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What Can You Use To Cut Copper Sheet? (How To)

Copper sheeting is both adaptable and beautiful but it can present the DIY enthusiast with a few problems. The most common problem to overcome is how to cut copper sheets accurately.

Cutting copper sheets is easiest if you have a pair of metal shears. However, you can also use a hacksaw or a Dremel tool. After scoring the metal surface so that you have a precise line to follow, use the shears or tin snips to cut along the line.

Tools to cut Copper Sheet

If the piece of metal is not too big, then use the hacksaw for straight cuts. Curved lines are best cut using a pair of aviation snips that you can find at the hardware store. They are color-coded so that you can tell if they are for left-hand curves (green) or right-hand curves (red).

Offset snips are another option, as you keep the handles above the metal and it makes it easier to gain the leverage necessary to cut through the metal.

Can You Use Plasma Cutter To Cut Copper Sheets?

Tools to cut Copper Sheet

Plasma cutters are great tools that make short work of cutting through most metals.

Most metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, titanium, Inconel, and other materials, can be easily cut with plasma cutters. Copper of varying thicknesses can be cut easily and efficiently with a plasma cutter.

Any conductive metal can be sliced with plasma cutters. The machine uses an extremely thin beam of ionized gas to cut through or into the metal, directing it at the surface at temperatures as high as 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit (16,650 degrees Celsius).

One concern when cutting copper with a plasma cutter is the fumes that it creates. It is best to cut outside in the fresh air or, alternatively, wear a good quality breathing apparatus to avoid inhaling any of the copper fumes.

Can You Use Dremel To Cut Copper Sheets?

Tools to cut Copper Sheet

A Dremel is a small rotary tool that you can use to cut a variety of materials.

You can use the Dremel tool to cut through copper sheets using a cutting disk. Use a right-angle attachment to make the job easier. There are a variety of mini-saw blades that will work well when cutting the copper sheet. Make sure that the blade is securely fastened before you start cutting.

Avoid using a grinding wheel in your Dremel when cutting copper. As the metal is fairly soft, it will clog a grinding wheel, which will prevent it from cutting efficiently.

Use a blade that is specifically designed for use with non-ferrous metals and make sure that the copper sheets are securely clamped before you start cutting. This ensures that your cuts are neat and the material doesn’t move during the process.

Can You Use Laser To Cut Copper Sheets?

Tools to cut Copper Sheet

While it may seem that cutting copper sheets with a laser cutter is a good idea, there are some challenges that need to be overcome to make a success of the job.

Laser cutting copper is difficult due to the metal’s low infrared laser light absorption. Particularly in its solid state, copper is an effective infrared laser light reflector and therefore poor laser light absorber. This prevents the laser from heating the metal, thereby cutting through it.

Fiber lasers are a better option than CO2 and IR lasers as they have a lower wavelength that melts the metal more quickly and makes much narrower cuts in the copper.

Can You Use Angle Grinder To Cut Copper Sheets?

Tools to cut Copper Sheet

Angle grinders can easily cut through a variety of metals, so long as the correct cutting disk is used.

It is important that the necessary safety precautions are taken to avoid severe injury in case the cutting disk explodes or breaks.

It is best to use metal shears to cut copper sheets, but if the sheet is too thick, you might need to use an angle grinder instead. For safety’s sake, make sure that the material is secured using screw clamps to keep the sheets from slipping.

The angle grinder operates at a very high speed, so wear gloves and eye protection.

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It is important that you have a guard on your angle grinder when cutting metal as the cutting disk can explode. If it does, the guard will help to prevent you from getting injured. Always wear thick leather work gloves and thick clothing.

Can You Use Jigsaw To Cut Copper Sheets?

Tools to cut Copper Sheet

Jigsaws are versatile tools that are capable of cutting through a variety of different metals.

A jigsaw fitted with a blade designed for cutting metal works well when cutting copper sheets. It is important that the copper sheet is secured with clamps to avoid it moving while it is being cut. This will prevent injury as well as ensure a neat cut.

Jigsaw blades can shatter if they are not kept in the correct orientation with the material it is cutting. It is thus imperative that the blade is kept at right angles to the metal and that the metal is firmly held in place.

Can You Use Scroll Saw To Cut Copper Sheets?

Tools to cut Copper Sheet

Scroll saws are not really designed for cutting copper sheets but they can be used for this purpose.

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Metals such as cold-rolled steel, bronze, aluminum, copper, brass, and more can all be cut with a scroll saw. The maximum acceptable metal thickness is 1/8′′, though if it is thicker than that, the job will just take a little longer to complete.

Scroll saws are designed for intricate work, so it is important not to rush the job. The saw is not designed for long straight cuts. If you have a large piece of copper sheet to cut, then it might be better to use a band saw or angle grinder instead of the scroll saw.

How To Cut Copper Sheet

confused man standing

Copper sheets are fairly easy to cut with basic tools you may have lying around in your home workshop.

You might find it simpler than you think to cut copper sheets. With typical metal snips from a hardware store, you can easily cut larger gauge copper. The higher the gauge, the thinner the copper. You can use a jewelry saw for thicker copper sheets.

Using a jewelry saw will take a little longer, but you get a much nicer finished cutting edge.

If you are cutting out intricate shapes, it makes sense to use a scroll saw. But if the material is being cut into strips, then a tin snip or a band saw may be a better option.

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