a new update is available, confirm that you would like to install it.

Performing a Hard Reset

A hard reset involves unplugging the TV from its power source. You should do this in the sequence below.

Step 1: Turn off your TV and all connected devices.

Step 2: Unplug the TV from the power socket.

Step 3: Press and hold the power button on the back of the TV for 30 seconds.

Step 4: Wait 10 minutes and then plug the power back in.

Reset the TV to Factory Settings

You could also perform a factory reset on the TV. This will restore the TV to its original settings when you bought it, including the original firmware. This is a good idea if you suspect that the latest firmware update is responsible for a bug.

Step 1: Press the ‘Menu’ button on the remote.

Step 2: Navigate to System > Reset & Admin > Reset TV to Factory Defaults.

Step 3: Enter your passcode or the default code, ‘0000’.

Step 4: Select ‘Reset’.

Step 5: Confirm the factory reset by pressing ‘Ok’.

Step 6: Wait for the TV to turn off and then back on again.

Note that this will also clear your saved preferences and delete any apps you have downloaded since getting the TV. Only do a factory reset if you have run out of other options.

Vizio TV Hulu/Netflix/YouTube Keeps Freezing

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Sometimes the Vizio TV only freezes when using a streaming app. In this is the case, you can try some of the fixes below.

Sign Out and Reset

If you have already tried simply closing and re-opening the app, you should try resetting the TV as well.

Step 1: Sign out and exit the app.

Step 2: Perform a hard reset of the Vizio TV (see above).

Step 3: Open the app and sign back in.

Check Your Internet Connection

One very common issue with streaming services is internet connectivity issues. Streaming services require you to have a download speed of at least 1.5Mbps (minimum) in order for the stream’s buffer to load as fast as the playback. You can check your internet speed using these steps.

Step 1: Press the ‘Menu’ button on the remote.

Step 2: Select ‘Network’.

Step 3: Select ‘Test Connection’.

Step 4: Compare your internet speed to the chart below.

Recommended Internet Speed for Streaming


Normal Streaming


Live Streams


4K Streaming


If your internet connection is not fast enough, try restarting your TV, modem and/or router.

Step 1: Unplug the TV and modem/router and wait 5 minutes.

Step 2: Plug in your modem and wait for it to fully restart.

Step 3: Plug in your router (if you have one) and wait for it to fully restart.

Step 4: Plug in your TV and try the internet speed test again.

If it is still slow, you may have to contact your internet service provider. If your internet speed seems fast enough for what you need, it may be that the servers are down for the streaming service. You can check this by calling customer support for Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Check Your App is Up to Date

Similar to the Vizio TV, the streaming service may have app updates available to fix firmware bugs. You can do this using the following method.

Step 1: Press the ‘Menu’ button on the remote.

Step 2: Highlight the app you would like to update.

Step 3: Press the yellow button on the Vizio remote.

Step 4: Select ‘Update’ if it appears in the menu. If not, your app is up to date.

Reinstall the App

If updating the app doesn’t work, you can try reinstalling it with the method below. This will reset the app, including the cache. Sometimes a full cache will slow down your apps.

Step 1: Press the ‘Menu’ button on the remote.

Step 2: Highlight the app you would like to delete.

Step 3: Press the yellow button on the Vizio remote.

Step 4: Select ‘Delete App’.

Step 5: Select ‘Yes’ to confirm you would like to delete the app.

Vizio TV Freezing and Shutting Off

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The Vizio TV may freeze for a number of reasons. If it also turns off, this is likely because the Vizio will automatically turn itself off after a period of 10 minutes of inactivity. If you want to adjust this setting, you can find it through the following pathway.

Menu > Timers > Auto Power Off

Alternatively, it may turn off because of an issue with the mother board within. A common example of this is that the TV thinks that it is overheating, even if it is not, and will cut the power. This will need to be assessed by a service technician, or you can replace the mother board yourself.

Vizio TV Freezes While Streaming

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If your Vizio TV freezes while streaming, the most likely cause is poor internet connection. As mentioned above, you will need to check your internet speed and potentially restart your modem/router. You can also find other troubleshooting methods for your streaming app above.

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Vizio TV Freezing on Start-up

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If the Vizio TV freezes on start-up, you should try a hard reset. You can find the details of how to perform a hard reset above.

If you find most troubleshooting methods are not working, it is likely that there is an issue with the hardware within the TV. If your TV is still within warranty, do not open up the TV as this may void the warranty. If not, you could try replacing the mother board or calling a service technician to have a look.

Vizio TV Keeps Shutting Off While Watching Netflix or Hulu

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As mentioned above, your Vizio TV may shut off if an automatic timer turns the TV off, or if there are issues with your TV’s mother board.

However, if it shuts off only when in a streaming app, such as Netflix or Hulu, it may be more to do with the HDMI-CEC feature. This feature allows you to control the TV’s power and volume using the device remote.

Sometimes there are bugs in the firmware that make the TV receive the command to turn off through the HDMI-CEC pathway. If you are not bothered by this feature, you can disable it by following the pathway below.

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Menu > System > CEC > Off

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