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What Can You Use To Cut Metal Studs? (How To)

Metal studs can be difficult to cut properly, so the use of the correct tool is required. You can use manual tools like tinsnips or power tools, depending on how much metal you have to cut.

Use straight-cut aviation snips to cut individual steel studs and rails. Use a circular saw equipped with a toothless (Carborundum) metal-cutting blade to cut several metal studs and tracks at once. When using a circular saw to cut individual steel studs or tracks, cut on the closed or web side and hold the item firmly on sawhorses.

Tools to cut metal studs

To protect yourself from the sprinkling sparks, toxic gasses, and deafening noise, put on safety glasses, a dust mask, long sleeves, and hearing protection.

Also, be aware that cutting metal is a fire hazard and sparks or hot pieces of metal can set wood and other materials alight. Always make sure that you have the necessary firefighting equipment on hand in case of an emergency.

Can You Use Snips To Cut Metal Snips?

Tools to cut metal studs

Tin snips are the preferred tool for cutting sheet metal. Many different types are used for a variety of cuts and thicknesses of material.

The first tool you should use to cut metal sheets is offset compound snips. Due to the cutting jaws being in a position below the handle, you can keep your hand away from the job while cutting sheet metal. The compound action makes it easier to cut thicker materials more quickly.

Aviation snips are the best option as they are color-coded. Green ones cut to the left and red ones cut to the right. Selecting the right tool makes cutting shapes much easier.

Can You Use Miter To Cut Metal Snips?

Tools to cut metal studs

Miter saws are traditionally used to cut wood and are generally not suitable for cutting metal. However, it is possible to use them for cutting other materials, so long as you take the necessary safety precautions.

Although miter saws were traditionally used for cutting wood, they can easily cut through steel and aluminum profiles when equipped with the right blade. However, they are not the most cost-effective way to cut metal as the blades will require constant replacement.

The miter saw operates at an RPM that is much greater than what is necessary to cut through metal. This causes more sparks to shoot about with the added risk of fire or physical injury.

Additionally, the miter saw may start to struggle with excessive use and frequent overheating. If you work on projects that don’t frequently need cutting into metal, you can occasionally utilize your miter saw for this purpose. However, if you anticipate having to cut into metal more frequently, rather invest in a specialized metal cutting tool.

Can You Use Chop To Cut Metal Snips?

Tools to cut metal studs

It is important that you use the correct tools for cutting metal, as the incorrect blade can result in serious injury or damage to your equipment.

Yes, you can cut metal with a chop saw. The majority of chop saws are designed to crosscut short pieces of metal that are 4 inches or smaller. A sliding miter saw could seem like a good option if you need to cut larger amounts of metal for any reason.

Choosing the right blade for the material you plan on cutting will make your job a lot easier. Thin abrasive blades are able to cut more quickly, but thicker blades are better able to handle abuse and last longer.

Can You Use Circular To Cut Metal Snips?

Tools to cut metal studs

Circular saws are versatile tools that can be safely adapted to cut a variety of materials.

Although it may not seem like the best option, a circular saw is an excellent metal-cutting instrument when equipped with the correct blade. It slices through rebar very efficiently and makes short work of thinner metal sheets. A ferrous metal cutting blade can cut mild steel up to ⅜” thick.

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It is best to use only discs and blades designed specifically for cutting metal. While diamond cutting discs will make quick work of cutting through stainless steel, professional circular saw blades are ideal for cutting through aluminum, copper, lead, and other non-ferrous metals.

It is important that you wear the necessary safety equipment to avoid injury. Gloves, goggles, and ear protection are the absolute minimum requirements and it is recommended that you wear thick clothing and sturdy, metal toe-cap boots.

Can You Use Shears To Cut Metal Snips?

Tools to cut metal studs

Cutting metal can be difficult if you don’t have the correct tools. This is especially true if you are trying to cut accurate shapes out of sheets of metal.

Using shears to cut sheet metal can be challenging and irritating. The curves are difficult to navigate because of the edges’ sharpness, and the stiff cut-offs obstruct the blades. The shears are also prone to binding. However, it is possible to cut metal with shears, it’s just going to be difficult to get a good, clean result.

For those of us who don’t regularly work with sheet metal, these issues are typical. You can easily create any cut if you have the correct equipment and use a few basic techniques.

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The best type of tinsnips to use to cut sheet metal are aviation snips. These are color-coded so that you can use them to make left-hand or right-hand cuts with ease.

How To Cut Metal Studs

confused man standing

Metal studs are easy to cut if you know how. Experienced contractors have a few tricks up their sleeves to make the job of cutting the metal quick and easy.

When cutting metal studs, snip both sides of the stud, then score and bend it to make the cut. Another method is to score a line on the back and use snips to cut both sides. This achieves a neat cut, free of burrs, and after a few cycles of bending the stud back and forth, the metal parts easily.

Using these methods, there’s no need for hearing protection, and there won’t be a ton of metal shavings.

However, it is important that you wear gloves as the edges of the studs will be very sharp using this method of cutting the metal. Another important consideration is the electrical cable that you use for your equipment.

With the studs being extremely sharp, it is easy for them to be cut if trapped between the sole of a boot and the sharp edge of a stud. For this reason, use scrap studs and cover the sharp edges so that there is no chance of damaging the cable or experiencing a shock.

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