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What Can You Use To Cut Laminate Door? (How To)

The question to “What Can You Use To Cut Laminate Door” is not a difficult one to answer. While there are a lot of different tools out there, only a couple are needed to successfully cut this type of door. Let’s take a look at which tools are the best for this project. 

The best choice for cutting a laminate door is a sharp, fine-toothed blade that has plenty of tape. You will also need a sharp box cutting knife to score the cutline on the door. This will help make cutting the laminated door easier and more precise.

Clean wood laminate door

Additionally, place masking tape over the edges of the door and the cutline. This can help prevent the door from splitting, cracking, and splintering while cutting.

Can You Use A Router To Cut Laminate Door?

Tools to cut laminate door

When you think about cutting a laminate door, you may not think about a router. Router saws feature a flat base with a rotating blade. This tool is a common site in woodworking, such as cabinetry, but can also be used to cut laminate doors.

A router can be used to cut a laminate door. Although you will need the right bit. For the best results, attach a flush-trim bit that is designed for cutting laminate to your router. A good choice for this task is CMT’s 3 in 1 carbide-tipped flush trim bit.

Can You Use A Circular Saw To Cut Laminate Door?

Tools to cut laminate door

Circular saws may just be one of the most used tools on worksites around the world. While a circular saw in some form has been around since the early 1800s, the first handheld circular saw wasn’t created until 1929. This type of saw can cut through various materials, including laminate. 

A circular saw can be used to cut a laminate door, though these types of saws are known to cause jagged edges. Additionally, it is not uncommon for circular saws to chip laminate. If you decide to use this tool, consider laying the door face down and cutting it from the back.

That way, if the circular saw does leave jagged edges or chips, it will be on the back of the door and not the front.

Can You Use Jigsaw To Cut Laminate Door?

Tools to cut laminate door

Jigsaws, which were invited in the 19th century, are nifty handheld tools that feature a reciprocating blade to cut through materials. They are an ideal choice if you want to cut out curves and shapes.

A jigsaw is another type of saw that can be used to cut a laminate door. With that said, however, you will want to ensure the jigsaw is equipped with a blade that has its teeth pointing downward. This allows you to cut from the top of the door.

The reason for this is that the teeth of a jigsaw have to enter the laminate and not exit it, which means the door would need to be placed upside down while you cut from the back side. Using a blade with the teeth pointing downward makes it much easier to cut the laminate door.

Can You Use Miter Saw To Cut Laminate Door?

Tools to cut laminate door

A miter saw is a saw that features a mounted blade that can make accurate miters and crosscuts. It is not nearly as portable as a circular saw, but is still an extremely useful tool when it comes to cutting a wide array of materials.

A miter saw can be used to cut a laminate door, and there are even specific blades available for this type of material. For the best results, use a blade that has a high-low triple chip ground teeth. This type of blade works well for laminate, since it can be a bit abrasive.

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Can You Use Hand Saw To Cut Laminate Door?

Tools to cut laminate door

Long before power tools became a thing, the trusty hand saw was there to help build homes, structures, and various other projects. The hand saw is still a staple in the toolbox of most handymen and do-it-yourselfers. But can it cut a laminate door?

A hand saw will work to cut laminate doors, but the process can be long and tedious. To use a hand saw, you should first make a small cut into the laminate door and then use the hand saw to finish the job. Keep the saw line as close to the bearing surface as possible to make the process easier.

How To Cut Laminate Door

confused man standing

While it may sound like a simple task to cut a laminate door, there is a right and wrong way to go about the process. Let’s take a look at how to properly cut a laminate door.

Cutting a laminate door isn’t a difficult process, but it does take a few specific actions to keep the door from becoming chipped, split, or damaged. You will need to mark your cut lines and score them before ever starting up the blade.

The first step when cutting a laminate door is to measure the cut line and then score that line with a box cutter or utility knife. Do so lightly on both sides of the board.

Once you have prepared the door, set the blade (if using a circular saw or table saw) to ¼-inch into the laminate. At this point, you are not trying to cut through the laminate, only making a clean cut in the material. This will go a long way to helping to reduce chipping in the laminate.

Your next step is to set the blade to right above the saw’s gullets and then turn the power tool on to make the final cut into the laminate door.

Remember, no matter what tool you use to cut the laminate door, make sure to follow all safety precautions. Working with power tools can be dangerous, and care must be taken to protect yourself, as well as those around you, from harm. This means familiarizing yourself with the safety and warnings of the power tool, and wearing the proper safety gear, such as goggles. 

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