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What Can You Use to Cut Concrete Door (How To)

Cutting a concrete door can be a lot more difficult than most people expect. It’s for this reason that using the right tool is essential. But what cutting tool will work when you’re cutting concrete?

You can cut a concrete door with a good hand saw or circular saw, a quality hammer drill, or an angle grinder to cut a concrete door. As long as the tool you use is sharp, you shouldn’t have difficulties using any of these for your concrete door project.

Bricks for concrete door

Can You Use Hand Saw to Cut Concrete Door?

Tools to cut concrete door

One of the most popular cutting tools for most projects has to be the hand saw. It’s easy to use and works quite well on a wide range of materials. But that doesn’t automatically qualify it for cutting concrete doors.

Hand saws are actually quite efficient at cutting concrete (as well as bricks), so this tool is a good option for cutting concrete doors. For the best possible results, using a gas or hydraulic saw is highly recommended, especially if you want to cut small openings as well.

A good hand saw will be able to cut concrete as thick as 15 inches quite easily and without too much effort necessary from your side.

Can You Use Hammer Drill to Cut Concrete Door?

Tools to cut concrete door

Power tools also come to mind when it comes to projects that involve cutting concrete, so hammer drills (or impact drills) are often suggested for cutting concrete doors. They’re powerful, which is why this suggestion makes sense.

You can use a hammer drill to cut a concrete door in a shorter time than you’d expect. It will still take a while because you’re cutting an entire door, but a hammer drill will work through this project faster than a standard drill.

It is actually not recommended that you try and use a standard drill for concrete cutting because it might not be up to the task at all.

Can You Use Lathe to Cut Concrete Door?

Tools to cut concrete door

Lathes are very good at cutting, sanding, drilling, and a whole lot more. But if you’re going to cut a concrete door, it might not seem like the best option out there, especially since these tools aren’t exactly mobile or compact and able to move around easily.

It is not really recommended that you attempt to cut a concrete door with a lathe. Unless you’re cutting the door out of a slab of concrete that can be fit onto the tool, cutting won’t even be possible in the first place.

It would be best to use any of the other cutting tools discussed here to cut a concrete door as they’d be more suitable.

Can You Use Laser to Cut Concrete Door?

Tools to cut concrete door

Another unexpected cutting tool for the purpose of cutting concrete is a laser, which seems more suitable for precise and smaller projects. But that actually doesn’t disqualify a laser from being able to cut concrete.

You can cut a concrete door with a high-power fibre laser. This type of laser can be easily carried around and used on construction sites and the like. It would take a laser power of about 9 kW to cut to a depth of 200 mm.

A laser of the above-mentioned power will take roughly one minute to cut 20 mm into concrete, meaning it won’t take very long to cut a concrete door, and it won’t be as noisy as other power tools typically recommended for this kind of task.

Can You Use Table Saw to Cut Concrete Door?

Tools to cut concrete door

Table saws are usually recommended for bigger projects such as cutting doors, but they are not exactly a compact or mobile option.

You may not be able to use a table saw to cut a concrete door if you are doing a vertical job. Table saws can’t be lifted and used to cut into concrete walls, making it unsuitable for this kind of task.

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Can You Use Tile Saw to Cut Concrete Door?

Tools to cut concrete door

Tile saws are popular for home renovations and projects involving concrete pavers and the like, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for cutting concrete doors.

Some tile saws will be suitable for cutting concrete doors, but many of them aren’t really up to this task. It might be best to consider a different tool, such as a circular saw, which is more capable of cutting concrete doors effectively.

Can You Use Angle Grinder to Cut Concrete Door?

Tools to cut concrete door

Angle grinders are powerful tools that are made to cut through tough materials, but they’re typically more suited to grinding and polishing tasks.

You can use an angle grinder to cut a concrete door as these tools are quite effective at cutting through masonry and metal, and even concrete.

How to Cut Concrete Door

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To cut a concrete door, you’ll have to do some careful planning once you have chosen the cutting tool of your choice. For best results, use a circular saw with a wet- or dry-cutting diamond.

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You will have to prepare your workspace to avoid dust going everywhere when you cut the concrete door. Mark the areas where you need to cut with chalk and make sure you wear the right kind of protective gear during the cutting process.

Here is a step-by-step look at how to cut a concrete door the right and safe way:

Step One

Choose your tool and blade. It will probably be best to use a circular saw with a dry-cutting diamond. If you use a wet-cutting diamond you will have to wet the blade constantly. You should also wet the concrete so there won’t be as much dust in the air while you cut.

Step Two

Use a plastic sheet or drop cloth to keep your area clean and put on protective gear such as steel-toed boots, the right clothes, and protection for your entire face, especially your ears and eyes.

Step Three

Mark where you want to cut the concrete door with chalk. Apply a thick line that will be visible even when you wet the concrete during the cutting process.

Step Four

Start to cut at one end of the marked area, and use an inch-deep scrap of wood as a guideboard to help you work in a perfect line. Set your saw so that you will be cutting a max of half an inch deep. This will give you better control of your saw as you cut. Maintain a good grip on the saw as you cut, and don’t be afraid of cutting shallow lines before going deeper. Make sure to let the saw cool down to avoid overheating.

Step Five

Once you have made the initial cuts, increase the saw’s blade depth by half an inch at a time and cut deeper. Once you have cut as deep as you can, you should use a sledgehammer to break the concrete. If you have managed to cut through the concrete, you can start cleaning up the area.

Step Six

You may need to use a clawhammer and mason chisel to achieve a cleaner edge. Tap the chisel with the hammer so you can let the concrete crumble away until you’re satisfied with the edges.

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