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What Can You Use to Cut Gas Pipe? (How To)

Cutting gas pipes yourself is a dangerous task and should best be left to professionals. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to cut a gas pipe on your own, there are several tools best suited to completing this job safely.

You can cut a gas pipe with pipe cutters or hacksaws. They are the best tools for this task and are recommended the most. In rare cases, it is possible to use a grinder, but this is only meant to be a last resort as it can be extremely dangerous.

Tools to cut gas pipe

A hacksaw is the best option because it can give you a neat cut without resulting in soot. Of course, hacksaws require a lot of effort and can be difficult to use for long periods. It’s also possible that you’ll have to replace several blades as you cut through the pipe.

The other good option is a pipe cutter, which will ensure that you cut the pipe smoothly and with less effort than you need for a hacksaw.

Can You Use Sawzall to Cut Gas Pipe?

Tools to cut gas pipe

The term Sawzall is used to refer to a reciprocating saw, and Sawzall is simply the trademarked name of one such tool. People use the term when talking about reciprocating saws. These tools are quite versatile and strong and can cut cast iron pipes, metal, plastic, lumber, and plywood, depending on the kind of blade installed.

You should not use a Sawzall to cut a gas pipe. It is not a safe option because this is a power tool that can easily damage a gas line and cause a gas leak. Gas leaks, in turn, can result in explosions or serious fires.

It is typically best to call a professional that will have all the right tools for cutting gas pipes. But if the pipe you want to cut is not in use, you can take a hacksaw or pipe cutter to cut it where necessary.

Can You Use a Hacksaw to Cut Gas Pipe?

Tools to cut gas pipe

Hacksaws, fine-toothed saws made for cutting metal, are quite useful for cutting pipes. Although they may not be as durable as most other cutting tools, they are still good considerations. Hacksaws are usually hand saws with a C-shaped walking frame holding the blade under tension.

You can use a hacksaw to cut a gas pipe, and it’s actually one of the safest tools to use for this purpose. Power tools will cause trouble while cutting gas pipes, but hacksaws are relatively safe if you use them correctly.

You should always wear protective gear when cutting gas pipes, even when you’re not using big and powerful tools. Hacksaws are ideal for gas pipe cutting, but may require blade replacement as you make your way through the pipe.

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Can You Use a Grinder to Cut Gas Pipe?

Tools to cut gas pipe

A grinding machine, or grinder, is a power tool used for grinding and is quite strong. It uses an abrasive wheel as the cutting tool and can cut through almost anything. They are convenient to use, but when it comes to gas pipes, they may not be the best idea.

It is not a good idea to cut a gas pipe with a power tool, and since a grinder is a power tool, it’s best to put it down and use a different tool. While you will be able to finish the task quickly, you can cause damage and risk gas leaks and explosions.

Can You Use a Knife to Cut Gas Pipe?

Tools to cut gas pipe

A serrated or utility knife is often used to cut objects as you take on projects around the house. However, their use in cutting gas pipes is questionable as they’re not strong enough to cut through something like that.

A knife is not the right tool for cutting a gas pipe. Even the most robust and durable utility knife won’t be able to cut a gas pipe. You will be spending hours just to find that you didn’t make enough of a dent to cut the pipe.

How to Cut Gas Pipe

confused man standing

Cutting a gas pipe can be quite risky if you don’t know what you’re doing, so this task should be approached very carefully. It’s important that you follow all recommended safety measures to avoid any kind of dangerous situation. If at all possible, do not cut a gas pipe yourself. You could cause a gas leak or an explosion. In most cases, it is best to leave this kind of work to professionals who do it for a living.

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To cut a gas pipe, you need to shut off the gas and make sure there is no more supply. However, even after this, there will be gas present in the pipes. So cutting the gas pipe can be highly dangerous. Never use a Sawzall to cut a gas pipe, rather opt for a hacksaw.

You should use a reciprocating saw, a tube cutter, or a hacksaw to cut a galvanized pipe. Although these tools will take longer to cut through the pipe than a sturdy power tool, they’re much safer options. You may spend more time doing the cutting work, but at least you won’t cause combustion or other kinds of damage.

Secure the pipe with a vice-like tool and tighten it until the pipe is secured. Then, you can use the tool of your choice to cut the pipe.

Make a mark on the pipe where it should be cut and move your tool around the circumference of the pipe. 

Once the pipe has been cut to your satisfaction, you need to ream it so you can get rid of any burrs. If you are using a power tool, which is not really recommended, you should be very careful. Make sure the grinder or power saw you’re using has a cutting blade or wheel.

Be sure to only apply gentle pressure and work through this cutting process slowly. Being careless and hasty can lead to nasty accidents.

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