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What Can You Use To Cut Cardboard? (How to)

Cutting the cardboard using cutter

Most homeowners would admit that cardboard is a relatively easy material to cut. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every way of cutting it is the proper way. What can be used for that purpose?

The best tools for cutting cardboard include hobby and utility knives. The sharp blades make it easy to cut down through the cardboard easily. You can also use knives that were made for contractors, as they tend to be more durable.

The real key to cutting cardboard is to make sure that you are doing it the right way. Since there are a number of different knives available for that purpose, there may be a number of different ways that it can happen properly and safely.

First of all, you should never simply pick up the first knife you have and begin hacking away at the cardboard. Your fingers are far too precious to cut a cardboard box that way.

It really has to do with cutting along the line and then making sure that your fingers are nowhere near it. You also need to follow the general rule that you should never cut toward yourself, although it is often tempting to do so.

What Can You Use To Cut Cardboard?

As you will learn in this article, there are a number of tools available that can be used to cut cardboard. Some of them will be better suited for heavy-duty or industrial cardboard while others are better suited for the lightweight boxes that we tend to get in the mail.

You also likely have another tool at your disposal that can be used for this purpose. I’m talking about scissors, and they are an excellent choice for cutting through cardboard.

Like any type of cutting implement, however, you do need to be cautious because cardboard may be easy to cut but it will also dull the blade very quickly. The last thing you want to do is cut with a dull blade because it makes it much more likely for you to cut yourself.

As far as safety is concerned, you could wear a pair of Cutlass gloves but keep in mind that you can still get cut. As long as you follow the general guidelines of not cutting toward yourself and watching your fingers, you should be okay.

Let’s consider some of the different tools that may or may not be used for cutting cardboard. You can then get started and get the job done.

Can You Use Laser To Cut Cardboard?

Tools to cut cardboard

You might think of cutting cardboard with lasers as being some type of high-tech, sci-fi method. In reality, lasers are an excellent tool for the job.

Laser cutters can go through cardboard very easily. You can use them for cutting long, straight lines or even cutting intricate shapes. Some people use them for decorating cardboard boxes.

The real key to using laser cutters for cardboard is to use them properly. This can be a problem if you are cutting corrugated cardboard.

Since there are air pockets in corrugated cardboard, you will likely be burning the cardboard more than you will be cutting it. This can be a problem and you might even catch the cardboard on fire. It is better if you choose another tool, but it is still interesting to use a laser on occasion.

Can You Use Knife To Cut Cardboard?

Tools to cut cardboard

If you have a knife available, can you use it to cut cardboard? Make sure that you read this before you actually do it.

In most cases, you can cut cardboard using a knife. It is important, however, for you to ensure that the knife is as sharp as possible. In doing so, you will make it easier to cut the cardboard and less likely that you will injure yourself in the process.

Since cardboard will dull a knife blade very quickly, it’s a good idea to change the blade on a regular basis. A dull knife blade will not cut cardboard very easily but it will cut your finger just as easily.

In addition, you have to pay attention to what is behind the cardboard and this is where many people run into a problem. If you cut entirely through the cardboard with a knife, you will likely damage whatever is behind it. Keep this in mind and choose the area where you cut the cardboard carefully.

Can You Use Scissors To Cut Cardboard?

Tools to cut cardboard

Scissors are used to cut paper and other thin materials. Can you just as easily cut cardboard with scissors?

Scissors can be used to cut thin pieces of cardboard but you will dull the scissor very quickly. You can also use heavy-duty shears for cutting cardboard and that may be a better choice than a standard pair of scissors.

There are also scissors that are specifically made for cutting cardboard. They are angled and have special grips to make it easier to cut the cardboard without making your hands tired.

Can You Use Jigsaw To Cut Cardboard?

Tools to cut cardboard

Jigsaws are one of the more common and popular tools that we have around the home for cutting items. Can you use a jigsaw to cut cardboard?

You can easily cut through cardboard with a jigsaw if you use a knife blade. This may be one of the better choices, but you need to have the right setup to do it. Since the jigsaw blade extends further than the area where it is cutting, you will have to cut it where you have a gap underneath the cardboard along the cut line.

If you’re cutting a long piece of heavy-duty cardboard, you might find that a jigsaw is a perfect tool to do it. It will cut a straight line or a curved line just as easily.

Can You Use Table Saw To Cut Cardboard?

Tools to cut cardboard

Table saws are used for cutting heavy-duty items but can they be used for cutting cardboard?

Table saws are the unsung heroes of cutting cardboard. You might think that it is overkill but in reality, you can use a table saw and quickly cut through corrugated material and get the job done. Otherwise, you can use a utility knife to get the job done as well.

If you’re going to use a table saw for cutting cardboard, don’t be lulled into the practice of cutting without the guards in place. Always pay attention to your safety because it only takes a moment of indiscretion for the unthinkable to happen.

Can You Use Dremel To Cut Cardboard?

Tools to cut cardboard

A Dremel tool is often used for crafts but can it be used for cardboard?

You can use a Dremel tool with a paper cutter to cut through both standard and heavy-duty cardboard. It’s a great choice for cutting through the corrugated material and you can do so quickly and easily. It can even cut odd shapes if desired.

The key to cutting with a Dremel tool is to ensure that you are either not cutting entirely through the cardboard or you are cutting through it with a space behind it.

If you are cutting with something hard behind the cardboard, you will likely ruin the blade and whatever is behind it.

Can You Use Circular Saw To Cut Cardboard?

Tools to cut cardboard

A circular saw is used for cutting material. Can it be used for cutting cardboard safely?

A circular saw is a great choice if you have some industrial cardboard to cut. It is used in a similar manner to cutting wood. You should also set the circular saw depth so that you are not cutting too much below the surface and have the cardboard in an area where there is nothing underneath what is being cut so you don’t damage the cutting surface.

Another option for cutting cardboard with a circular saw is to cut at a slow speed. Not all circular saws offer variable speed but if yours does, it’s an option to consider.

How To Cut Cardboard Correctly And Safely

Tools to cut cardboard

They sometimes say that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Here’s the right way to cut cardboard and to do so safely.

The first thing that you should do is ensure that you are using a utility knife that has a sharp blade. A box cutter can also be used, but they are more dangerous than a standard utility knife.

After you have the cutter selected, you should mark the cardboard where you will cut it. Don’t simply think that you can cut a straight line because, more than likely, you will go off track during the process.

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A piece of solid cardboard can sometimes be cut through completely with a single swipe. Corrugated cardboard may need to be cut a few times before you get through to the back.

Place the cardboard on a piece of material that will not be damaged or is disposable as you cut through it. Keep in mind that as you cut through the cardboard, you will also be dulling the blade with whatever is behind it.

Hold the cardboard so that the line is at 90° to your body. You never want to cut toward your body, even if you are making a simple cut.

Grab the knife in your dominant hand and pay close attention to the position of your other hand. You never want to have it over the line or under the line where it could be easily cut. Always keep your other hand at least 10 inches away from the blade.

The blade should be held at a 45° angle to the cardboard and apply pressure as you pull the knife across the cardboard to cut it. You may need to repeat this if it didn’t go entirely through the first time.

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The easiest way to cut cardboard is with a utility knife. Always use a sharp blade and don’t cut toward yourself to keep from cutting yourself. Think the process out before doing it, no matter how many times you have done it in the past.

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