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Vizio TV Stuck

Vizio TVs are considered to be one of the most reliable and affordable Smart TVs on the market today. However, when your Vizio TV becomes stuck, it creates a personal and family disaster that must be rapidly addressed. Read on to learn about the most common causes of your Vizio TV getting stuck and what to do about it to resume your normal TV routine.

If your Vizio TV is stuck, activate the power button on the remote control, and then after several seconds check on the LED indicator light that fades out as power comes on. If this does not work, go ahead and perform a power cycle.

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You can also shine a flashlight about 2 inches from the TV screen and if you can see an image it means that the inverter board is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

Your Vizio TV could be stuck either due to any one of multiple internal problems or simply a software glitch that can be easily solved by a reset of the TV unit.

Vizio TV Stuck on Logo

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Your Vizio TV could be stuck on Logo because of a problem in the EEPROM. The EEPROM is a short term for electrically erasable programmable read-only memory that is a computer chip. If it fails, data between power cycles is not saved and the TV gets stuck on Logo and Frozen. You can reset your Vizio TV by resetting the EEPROM.

Reset the power cycle by unplugging the TV power source and holding the power button on the Vizio TV for 30 seconds. Press and hold the TV’s power button to see if it gets unstuck. If the TV does not reset, continue your troubleshooting.

On the Vizio TV remote press the Menu button. Look for an F in the bottom part of the screen on the right which indicates a factory setup screen. Press on the Menu button for several seconds and a Service menu will appear that will allow you to start the factory reset.

Shows the Vizio TV reset to factory settings option inside the admin and privacy menu.
Shows the Vizio TV reset to factory settings option inside the admin and privacy menu.

If none of this works, open up the back of your Vizio TV and replace the EEPROM chip which can be found on the IC Board which will appear green and hold a lot of circuitry.

Vizio TV Stuck On Select Your Language

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If your Vizio TV gets stuck on Select Your Language it can be very confusing for the entire family. Oftentimes this can be a very easy fix and only requires a quick reset. Check your TV’s service manual for the exact steps to take to return to your TV’s normal language setting.

Check for 4 buttons which are located on the back of the TV in one of the lower corners. Press the Volume + button along with the Input button on the TV until the screen returns to black. The screen should then reappear, and you should be able to use your TV normally.

Vizio TV Stuck On Terms And Conditions

One common problem that users may face is when their Vizio TV gets stuck on the terms and conditions screen during setup. This can be frustrating, as it prevents users from accessing the full functionality of their TV. For example, imagine a family who just purchased a new Vizio TV for their living room. They eagerly set it up, only to find that they are unable to get past the terms and conditions screen, leaving them unable to watch their favorite shows or movies. This is a frustrating experience that can be easily remedied with the right steps.

A Vizio TV may become stuck on the “Terms and Conditions” page due to software glitches or bugs in the TV’s operating system. To fix this issue, reset the TV to its factory settings. To do this, press the menu button on the remote, navigate to “Admin & Privacy”, select “Reset to Factory Settings”, and then choose “Reset TV”. The TV will turn off and on again, starting the setup process.

Vizio TV Stuck On Setup Screen

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After looking forward to getting started watching your new Vizio TV, ][it is indeed sad if your Setup Screen freezes. If your Vizio Tv is stuck on the initial Setup Screen you can try different techniques to try to unfreeze it. One of these methods involves powering up the TV.

Hold the power button on the TV down for about 30 seconds. Then unplug your TV for about thirty minutes. Now try to turn the TV back on using the TV power button and see if it restarts normally. if this doesn’t work, try using your remote to scroll down until you find instructions for a TV reset.

Vizio TV Stuck On SmartCast

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It is very upsetting to be looking forward to streaming your favorite shows, and you find that your Vizio TV is stuck on SmartCast. Oftentimes you will get a message to Please Wait since SmartCast is Starting Up. If this happens it could be because your TV has problems in memory poor internet connections.

Try to soft cycle up your Vizio TV. Tap on the Menu button and go to System. Then navigate to Reset and Admin and select soft power cycle. Select Yes and then go ahead and reboot your TV. if this doesn’t work you will probably have to conduct a factory reset.

Shows the Vizio TV Reboot TV option inside the admin and privacy menu.
Shows the Vizio TV Reboot TV option inside the admin and privacy menu.

Also, make sure that the WPA-PSK encryption under the router’s security settings is in an enabled function mode. This will ensure an enhanced Wi-Fi connection. In addition, your Vizio TV and all other mobile devices should all be connected to the same mobile network.

Shows the Vizio TV WIFI Security showing WPA2/PSK
Shows the Vizio TV WIFI Security showing WPA2/PSK

Vizio TV Stuck On Terms and Conditions

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If you are trying to set up your new Vizio TV, and it becomes stuck on terms and conditions, this could be caused by several common conditions. Accurate troubleshooting should be able to determine the cause of this issue and should be able to get your Vizio Smart Tv up and running quickly.

First, try a Hard Reset in case the TV processor has simply just frozen up. If this does not work, check for common indications that the TV’s mainboard is faulty or malfunctioning. This would include common problems such as no picture on the screen or no sound emanating from the speakers.

As another option, check out the connectivity of the Wi-Fi router. Try connecting the Vizio TV to the internet using an Ethernet cable to make sure that there has not been a failure of the Wi-Fi router.

Vizio TV Stuck On Zoom/Wide Mode

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When you are trying to watch a movie on your Vizio TV there is nothing worse than having your TV stuck in a grotesque zoom mode. Whether it is super magnified faces or certain images cut off or other distortions, this is a problem that needs to be solved quickly.

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Go to Accessibility which is located towards the bottom of the Menu. Make sure to Highlight Zoom Mode on the next screen that appears. Turn Zoom Mode off which should put the screen back to normal mode. Then Exit and shut the menu.

Show Vizio TV Zoom mode option set to OFF
Show Vizio TV Zoom mode option set to OFF

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