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What Can You Use To Cut Chipboard? (How To)

Many people are surprised when they learn exactly how versatile a chipboard is and how many items can be created with it. That leads us to the question, what can you use to cut chipboard?

Chipboard is relatively easy to cut but the tool that is used most is a craft knife or utility knife with a sharp blade. If you are dealing with a thicker chipboard, you may need to use a number of passes before you can get the blade entirely through it.

Tools to cut chipboard

Many people have a question about how chipboards are made. It actually is a type of very thick paper that is made from recycled fiber. In most cases, 100% recycled fiber is used.

What Can You Use To Cut Chipboard? (How To)

Although it is similar to thick paper, it is actually categorized differently. Rather than being categorized by weight, it is categorized by thickness. This is important to keep in mind because a thicker chipboard may be cut differently than regular chipboard.

You also need to think about one of the more common misconceptions about chipboard. Although it is similar to cardboard in many ways, it is not the same item. It isn’t corrugated, so it doesn’t have the hollow internals that cardboard has.

If you would like an example of low-density chipboard, you can think about the board on the back of a legal pad of paper. On the other hand, chipboards can also be used for making furniture or even for flooring.

In addition, when you get to the very thick pieces of chipboard, it is usually made from bonding pieces of wood together rather than bonding paper. It’s the same general product, but it is made differently.

In this article, we are going to consider a number of different tools that may be used for cutting chipboards. We are also going to consider some of the tools that should not be used for cutting it.

Regardless of the tool that you are using, it is always important to pay close attention to your safety when doing any type of cutting. That is especially true when you are cutting something that is low-density and made out of paper because you tend to feel impervious when doing so.

It may actually be easier to injure yourself in many ways when cutting a chipboard as a result of its makeup. Always make sure that you pay close attention to your hands when you are cutting the chipboard because they could easily get in the way of the cutting utensil.

In addition, chipboards may be made up of small pieces of paper that are attached together but there are also items within chipboards that can be dangerous if they are inhaled. That is why it is a good idea to wear a respirator while you’re cutting it if you are also making sawdust.

Let’s consider some tools that can be used to cut chipboards successfully.

Can You Use a Laser To Cut Chipboard?

Tools to cut chipboard

It is possible to use a laser for cutting chipboards. Many companies that manufacture flooring and furniture use lasers because they are accurate and cut quickly. For many homeowners, however, an appropriate laser is not going to be easily available.

One thing that you might appreciate trying is engraving chipboard with a laser. As a softer material, it is possible to engrave some beautiful markings into the chipboard. It is a material that works well for this purpose.

Can You Use a Circular Saw To Cut Chipboard?

Tools to cut chipboard

Circular saws can be used for cutting heavy-duty pieces of chipboard that are used for flooring, furniture, and similar items. As long as you use a sharp saw for such a straight cut, it can move through the chipboard without chipping it in the process.

You may experience some chip out on the bottom of the piece in some instances. Make sure that you cut from the top so the damaged area can be hidden out of view.

Can You Use an Exacto Knife To Cut Chipboard?

Tools to cut chipboard

Thinner pieces of chipboard can easily be cut with an Exacto knife. The real key to doing this is to make a shallow cut at first and then continue to follow that line as you go deeper and deeper into the material. Eventually, it will cut cleanly through to the other side.

If you are going to use any type of utility knife for cutting chipboard, you should always use a new, sharp blade. Using a dull blade will not yield the same results.

Can You Use Scissors To Cut Chipboard?

Tools to cut chipboard

It is possible to cut chipboards with scissors but it is not the best tool for the job. In most cases, you would use a sharp knife to cut the chipboard down to size and then trim it as necessary with a good pair of scissors.

Can You Use a Dremel Tool To Cut Chipboard?

Tools to cut chipboard

If you need to make some delicate cuts on a chipboard you can use a Dremel tool with a cut-off disk to do it. The key is to work at a high rpm and to use light pressure to cut the chipboard deeper and deeper on each pass.

How To Cut Chipboard

confused man standing

Chipboard may be a rather delicate product but it still is important to understand how to cut it properly. In this section, we will consider step-by-step instructions on how to cut thin chipboard as well as how to cut thick chipboard.

The Process for Cutting Thin Chipboard:

Step 1: Prepare – Even though you’re only cutting a thin piece of material, it is still important to prepare the surface and the area where you are cutting properly. If you have been doing any crafting or other cutting in the area, make sure that all the scraps are up and out of the way. Any scraps left behind could affect the way that the material was cut.

It is also important to keep in mind that any item that is below the chipboard is likely to get cut during this process. You should have some type of mat or other board below it that will take the damage rather than damaging the surface permanently.

Step 2: Mark – Use a pencil to mark the area that is going to be cut. You can use long, straight lines or unusual lines but the process is the same. After marking the clipboard, you will move on to cutting it.

Step 3: Cut – For cutting purposes, you will want to use a very sharp utility or craft knife. It is best if you use a new blade for this job because the sharper the blade, the easier it is going to be to get through the chipboard.

Begin by following the area around the chipboard very carefully, sticking within the lines, and making a small cut into the chipboard. You’re not trying to get the entire way through it at this point, you just want to get the starting point set.

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Now that you have the shallow cuts established, you can use the craft knife or utility knife to go around and cut deeper. Each pass will cut deeper into the chipboard and eventually, you will cut the chipboard completely.

How to Cut Thick Chipboard:

In many cases, you will be able to use a similar process for cutting chipboard that is thicker than paper as well. If you are dealing with chipboard that is used for furniture or flooring, however, you may need to move up to a different tool.

Step 1: Preparation – Just as with cutting thinner chipboard, it is important to prepare the area properly so you can cut a thick piece of chipboard as well. Additional factors to be considered are the sawdust that may be created as well as the area where you will be cutting.

Step 2: Safety – Chipboard is a very soft material and when it is thick, it is likely made out of little pieces of wood rather than little pieces of paper. The wood is not going to be a problem but the glue that holds it together and other chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process can be particularly difficult.

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Always make sure that you wear a respirator when cutting chipboard because you don’t want to breathe those unknown chemicals and the dust into your lungs. At a minimum, you should wear an N95.

Step 3: Tool Selection – You can use many different tools for cutting chipboard but the thick pieces should be cut with a power tool, such as a circular saw, jigsaw, or table saw. Choose the saw that is appropriate for the cut being made.

The blade is also going to make a difference. Any fine-tooth blade that is used for cutting hard or soft wood lumber is appropriate for cutting chipboard.

Step 4: Mark – Measure and mark the area that is going to be cut with a pencil. You can use a straight edge and square if you need to establish a right-angle cut.

Step 5: Make the Cut – Finally, make the cut in a similar way to how you would cut any piece of wood. Chipboard is very easy to cut and it will not offer much resistance. It is still strong, however, and you will appreciate its use in many different projects.

You can use a utility knife for cutting most pieces of chipboard. Start by cutting a shallow mark into the chipboard and then continue to trace over the same line until you cut the entire way through it.

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