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What Can You Use to Cut ABS Pipe? (How To)

Even with all the DIY skills in the world at your fingertips, tackling plumbing repairs or moving a complete drain line can be frustrating without the proper plumbing tools. Hence the reason we’ve come up with answers to your questions on what you can use to cut ABS pipes.

To cut ABS pipes, you can use the ABS saw, swing cutter, or any general-purpose saw like the miter saw, the handsaw, hacksaw, or even a pipe cutter.

Tools to cut abs pipe

In this article, you will get the answers to what you can use to cut ABS pipes and the proper way to use these tools.

What Can You Use to Cut ABS Pipe?

Plumbing projects for a DIY job can be tedious if you don’t have the right tools. When cutting ABS pipes for drains, wastes, or vents, having the right cutting tool makes your project much more manageable.

To cut ABS pipe you can use ABS saw or any kind of coarse saw. You can also use a pipe/ratchet cutter or a multitool. Keep in mind that the cutting tool type depends mainly on the size and quantity of tubing to cut and whether they are installed already or not.

Can You Use Pipe Cutter to Cut ABS Pipe?

Tools to cut abs pipe

You can use the pipe cutter to cut ABS pipes. This ABS pipe cutting tool is simple, quiet and perfect if you like to avoid tools that have teeth.

How to Cut ABS Pipes With Pipe Cutter?

Pipe cutters are a must-have for any toolbox because they are simple and easy to use.. There are several types and sizes for different materials, like the 1″, 1-1/4″, and ratcheting pipe cutters. Here’s how to use a pipe cutter:

Type 1: This pipe cutter works like a pair of scissors. The small, simple models have only one blade and work for small pipes. So place the tubing between the jaws, aligning the blade with the cut mark. Squeeze the plastic hands and rotate to cut.

Type 2: The ratcheting cutter uses a ratchet mechanism which allows you to cut the pipe in stages by adjusting the blade’s angle while cutting. It makes clean, precision cuts and is ideal for all sizes of pipes.

For this type, pull the handles completely apart to engage the ratchet. Place the pipe between the jaws, aligning the cut mark with the blade. Then, squeeze. Each squeeze allows you to cut in stages using the least effort possible until the cut is complete.

Can You Use Miter Saw to Cut ABS Pipe?

Tools to cut abs pipe

With the miter saw, you can cut through ABS pipes of all sizes. To do this, start by attaching a fine-toothed carbide-tipped blade, securely clamp the pipe to hold it in place, wear safety gear and watch out for chips flying off the tubing while cutting.

How to Use Miter Saw to Cut ABS Pipe?

Compound miter saws can be used in cutting all kinds of pipe, especially ABS pipe. You need the proper attachment to make it work. Here’s how:

Step 1: Attach a fine-toothed carbide-tipped blade to the saw. Use one with a negative rake angle. Avoid using an abrasive blade as this would cause melting of the plastic.

Step 2: Set the speed controls of the saw to slow/medium. Avoid going too fast to reduce chips flying off the pipe, melting, or cracking the tubing.

Can You Use Jigsaw to Cut ABS Pipe?

Tools to cut abs pipe

You can cut ABS pipe with a jigsaw. It is a fast and efficient tool. However, avoid using a slow-cutting blade for this task, as this would cause the pipe to melt from overheating caused by excess friction.

How to Use Jigsaw to Cut ABS Pipe?

Here’s how to cut ABS pipe using a jigsaw:

Step 1: Mark the desired length as a complete circle on the pipe. Line the blade against the side of the pipe, applying a slight pressure at the base of the saw.

Step 2: Squeeze the trigger to start the saw and push the saw through the wall of the pipe with a steady hand.

Step 3: When the blade travels through the wall of the pipe, start cutting along the marked circle. Steadily make your way by turning the pipe around until the cut is complete.

Can You Use Chop Saw to Cut ABS Pipe?

Tools to cut abs pipe

You can use the chop saw to cut ABS pipes and many other types of pipes as it cuts through piping quickly. The only drawback with this tool is the inability to notice if you have veered off the cut mark until the cutting process is complete.

For a chop saw, avoid using a fine-toothed blade as this is prone to overheating from cutting too slowly and melting the pipe. A typical wood-cutting blade will do.

How to Cut ABS Pipe with Chop Saw?

Now, if you’re cutting a 4″ pipe, the regular blade won’t travel through completely; a small portion would be left uncut. Still, you can find a way around that and still get clean cuts. Here’s how:

Step 1: Place the pipe on the work surface with the cut mark aligning with the blade.

Step 2: Put on the saw and lower the blade, cutting through the pipe till only that little fraction is left.

Step 3: Switch off the chop saw and use a hand saw to finish the cut. This way, you can closely monitor the cutting line and ensure your cut is clean when completed.

Can You Use Reciprocating Saw to Cut ABS Pipe?

Tools to cut abs pipe

You can absolutely use a reciprocating saw to cut ABS pipes. They are most likely the most commonly used tool because they are fast, can handle different pipes of varying sizes and thicknesses, and are less risky to use.

How to Cut ABS Pipes with a Reciprocating Saw?

The cutting process of reciprocating saws like the Sawzall is fast and clean. Also, you can cut a wide range of thicknesses and sizes. While it is relatively safe to use, the blade tends to veer off the cut mark due to the vibrations caused by the cutting nature of the saw.

Here’s how to make clean, precise cuts with this tool:

Step 1: Use an appropriate cutting blade. Rather than blades with fine teeth that are more suited to metal, a blade with 10 teeth per inch is ideal for cutting ABS pipes.

Step 2: Apply some lubricant to the area around the cutting line to ease the cutting process.

Step 3: Securely clamp the pipe to your work surface to control the saw’s cutting direction. Also, press the base of the saw firmly against the pipe to reduce veering off the blade until the cut is complete.

Can You Use Hacksaw to Cut ABS Pipe?

Tools to cut abs pipe

It is possible to cut ABS pipes with a hacksaw; just make sure to use a general cutting blade for plastic pipes, securely fasten the pipe to your work surface, and tighten the saw before cutting.

How to Use Hacksaw to Cut ABS Pipes?

If the pipe you’re cutting is too large for a pipe cutter, a hacksaw can help. While it may be tricky to do, and requires a lot of time and effort to make a clean cut, it helps make straight cuts. Here’s how to use a hacksaw to cut ABS pipes:

Step 1: Mark the desired length on your pipe and securely clamp the pipe to your work surface.

Step 2: Ensure the hand adjustment nuts of the saw are tight enough to make a firm cut but not over-tight, or it can cause damage to the saw or pipe.

Step 3: Notch the pipe by placing the rear end of the blade on the cut mark and then drawing the saw across the pipe back.

Step 4: Cut using slow and steady strokes after notching the pipe. Apply enough pressure to cut, not too much, or you’d veer off the cutting mark.

Step 5: When the cut is almost through, slow down and angle your hand to finish with ease.

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How to Cut ABS Pipe?

confused man standing

Cutting ABS pipes is pretty straightforward with the right tools. Also, it depends on the pipe size and whether it is installed already. The cutting method differs slightly from the various tools but still follows a basic pattern. Here’s how to cut ABS pipes the fundamental way:

Step 1: Prepare your pipe for cutting. Measure the desired length and mark the cutting line with a marker.

You can also wrap a piece of newspaper around the line, ensuring the first and second layers are perfectly aligned. You can also tighten a hose clamp or belt around the pipe to mark the cutting line.

Step 2: Lubricate the cut line to reduce friction and ease cutting. Apply just enough, not too much, or it will be messy.

Step 3: Securely attach the pipe to a work surface like a workbench using clamps or vices. Some craftsmen use their hands or feet to steady the tubing, but we do not recommend this.

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Step 4: Wear safety equipment like goggles, gloves, and masks, especially when using a power tool.

Step 5: Check and adjust your tool’s settings.

Step 6: Place the pipe in the right part of the tool, like between the pipe cutter’s jaws if using one, or place the jigsaw’s blade against the pipe. Then cut.

Step 7: Finish off with a chamfering tool if necessary.

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