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What Can You Use To Cut Bathroom Tiles? (How To)

One of the DIY projects that can really make a difference in the home is if you redo the bathroom tiles. It doesn’t have to be a difficult job but you should use the proper tools.

The best tool for cutting bathroom tiles is a wet saw. It can make accurate straight cuts quickly and easily and it will not create a lot of dust in the process. Otherwise, you can use a manual tile cutter.

Clean and modern bathroom tiles

Regardless of whether you decide to go with the manual route or if you are going to use power tools, such as a wet saw, it is not likely that you have them available. Fortunately, these tools can often be rented at local hardware stores and they will even show you how to use them.

Of course, we are going to tell you how to use them as well! It doesn’t have to be difficult, it just has to be done properly so that you can be happy with the finished project.

What Can You Use To Cut Bathroom Tiles? (How To)

When cutting bathroom tiles, you need to consider the area where you will be working as well as how you will protect yourself during the process. When these things are in place, you will have a much better time during the DIY project.

As far as the area where you will be working, it really depends upon the type of tool you will be using. A wet saw is typically set up in an area away from the project because it can make a mess. A manual tile cutter, on the other hand, can be used right in the room where you are working.

Protecting yourself by wearing the proper PPE is imperative when cutting bathroom tiles. Not only can it damage your eyes and fingers, but if you are breathing in dust from the cutting process, it can lead to a deadly disease known as silicosis.

Here are a few safety considerations when cutting bathroom tile:

Safety Glasses – You should get in the habit of wearing safety glasses during any DIY home project. It is even a good idea to wear them while cleaning. You’ll thank me later.

Gloves – Typically, you could wear some all-purpose gloves to protect your hands during the process. Make sure the gloves fit you properly so you have some dexterity.

Kneepads – One important thing to wear when you are doing bathroom tile is kneepads. Not only do they protect your knees, but they are also good for your back as well.

N95 – If you are cutting the tile and creating dust, you should always wear a disposable respirator. The last thing you want is to breathe dust that contains silica because it never comes out of your lungs once it goes in.

Let’s take a look at some different tools that may be used for cutting bathroom tiles. You will notice that some of them are better suited for the job than others.

Can You Use a Grinder To Cut Bathroom Tile?

Tools to cut bathroom tiles

If you have a bench grinder, you may want to use it to cut multiple bathroom tiles. Is it the right choice?

If you equip a bench grinder with a diamond cutting blade, it can be used for cutting tiles. It will generate a lot of dust and you will have to take the tile to the bench grinder, which is why it may not be the most popular or convenient choice available.

Can You Use an Angle Grinder To Cut Bathroom Tile?

Tools to cut bathroom tiles

An angle grinder is a very convenient tool that many people have in their toolboxes. Can a bathroom tile be cut with an angle grinder?

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If you use an abrasive cutting wheel on an angle grinder it can be used to score and cut through bathroom tile. After making the cut, you can also use the same wheel for cleaning up the edge and sanding it down.

Some people use angle grinders because they are conveniently available and you can control the cut well. That being said, you are also going to create a lot of dust and that is problematic.

One of the biggest problems of cutting through bathroom tile with an angle grinder is that you won’t make the cut all at once. You will continue to cut deeper each time you make a pass, but you will also be creating a lot of dust each time as well.

Can You Use a Dremel Tool To Cut Shower Tile?

Tools to cut bathroom tiles

You can cut through bathroom tile that is already in place to make holes very easily with a Dremel tool. As long as you use the appropriate attachments and blades, you can do some amazing things with this very handy tool that is available in many homes.

Can You Use a Tile Cutter To Cut Bathroom Tile?

Tools to cut bathroom tiles

If you rent a manual tile cutter, is it the right choice for cutting bathroom tile?

Manual tile cutters are an excellent choice for cutting bathroom tiles. They do a quick, clean job of cutting through the tile as long as you learn how to use one properly. You can get as much or more done with a tile cutter than you could with a wet saw.

We will describe how to use a manual tile cutter for cutting bathroom tiles in detail below. The real key and being successful is getting comfortable with the tool. You might find that you are doing more and more projects as a result.

How To Cut Bathroom Tile

confused man standing

There are two primary tools that are used for cutting bathroom tile; the manual tile cutter and a wet saw. Although there are different tools that you might consider using, such as an angle grinder, we will consider these two primary options in our how-to section.

How to Cut Bathroom Tile with a Tile Cutter:

Step 1: Obtain the Cutter – More than likely, you don’t have a manual tile cutter at your disposal. You can rent one from a local hardware store for the job. If you plan on doing many jobs, you might want to buy one.

Step 2: Prepare the Area – You will need a clear area to put the tile cutter in place. Make sure that you have enough clean space around it to work.

Step 3: Insert the Tile – After marking the tile, you should insert it in place with the glazed side up. After lining things up, pull the hand lever forward to score the surface. Do this in a single motion because trying multiple motions will likely ruin the tile.

Step 4: Flip the Handle – After scoring the tile, flip the handle over and apply pressure to snap the tile in place. It will not take a lot of pressure to get the job done.

Step 5: Edge – After snapping the tile, you should use a whetstone or sanding sponge to clean off the edge of the tile. There may be some sharp pieces or rough edges that need to be removed.

Step 6: Practice – As you are cutting the tile with the manual tile cutter, be sure that you are getting familiar with the tool and comfortable with it as well. The more comfortable you are with a manual tile cutter, the easier it will be for you to get the next project underway.

How to Cut Bathroom Tile with a Wet Saw:

Step 1: Prepare the Area – Make sure that you have plenty of room around the wet saw and establish a stable platform where you will be using it. It is best to choose an area away from where you are installing the tile.

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Step 2: Obtain the Tool – If you don’t have your own wet saw, you can rent one from the hardware store. Make sure that you are using a diamond blade on the wet saw.

Step 3: Mark the Tile – Use a marker to mark the tile where it will be cut. Be sure to measure carefully and know in advance if you will be taking the line or not.

Step 4: Start the Saw – It takes about 20 seconds for the saw blade to get to full speed and for the water to start flowing properly. Don’t try to cut immediately after starting the saw blade or it will not work well.

Step 5: Push – Begin pushing the tile through the blade but do so slowly and deliberately. Be careful that your fingers don’t get near the blade and don’t force the tile to push through, especially at the end. Allow the blade to do the majority of the work for you.

Step 6: Power down – After making the cut, you should turn off the saw and allow it to stop moving. You can then safely remove the tile from the saw.

The best tool available for cutting bathroom tile is a wet saw. It can cut through the tile quickly and cleanly without creating a lot of dust. Otherwise, you can rent a manual tile cutter and get used to using it.

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