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VPN Netflix Not Working

I’ve recently started using a VPN to make my internet connection more secure, and I noticed that Netflix isn’t working. I did a bunch of research about what could be causing the issue and figured out how to get it to work.

Generally, this is caused by a poor internet connection. A VPN will typically work perfectly fine with Netflix provided you have a stable and fast internet connection. But, VPN servers are known to go down temporarily, especially the free web based proxies. So, changing the server can rectify this issue.

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A good indication that it’s the internet connection that is causing the issue is if the Netflix app or the web based version of Netflix won’t start streaming when you select a show. However, there are a range of other issues that could be causing it.

So, below I will explain the ins and outs of troubleshooting a VPN with Netflix, and a detailed explanation of the steps you should take to get it working again.

Netflix Not Playing With VPN

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I have been able to use a VPN to play shows on Netflix, but recently I noticed it hasn’t been working at all. I wanted to know what was causing the issue, and did some thorough research. This is how to get it to work.

As a general rule, you should change the VPN server if available through your VPN provider when Netflix doesn’t play. Free web-based proxy servers don’t work particularly well for video streaming because they have limited bandwidth.

Netflix recommends an internet speed of 5 megabit per second. So, while it sounds a bit obvious, you should check whether your internet connection is running slowly because of someone else in your household downloading large files or streaming in HD. This can cause everyone else on the Wi-Fi to have a slow connection.

When the internet is running slowly Netflix can’t stream, and it won’t work at all, or will take forever to load the show or movie.

The best way to check is to do an internet speed test through the free website It will perform a test and tell you how fast your internet is running.

VPN outage

Though rare, it’s possible that the VPN server that you’re using is temporarily down. It can be a good idea to check the website of your VPN provider to see whether there are any reported outages.

For example, if you’re using Express VPN then check the Express VPN website to see if they have made any announcements regarding one of their servers being down.

Change VPN server

VPN providers will often offer a few different servers. They can have different ones spread out around your country. Or, they can have VPN servers based in different countries. In the app that you download to your computer or smartphone the providers should have the option to change the VPN server you’re using.

It can be that you just got unlucky and the VPN server you’re trying to use is running slowly. And simply changing the server will get it to work again. Simply, open up your VPN app and see if they provide you with the option to select a different server.

Restart your device

Restart the device you’re using to watch Netflix. Simply unplug it at the wall or do a restart through the menu. As an example, if you’re using a Fire TV stick to watch Netflix, unplug your Fire TV stick at the wall, and then plug it back in after 30 seconds or so. Then attempt to watch Netflix with your VPN again.

Sign in and out of Netflix

Netflix recommends doing this step when Netflix is not working with a VPN. Go to the screen where it shows all of your profiles.

On a TV, you scroll all the way to the left and then scroll all the way to the top. There is a side menu that opens when you scroll all the way to the left. At the top of that menu it will show the Netflix profile you’re currently signed into.

When you select it, it will take you to the screen that displays all of your Netflix profiles. Once you highlight it there is an option to sign out. Then simply, select it again to sign back in.

Netflix VPN Not Showing All Shows

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I’ve been using Netflix in my home country, and I recently went overseas but some of the TV shows I like to watch aren’t showing up.

So, I thought I’d use a VPN to be able to watch them but it didn’t work. I looked at the info provided by Netflix as well as some work arounds and here’s what I found.

Overall, Netflix will only display shows and movies that are licensed in the country you’re accessing Netflix from. When you use a VPN, Netflix recognizes your location as unknown, and so only shows you TV shows and movies that are available globally.

Each VPN provider is different, but generally you can change the server you’re using so that it matches the license. For example, your VPN can be set to the UK, but the shows you want to watch are only licensed to the USA. So, when you try to watch them they won’t show up.

However, it’s important to note that attempting to watch Netflix using a VPN can be against Netflix’ terms of service. Netflix says that it’s against their terms of service to use a VPN to watch Netflix from a country that you didn’t sign up to Netflix from.

For example, if you signed up for your Netflix account in the USA. It’s against their terms of service to use a VPN to watch Netflix from Mexico for example.

When that is what is causing the issue, you may just need to wait until you return to your home country, and only watch shows and movies that Netflix allows you to stream from your location.

VPN Netflix Black/Blank Screen/No Picture

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Over the course of using Netflix I got a black screen and no picture. Interestingly, this is generally not caused by the VPN but by the Netflix app. Here’s how to troubleshoot this issue.

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First, start by restarting the device you’re using to watch Netflix and then attempt to open the Netflix app or the Netflix website again. After that, you should clear the temporary app data, force stop the app, and clear the Netflix cache or your web browser cache.

If you’re accessing Netflix through a web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari then you should clear the browser cache. This can be done in the Settings under ‘History’. It can also say ‘Clear browsing data’.

Just bear in mind when you do that it will sign you out of all the websites you’ve signed in to. For example, if you’re signed into Gmail, and Facebook, you’ll need to sign back in again the next time to visit them.

Doing it from the Netflix app on a Smart TV, or casting device is a bit more involved. The Netflix app is the same regardless of what device you’re using. Such as, a Samsung TV, or an LG TV.

For reference, I have an article, “Sony TV Netflix Won’t Play/Load/Open” that includes step by step instructions to clear the app cache, force stop Netflix and delete temporary app data for the Netflix app.

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VPN Netflix Not Loading/Opening

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I often would select the Netflix app, or select an episode to start watching and nothing happens at all and it wont load. It was a bit confusing because I wasn’t sure if there was something wrong with Netflix, or if it was something to do with the internet connection. So, I found out how to fix it, and here’s what you should do.

Generally, this is caused by an error with the specific show/movie you’re trying to watch, or can be related to an old IP address logged in your DNS records. To resolve this issue, try to watch a different show or movie. The DNS records can also be flushed in your computer settings.

A specific title may also have an error and won’t load. For example if you’re watching episode 3 of a series, the rest of the episodes can be working fine. In that case, you need to let Netflix know by submitting a support ticket, and they will look into fixing the specific show or movie.

How to flush your DNS records

To flush your DNS records on Windows computer go to the start menu and type command prompt. That will show the command prompt, but be sure to right click and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

That will bring up a box with a command prompt where you can type. Type in ‘ipconfig /flush dns’.

It’s important to include a shape in between ipconfig and /flushdns. And don’t include the apostrophes – the single quotations on either side of ‘ipconfig /flush dns’.

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