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What Can You Use To Cut Mirror? (How To)

One of the DIY projects we may do around the home is cutting a mirror. Large or small, what is the best tool to use for the job?

The best way to cut a mirror is to use a standard glass cutter. The carbide glass cutter will score the mirror and then you can snap it along that edge for a clean break.

Tools to cut mirror

A mirror is essentially made up of multiple layers that are likely a thin plate of reflective material on the back of the glass along with a transparent plate of glass on the front. Essentially, you are scoring the plate of glass, which makes it possible to snap it.

As you will find out in this article, although a glass cutter is the easiest way to cut a mirror, there are other options that are available. Some of those other options may also work well under specific circumstances.

What Can You Use To Cut Mirror? (How To)

There are certain aspects of cutting a mirror that really need to be considered in advance. These will make a difference in your ability to cut it safely without having problems with chipping and other issues that may be associated with the job.

The following tips can help you to cut the glass properly:

Mineral Oil – One way that you can ensure that you are not chipping the mirror is to put some mineral oil on the cutter before you start scribing the glass. During the process, you want to make a solid mark in the mirror but not try to cut through it.

Firm Pressure – It is important to apply firm pressure to the cutter because you will need to cut into the mirror while scoring it. When you do so, you are creating a weak portion of the glass so that the mirror can be snapped in that position.

Edges – Most people tend to apply the most pressure when they are cutting the center of the mirror but they may not apply the same pressure on the edges. This can really cause some problems, including having the edge chip and crack when you snap the mirror.

Straight Edge – The straight edge used when scribing the mirror can also be used for snapping it. Rather than taking the mirror to the edge of the table, which could cause the potential for part of the mirror to fall, simply slip the straight edge under the mirror to create a surface to snap it.

You would also want to pay close attention to safety when doing this project. That would include wearing the proper PPE, such as gloves and safety glasses.

If you are going to be cutting with any type of tool that creates some dust, you would also want to wear a respirator. Glass is made up primarily of silica and when it gets airborne, you should not be breathing it into your lungs.

At this point, we will take a look at some of the different tools you can use for cutting mirrors. You will find that there are many options available but none of them are as good as a glass-cutting tool.

Can You Use a Glass Cutter To Cut Mirror?

Tools to cut mirror

A glass cutter is the best tool to use when cutting a mirror. It is used to scribe the mirror in a straight line and then you can elevate the mirror at that line to snap it using firm downward pressure. Always opt for the highest quality glass cutter you can afford because it will make a difference in how it works.

An important factor to consider when using a glass cutter is paying attention to the edges. Don’t let up on the pressure when you get to the edge because it could cause the mirror to crack when you snap it.

Can You Use a Laser To Cut Mirror?

Tools to cut mirror

A laser is not a good tool for cutting through a mirror. You may be able to cut through it given time, but there are much better options available, including a glass cutter. Lasers can be used for etching the mirror if desired and they will leave behind a shadow effect.

Can You Use a Dremel Tool To Cut Mirror?

Tools to cut mirror

With the proper wheel attached to a Dremel tool, it is possible to cut through a mirror. The best option for that job is to use a diamond-encrusted wheel. Another option is to use one specific for cutting glass and you may be able to scribe the glass with the Dremel tool rather than cutting through it.

Typically, Dremel tools are only used for very detailed work when it comes to cutting the mirror. You can cut it if it is the only tool you have available but it is better to use a glass cutter to scribe it.

Can You Use an Angle Grinder To Cut Mirror?

Tools to cut mirror

An angle grinder equipped with a diamond blade can cut through a mirror. It is easy to control the tool for this type of cutting purpose. After cutting the mirror, you can use the same angle grinder wheel for polishing the edge and smoothing things out.

Can You Use a Diamond Blade To Cut Mirror?

Tools to cut mirror

If you’re going to use a tool for cutting a mirror, such as an angle grinder or a different type of saw, the best blade available is a diamond blade. Diamonds are the strongest material known to man, so they can easily scribe or cut through a mirror.

Can You Use a Bandsaw To Cut Mirror?

Tools to cut mirror

You should not use a bandsaw for cutting mirrors. The only way you should use it is for small work and even then, you would have to have the proper saw blade installed, which has some problems associated with it.

How To Cut a Mirror

confused man standing

It is now time to actually do the job of cutting the mirror. For this purpose, we will be using a glass cutter and a straight edge. Here’s how to get it done.

Step 1: Prepare – One of the most important factors for cutting a mirror is to prepare the area in advance. You want to ensure that you don’t have anything on the tool bench that will interfere with this. Clean the bench as well as the surrounding area to avoid any problems.

When setting up a workstation where you will cut a mirror, choose a large flat surface. Some people will add some cushioning to the area, such as newspaper but that is not necessary if you work carefully.

Step 2: Tool Choice – We already discussed the fact that we will be using a glass-cutting tool for this process. That being said, there is a difference between paying a few dollars for a cheap tool at Home Depot or buying one of the more expensive glass-cutting tools.

You want a tool that you can trust, so spend the extra money and get a glass-cutting tool that will do the job right. Otherwise, you could ruin a large mirror in the process.

Step 3: Measure – Use a tape measure to get an accurate measurement of the area where the mirror will be installed. You can then measure the mirror and mark it with a pencil used for marking on glass surfaces.

Step 4: Straight Edge – You should now place the straight edge along the mark on the mirror. Rather than trying to hold it in place with your hand, which could get in the way, you should use some clamps to hold it tight to the mirror. The key to success is to have it stay still while you are scribing.

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Step 5: Scribe – Apply steady and firm pressure to the tool as you scribe the mirror. You don’t want to try to force the tool entirely through the mirror or you could break it in the process. Use a single swipe to scribe the mirror rather than doing so multiple times.

One important factor to consider is the edge of the mirror. Make sure that you are also scribing the edge solidly or it could crack in the wrong position when you break the mirror along the line.

Step 6: Snap – Some people will use the edge of the table to snap the mirror but I prefer to slip the straight edge under the mirror and raise it. You can put some clamps on one side of the mirror to hold it in position and then using a single, firm downward pressure, push the mirror so that it snaps along the scribed line.

Step 7: Smooth – Use whatever tool you have available to smooth the edge of the mirror, such as sandpaper or a whetstone.

Step 8: Clean – Be sure to clean the area thoroughly. You don’t want any glass fragments left behind that could cause problems.

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The easiest way to cut a mirror is to scribe it using a high-quality glass cutting tool. After scribing the line, you can put a straight edge under the mirror and snap it on that line.

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