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What Can You Use To Cut Metal Door? (How To)

There are certain jobs that need to be done around the home that may seem more difficult than they really are. That is the case with cutting a metal door. What can you use to cut it?

A metal door can be cut with a circular saw equipped with either a carbide tip blade or a metal cutting blade. Since you will only be cutting through a thin piece of metal and the rest is wood or foam, either blade will get the job done.

Tools to cut metal door

Although there are different types of metal doors, most people are considering a metal door to be an entry door or perhaps a secure interior door. These types of entry doors are not typically made of solid metal but rather, they are made of metal with a foam core.

In fact, the only metal that you will likely be cutting through is about a 1/16-inch thick metal cladding. It doesn’t take much to get through that amount of metal and as long as you have enough teeth available on a carbide tip blade, it will do just fine.

What Can You Use To Cut Metal Door? (How To)

That being said, there are also some other tools that may be appropriate for this purpose. In some cases, you may be cutting through a metal door that doesn’t include a foam core, such as a closet door. These are more specialized types of items and they would require specific tools for getting the job done.

As is the case with any type of DIY job, you want to make sure that you are doing things safely. This is true of cutting a metal door because it can make a difference in you getting the job done or taking a quick trip to the emergency room.

Protect Your Eyes – One of the most important things you can do on any DIY project is to protect your eyes. Always wear safety glasses and if you’re going to be throwing a lot of sparks or dust in the air, you may find that a face shield works well.

Protect Your Fingers – It is very easy to cut yourself severely or perhaps even lose a finger while using a circular saw. Always pay attention to where your hands are and never put them where you can’t see them. It is best to keep both hands on the tool for that purpose.

Protect Your Breathing – Since you are going to be putting some dust in the air, it’s always a good idea to wear a quality disposable respirator, such as an N95. You never know what is in the dust from the inside of the door.

One other suggestion I would have for you is to work with somebody if at all possible. Using the buddy system in this way can help you to have a good day working and to get the job done.

Let’s consider some of the different tools you may use for cutting a metal exterior entry door. These tools may differ according to what they can do, and there may even be some that you would not want to use.

Can You Use a Circular Saw To Cut Metal Door?

Tools to cut metal door

A circular saw is one of the best tools available for cutting a metal door. If you have a carbide tip blade with enough teeth left, you can cut through the door easily, including what is on the inside. You might also want to use a metal cutting blade if you have one available.

Once you set the workstation up to cut with a circular saw, you will find that it works very easily. It can get the job done very quickly and as long as you take the appropriate measures in advance, you will have a nice job to show for it.

Can You Use a Jigsaw To Cut Metal Door?

Tools to cut metal door

A jigsaw is a very common and popular tool for many DIY enthusiasts. Can it be used for cutting through a metal door?

A jigsaw is not the best tool for cutting straight lines in a metal door from edge to edge. If you need to cut a shape out of the interior of the door, such as if you are putting in a window, you can drill through the door and then insert the jigsaw to cut the edge.

As is the case with any job, an important factor for cutting a metal door successfully with a jigsaw is to use the proper blade. Using a metal cutting blade that reaches entirely through the door is the best choice.

Can You Use a Laser To Cut Metal Door?

Tools to cut metal door

Lasers are not the best choice for cutting doors and most homeowners do not have a laser that is capable of doing it. The industrial giants who are customizing steel doors, however, may use lasers because they are extremely accurate. They are also extremely expensive.

On occasion, you may want to do some engraving on a metal door and it is possible to use a laser for that purpose. It isn’t the handiest option but it can work in some cases.

Can You Use a Grinder To Cut Metal Door?

Tools to cut metal door

An angle grinder is a common tool used by many homeowners. Can it be used for cutting a metal door?

If you use a metal cutting disc on an angle grinder, the abrasive nature of the disc will cut through the metal quickly. It will also cut through what is in the center of the door, regardless of whether it is wood or foam.

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As you cut through the door, you may find that the disc is wearing very quickly. You may need to replace it on occasion. Make sure that you use a disc that is well suited for the job so that it goes well for you.

Can You Use a Sawzall To Cut a Metal Door?

Tools to cut metal door

A Sawzall is one of the most popular reciprocating saws. Can these saws be used for cutting a metal door?

It is possible to cut a metal door with a Sawzall but it is not typically the right tool for the job. It is difficult to keep the cut as accurate as you may like. Reciprocating saws are often used for demolition and not for the fine cutting that is necessary on a metal door.

Can You Use a Hacksaw To Cut a Metal Door?

Tools to cut metal door

You can use a hacksaw to cut through a metal door but it is not the easiest tool to use. As long as you use a new blade and try to use the entire blade in the cutting process, you can typically get through the job. It is much easier and faster to use a circular saw with a metal cutting blade.

How To Cut Metal Door

confused man standing

The process of cutting a metal door is not difficult. As long as you get things set up properly, you can be ready to go.

Step 1: Workstation – It is important to have things set up in advance so that you can start working soon after preparing. This would include having a clean area where you can work and a workbench that is the right height. Sawhorses will work quite well.

Step 2: Mark and Clamp – Mark the door where you want to cut it. You can then clamp a fence on the door, which is typically just a straight edge that is used as a guide for the circular saw.

Step 3: Tool Choice – The best tool for this job is a circular saw equipped with a carbide-tipped or metal cutting blade. You can use other tools as was described above, but a circular saw is going to give you the cleanest and fastest cut.

Step 4: Set the Depth – Set the depth of the circular saw so that it is only cutting through just more than half of the door. You don’t want to cut entirely through the door or it will not make a clean cut in the thin piece of metal on the opposite side.

Step 5: Cut the Door – Cut through the door using the fence to guide the circular saw along the way. You should work slowly and steadily, allowing the saw to do the majority of the work for you.

When you reach the opposite side, continue to move the circular saw forward until the blade is completely out from within the door. Trying to pull the blade out prematurely can result in the possibility of the blade binding and kicking back.

Step 6: Flip the Door – Flip the door over and repeat the process on the opposite side.

Step 7: Perform the Cut – After putting the fence in place on the opposite side of the door, perform the cut. Keep in mind that you are going to be cutting the piece loose, so have somebody there to hold the piece that would otherwise fall to the ground.

Be careful if the piece is thin because you don’t want somebody to get their fingers in the way. They should also be aware of the possibility of kickback.

Step 8: Fill – The metal door is full of foam but there is a piece of wood at the top or the bottom. If you cut too much off of the door and the wood is gone, you should add more in that area to help stabilize the thin metal pieces.

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The best tool for cutting through a metal door is a circular saw equipped with either a carbide tip blade or a metal cutting blade. It is well-equipped for making straight cuts. Odd cuts can be made with a jigsaw.

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