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Vizio TV Keeps Turning On or Won’t Turn On

Being able to use your Vizio TV when you please is a way of maintaining control in your home when the TV is wanted or when it simply needs to be turned off. However, if you all of a sudden are out of control due to your TV turning on by itself or refusing to turn off, what do you do?

If your Vizio TV keeps turning on or will not turn on, check to see if other Vizio remotes are interfering with the signal, verify that the power source your TV is plugged into is functioning properly and all cords are securely inserted or replace the batteries with your remote control.

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Being able to turn on your TV and have control of this property is one of the most basic abilities granted to Vizio TV owners. Although this may seem obvious, some owners have encountered issues with their TV continually turning on without their prompting or not turning on at all. If you are experiencing either of these issues, take a look below to find out what may be causing the problem and exactly how to fix it.

Vizio TV Keeps Turning On Itself

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With a Vizio television, owners should be able to have complete control when it comes to being the one who dictates when their television turns on. Turning on your Vizio TV can happen either through the power button on the TV itself or on the remote control, leaving a bit of room for questioning when your TV suddenly begins to turn on by itself. If your TV is turning on by itself without your prompting, read below for a few different solutions.

If your Vizio TV keeps turning on by itself, you first need to check and see if another remote is controlling the TV. Having other Vizio TVs and remotes in your home can interfere with the wrong TV’s sensors.

If this is the problem and you are experiencing constant interference, you can download the Vizio SmartCast Mobile application on your phone or mobile device, which will allow you to use the application on your device as a remote. If this is not the problem, check to see if other devices (such as cable boxes or gaming systems) are powering on the TV. If this is the issue, you can go into ‘Settings’ and turn the CEC setting off to stop the exchange of interfering commands.

If you are still having problems with your Vizio TV turning on itself, it could be that someone in your home is unknowingly casting content from an application. If this is happening, you can stop the issue by pressing the ‘Menu’ button on your remote control, clicking ‘System,’ and then change the ‘Power Mode’ setting to ‘Eco Mode.’ This will prevent other specific network commands from casting apps from interfering with your television.

Vizio TV Won’t Turn On

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If you are having the opposite problem of your Vizio TV turning on by itself, which would be the inability to turn on the device at all, you may be left wondering what could cause such an interpretive problem. After all, TVs are now powered by batteries, however, remote controls are. The first thing you need to do is check the batteries within your remote to make sure they are not dead but to also replace them with high-quality batteries that can emit a strong signal.

If your Vizio TV won’t turn on, after checking the remote control, you need to evaluate the power source. Press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote to see if your TV has simply gone black. If the menu does not appear, be sure that your TV is completely plugged in and that the outlet has power.

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If power is not the problem, take a closer look at the condition of the power cord. If a power cord is damaged or is loose on any end, it can cause problems with your TV’s ability to turn on. You want to be sure that the cord has been securely inserted into both the wall and TV. Once they are secure, also check the cord for any type of damage. If there are tears or large gashes along the cord, it will need to be replaced and power will be restored.

Once you have checked the remote, have evaluated the power source, and have inspected the power cord for any damage yet are still not able to turn on your TV, it may be that your TV needs to be power cycled. To complete a power cycle, unplug the TV directly from the power outlet and press the power button on the back of the TV for ten seconds. Once this is done, plug the TV back into the power source and try turning it on to see if the function is restored.

Vizio TV Won’t Turn On After Update

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Firmware updates are incredibly helpful when it comes to getting rid of bugs that cause minor (or even major) technical issues, they aid in the function of the current application that you are using, and they allow users the ability to often download newer content without issue. If your Vizio TV will not turn on after an update, first be sure to check that all power cords are plugged in securely into the TV, but directly into the wall outlet as well.

If your Vizio TV won’t turn on after an update and there are no problems with the power source, there could be an issue with your remote control. Try replacing the batteries first, but if this does not work, turn your TV by using the button on the TV itself to see if power is restored.

If power does come back on after pressing the power button on the TV, power cycle the remote by removing the batteries and pressing each button on the remote once. You will then replace the batteries and try turning on the TV again by using the remote control. If this is not the problem, it could be that your TV was put on the wrong input after the update was completed, which will display a black screen.

To see if your Vizio TV is on the wrong input after an update, press the ‘Input’ button on your remote control (or the TV itself) to find the input that is needed for proper function. For most Vizio owners, this input is either HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 for standard TV viewing. Once you have the input changed, your TV should function properly without issue while also running on the most recent firmware update.

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