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What Can You Use To Cut Limestone? (How To)

If you are cutting limestone for installation around the home or your place of business, you need to make sure that it is cut properly. What can be used for that purpose?

The best tool to use for cutting limestone is a wet saw. This type of saw, which also is referred to as a tile saw, will cut through the stone and at the same time, keep dust to a minimum. The cut will be clean from edge to edge.

As you are about to see, it’s not only a matter of using the proper tool but it is also selecting the right blade and even using the right method. It is possible to ruin a limestone tile or slab if you don’t do things properly.

Perhaps one of the more important things to consider is how quickly you are cutting the stone. It is important to take your time and allow the saw to do the majority of the work.

If you try to rush the cut and push the stone through the saw, it will likely chip when you get to the second edge. Allowing the blade to do the majority of the work will cut the stone cleanly.

What Can You Use To Cut Limestone? (How To)

As a natural product, limestone is one that needs to be considered carefully when you are doing any work with it. This includes paying attention to your health, because there are health risks associated with limestone that you may not realize.

First of all, a slab of limestone or limestone tiles have been deemed safe when they are intact. You can have them in your home and you can even eat off of them without having to worry about the impact they will have on your health.

When you cut limestone, on the other hand, you are creating dust that is more dangerous than most people realize. The dust contains various minerals, including silica.

Silica is something that you certainly don’t want in your lungs because it can lead to lung cancer, COPD, or a deadly disease known as silicosis. Kidney disease is also associated with silica exposure.

That is why it is so important to wear a respirator when you are cutting silica. You can also use a wet saw, which cuts down on the amount of dust or eliminates it altogether.

Other safety factors to consider include wearing safety glasses and all-purpose gloves. If you are using a power saw, wear hearing protection.

Undoubtedly, limestone is a beautiful product that will last for many years in your home. As long as you cut it properly, you will have something you can be proud of for a very long time.

Let’s consider some of the different tools that are used for cutting limestone and some that should not be used.

Can You Use a Circular Saw To Cut Limestone?

Tools to cut limestone

A circular saw is a tool that can cut through almost anything. If you have the proper diamond blade attached to the circular saw, it can also be used for cutting through limestone.

One of the biggest issues of using a circular saw is the fact that it is going to create a tremendous amount of dust. As we discussed, that dust includes silica, which is an extreme health hazard.

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In addition, you are likely to have small chips of stone that are flying through the air as you are cutting with a circular saw. That is why it is so important for you to wear safety glasses or perhaps even goggles.

At times, you may consider using a circular saw with a wet saw attachment. Doing so can help to keep the dust to a minimum but at the same time, you need to ensure that you are using the proper saw so you don’t harm it in the process.

Can You Use Hand Saw To Cut Limestone?

Tools to cut limestone

We often have hand saws at our disposal but are they the right choice for cutting through limestone?

It is possible to use a handsaw to cut limestone but it has to be equipped with the proper blade. A carbide-tipped blade will work for this process but if you have one that includes a diamond blade, it is going to work even better. It is almost always better to use a power saw.

One of the types of hand saws that can be used for this purpose is a hacksaw. It has a thin blade that can be swapped out with a carbide tip. As a result, it can cut through the limestone but you have quite a chore to tackle.

Limestone is difficult to cut by hand. If you really want to cut limestone using a hand tool to avoid dust or noise, you can try using a chisel and hammer. It’s old school, but it is still used by many professionals to get the job done.

Can You Use Angle Grinder To Cut Limestone?

Tools to cut limestone

Many of us consider the angle grinders we have available to be one of the top tools in our toolbox. Is it a tool that can be used for cutting limestone?

Limestone can easily be cut using an angle grinder equipped with a diamond blade. Using an angle grinder provides you with more control over the cut you are making, something that will make it easier for you to cut the limestone exactly to your specifications.

One word of warning if you are using an angle grinder is the fact that he can make some very fine dust that will go everywhere. Since you know that the dust contains silica, you must protect your lungs by wearing at least an N95 if not a half-mask respirator.

Can You Use Diamond Blade To Cut Limestone?

Tools to cut limestone

With many different blades to choose from, should you choose a diamond blade for cutting limestone?

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Limestone is softer than many other types of stones but it is still important to use a diamond blade when cutting through it. It will cut through the limestone, leaving you a nice edge in the process.

Of course, it’s not just about the blade you are using, it’s also about the tool. If you can use a diamond blade on a wet saw, you have something that really is beneficial for cutting limestone.

Can You Use Chisel To Cut Limestone?

Tools to cut limestone

Some people consider using a chisel to be old school. Should you use it for cutting limestone?

A chisel and hammer can be used for cutting limestone slabs and tiles. Tap the chisel to create a groove in the limestone where you want the stone to be broken. Since it is soft, you can then put the groove on the edge of a table and snap the stone in place.

Admittedly, limestone is softer than other types of stone but it is still a very solid piece of material. It will take some work to cut limestone with a chisel and hammer, but it can be done.

Can You Use Wet Saw To Cut Limestone?

Tools to cut limestone

Never underestimate the power of a wet saw for cutting limestone. As long as you’re using a diamond blade, you can use the wet saw to cut through the stone quickly and easily. The water will help to lubricate the blade and the stone, keeping things cool as you are cutting.

Using a wet saw is always going to be of benefit for cutting stone. This type of saw, which is also called a tile saw, is made for that specific purpose.

With a larger blade, you can also cut slabs of limestone using a wet saw.

How To Cut Limestone Correctly

Confused man standing

It is always important to cut any piece of material accurately and properly from the start. This is especially true of limestone, which could be ruined in a moment if you don’t cut it properly.

Step 1: Measure – There is an old expression that you should measure twice and cut once. In other words, make sure of what you are doing before you actually cut the piece.

It will take some time for you to measure things out properly but once you have the measurements, you can then mark the limestone and prepare for the cut to be done.

Some people find that putting a piece of painter’s tape on the limestone helps to cut it. Not only does it give you an area where you can mark the line, but it may also keep the limestone from chipping in the process.

Step 2: Blade – Use a diamond blade on a wet saw to cut the limestone. There may be other tools that can be used for cutting limestone, but a wet saw with a diamond blade is your best combination.

Step 3: Cut – Guide the limestone through the wet saw to cut it. Avoid the temptation to push it through quickly because that will likely cause chipping and cracking at the second edge. Allow the saw to do the work for you.

Step 4: Shape – One other step that can be taken is to use a sander to smooth out the edge. Limestone is relatively easy to work with and you can come up with a great-looking piece if you work with it enough.

Any tool that is used for cutting stone can be used for cutting limestone. Use a diamond-encrusted blade and if possible, use a wet saw to make the cut because it keeps dust to a minimum.

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