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What Can You Use to Cut Slate Tile? (How to)

Are you a DIY-er or craftsman using slate in your next project and wondering how to get suitable sizes out of the material you have? Cutting slate tile is easy if you have the right tools. So, what can you use to cut slate tiles, you ask?

When cutting slate tiles, tile saws are your best bet. The wet saw makes clean cuts with reduced tile dust residue. You can also use a dry-angle grinder with a tile-cutting blade. With these saws, you are sure to make clean cuts without fracturing or crushing the slate.

In this article, we aim to answer those questions, you may have, to help ease you into your DIY project.

What Can You Use to Cut Slate Tile?

The claw hammer, trowel and brick, and hammer and chisel methods, although old-fashioned, are some of the tools you can use to cut slate. With any of these methods, you cut off small chunks of slate using short precise chopping motions.

Manual tools are helpful if you are cutting small-sized or thin-layered slates. You’d quickly get tired and frustrated if you tried using any of these to cut thicker slate. There is also the option of using power tools – they are very useful when resizing large and/or thick tiles.

The use of proper tools are essential to avoid damaging the tiles or your hands. So, consider the number of tiles you intend to cut and the thickness and size of each.

Can You Use Tile Cutter to Cut Slate Tile?

This primary yet powerful tool helps cut most tile types, especially ceramic tiles. Tile cutters are available in a variety of options: manual, handheld, snap and electric. A tile cutter is a safe, cheap, easy alternative, but can it be used for slate tiles?

It is possible to use tile cutters for slate tiles of small sizes and layers. However, the cuts may not be even, smooth or clean. Tile saws employ the score-and-snap cutting method, which causes internal cracks in or total breakage of the stone sheet. Hence, we do not advise you to use them for slate tiles.

How to Use the Tile Cutter in Cutting Slate Tiles?

The tile cutter is pretty straightforward and works like using scissors by scoring and snapping. Here’s how to cut slate tiles using a tile cutter:

Step 1: Mark your tiles using your pencil.

Step 2: Score the marked tile before cutting to make it easier. Place a straight material like a brick or a piece of wood along the cutting line and score it using a chisel.

Step 3 : Place the slate between the cutter’s blades and press the cutter’s handles. Make sure you align the slate and the cutter properly.

Step 4 : Cut along the marked line. Score and snap. Score and snap until you have the sizes you desire.

As mentioned earlier, if you have a small number of tiles to cut, you can use the tile cutter. You can also use it for thin tiles. Seasoned experts and construction workers use the slate guillotine rather than the tile cutter. Like other heavy-duty equipment, the guillotine is better when cutting thicker tiles.

Can You Use Wet Saw to Cut Slate Tile?

This traditional cutting tool neatly resizes tile using water and a sharp blade, leaving no cracks or fractures and less dust residue. It works wonders on ceramic and porcelain tiles, but can it do the same on slate?

Wet saws are the best tools for cutting slate tiles. This tool guarantees clean straight cuts, provided you mark the tile properly and cut the correct section.

How to Cut Slate Tiles Using the Wet Saw?

Cutting slate using a wet saw, or other masonry saws, is significantly more efficient and effective than other options when cutting large thick slate tiles. While this is easy, mistakes may occur too. Here are the steps to take to ensure your cuts are as clean and smooth as possible:

Step 1: Before starting, ensure you put on protective equipment.

Step 2: Mark the cutting line with a carpenter’s pencil.

Step 3: Score the cutting line using a straight edge such as a brick or wood and a chisel.

Step 4 : Switch on your wet saw and test it on scrap material. Also, ensure adequate water runs through and out of the saw.

Step 5 : Secure the slate to the workbench using fasteners such as clamps

Step 6 : Carefully and steadily pull the blade along the scored line over the tile. After cutting, slide the saw in reverse before removing the cut tiles.

Can You Use Angle Grinder to Cut Slate Tile?

This handheld power tool is used by craftsmen for a variety of cutting jobs, especially when the project involves larger pieces of tiles or thick layered sheets. However, is it suitable for cutting slate tiles?

The angle grinder can be used to cut and resize slate tiles. However, using it requires a lot of safety precautions. So, suppose you have no prior experience with it or don’t know how to use it properly, we advise you to follow all safety manual instructions. Better still, let a professional handle it.

How to Cut Slate Tiles Using an Angle Grinder?

Getting even clean cuts with an angle grinder is possible. Here is how to achieve that:

Step 1: Wear safety materials, such as a dust mask and goggles.

Step 2: Securely fasten the tile to your workbench using clamps.

Step 3: Mark and score the cutting line appropriately.

Step 4: Lower the angle grinder to the clamped tile slowly. Ensure you cut along the already scored line, slowly moving your hand up and down.

Step 5: Keep your hand steady as you cut until you reach the end of the tile.

Can You Use Dremel to Cut Slate Tile?

This multifunctional tool is used in various fabrication jobs, including cutting by several craftsmen. Can it also be used in resizing slate tiles?

With the proper attachment and size, you can transform a Dremel into a highly powered tile cutter that makes cutting slate tiles possible. However, using this tool releases a heavy amount of dust which is harmful to your health.

How to Cut Slate Tiles Using a Dremel?

Cutting slate tile with Dremel is very effective, provided you have the right bits attached to the tool.

Step 1: Safety is crucial since you’re working with a power tool. You need a nose mask, eye goggles, earplugs, and leather work gloves. Avoid wearing jewelry or loose clothes that can get in the way. Read and follow the instructions in the user’s guide.

Step 2: Mark your tile using a pencil or grease marker.

Step 3: Clamp the tile firmly to the workbench, ensuring the marked side faces upwards.

Step 4: Using slow chopping movement, dry cut the slate starting from one edge, making your way steadily to the other edge. If you are making an inside cut, begin from a point on the marked line. Then, make your way to the end of the line.

Can You Use Circular Saw to Cut Slate Tile?

Do you have a circular saw at hand and wonder if it can work in resizing those slate tiles? If you can’t invest in getting a wet saw at the moment, you could use a circular saw as an alternative. .

You can use a circular saw to cut slate tiles. All you need to do is ensure the blade in the saw is diamond-tipped.

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How to Cut Slate Tiles Using a Circular Saw?

Before cutting, ensure you mark and score the intended line on the right section of the slate. Also, ensure you wear appropriate safety materials because you’re working with potentially toxic materials.

Step 1: Put the tile on the platform of the saw, ensure the blade aligns with the scored line

Step 2: Switch the blade and lower it onto the tile, keeping your hand steady and straight.

Step 3: Push the tile through the saw, cutting along the score line gently and steadily. Stop intermittently to prevent overheating the blade and to rest your hands, especially if you’re resizing many tiles.

We do not advise wet cutting when using a circular saw, as this is potentially dangerous and your safety is essential. Ensure you work outdoors when cutting with a circular saw or, at best, a well-ventilated area.

Can You Use Jigsaw to Cut Slate Tile?

Slate is naturally abrasive. For a cutting tool like the jigsaw, can this be a problem? Can a jigsaw be used in cutting slate tiles?

You can use a jigsaw to cut small and/or thin slate tiles. However, you must take care to avoid overheating the blade while cutting.

How to Cut Slate Tile Using a Jigsaw?

A jigsaw is only helpful if the slates are few and/or lightweight. For heavier and thicker materials, you may need a more appropriate tool like the angle grinder or circular saw. However, if the material is slate tile is light, here’s how to use a jigsaw to do cut it:

Step 1: Mark out the line using your pencil or other marking tools. Ensure it is visible, then notch the cutting line using a chisel.

Step 2: Firmly attach a carbide-tipped blade to the jigsaw and clamp the slate to your workbench or a stable surface.

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Step 3: Before cutting, wet the cutting line by spraying some water and again intermittently while cutting. This will prevent the blade from overheating, reduce friction, ease the tension on your hands and reduce potential damage to the tile.

Step 4 : Cut the tile in sections, beginning from one marked point to another while resting.

How to Cut Slate Tile?

Here’s how to resize any piece of slate for any project you’re working on:

  • Wear safety attire such as dust masks, gloves and goggles.
  • Mark a line across the tile you intend to cut using a pencil or a grease marker.
  • Score the cutting line with a chisel and rules or any straight edge.
  • Cut the tile with a tile cutter, slate guillotine, wet saw or any appropriate cutting tool available.
  • Ensure you cut on the right side of the tile and in a well-ventilated area.

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