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When To Use Vinyl Plank vs Vinyl Sheet? (Pros/Cons/Cost)

Some people tend to look at vinyl flooring as being a one-size-fits-all option. There are actually many options, including vinyl plank and vinyl sheet. What’s the difference?

Both vinyl plank and vinyl sheet can be put in areas of the home where durability and a waterproof surface are desired. Vinyl plank tends to be a more luxurious option while vinyl sheet is cheaper, although it is more difficult to repair.

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You might be surprised by how many different options there are for choosing between vinyl plank and vinyl sheet. When you get down to it, it all has to do with personal preference but understanding the pros and cons, as well as the cost, is important as well.

When To Use Vinyl Plank vs Vinyl Sheet? (Pros/Cons/Cost)

One important thing to recognize is that vinyl plank is made from the same material as a vinyl sheet. It is the same type of material that is used when making PVC. Why is it good to know this?

Regardless of whether you decide to use vinyl plank or vinyl sheet, you’re going to be putting something in your home that has some problems from the start. It is made from various chemicals, so it will leech volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and continue to do so for many years.

This can be a problem for some families, because they may have an allergic or another type of reaction to those types of chemicals. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which this goes unnoticed and the person suffers unnecessarily, just because of the type of floor that was selected.

Another feature that is often considered when choosing vinyl is the fact that it is waterproof. Rather than choosing hardwood, laminate flooring or any other type of floor, choosing vinyl is going to be the right choice for areas of the home where water may be present.

Don’t get fooled into thinking that you are getting the same thing if you purchase a laminate floor. The core of laminate flooring is composite wood, so it will swell if it gets wet. Vinyl may be a composite in some cases, but it is vinyl through and through.

At this point, it is sufficient to determine which is the right choice for you between these two different selections. If you’ve already determined that vinyl is the right way to go, should you lay an entire sheet of it down or should you use the planks?

By determining the pros, cons, and costs associated with these two materials, you can make the choice that is right for your family. You might even decide that neither is right for you and you can go with another type of floor, such as hardwood or ceramic tile.

Pros, Cons And Cost Comparison Between Vinyl Sheet vs Vinyl Plank

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Although both vinyl sheet and vinyl plank are made from the same material, there are some significant differences between what they have to offer. That is what we will discuss at this point, so you can make the right choice.

Vinyl planks tend to be the choice for those who are looking for a beautiful option in their home. It mimics the look of wood or stone while also providing a waterproof flooring surface. Vinyl sheets can also look beautiful, but it is typically selected by those who are looking for a cheap option that is easy to install.

What are some of the differences between these two flooring materials? Here’s a quick look at both:

1. Durability: Undoubtedly, you have selected vinyl flooring because it is highly durable. Regardless of whether you are purchasing vinyl sheet or vinyl plank, you are putting something in your home that can last for many years, perhaps even decades. What’s the difference between the two as far as durability is concerned?

Vinyl Plank – Vinyl plank goes down relatively easily and it is extremely durable. It will last on your floor for many years but that doesn’t mean it is without problems. If you drop something or drag something across the floor, you could damage it. Fortunately, vinyl plank is easy to repair as long as you have some extra available.

Vinyl Sheet – Similar to vinyl plank, vinyl sheet is also a very durable material. It goes down easily but it does have a problem that you don’t typically have with vinyl plank. If the vinyl sheet is damaged, you can repair it but you are going to leave a visible mark. That is a difficult thing to have in your home, especially if it is in a highly visible area.

2. Appearance – When it comes to choosing flooring, appearance is always going to be near the top of our list when it comes to the decision. What is the difference between vinyl sheet and vinyl plank when it comes to appearance?

Vinyl Plank – Many people choose to use vinyl plank because it looks very similar to hardwood or stone. In fact, if it is put down properly, it can be difficult to tell the difference. It will also stand up to the test of time, keeping its good appearance for many years.

Vinyl Sheet – Choosing vinyl sheet instead of vinyl plank does not mean that you are lacking when it comes to appearance. It may not have the same look as a hardwood floor, but it comes in many different colors and patterns that are sure to suit any homeowner. The big difference is the damage that can occur because repairing vinyl sheet is never going to be flawless.

3. Cleaning and Care: Which is better when it comes to cleaning and taking care of it? Should you choose vinyl plank or vinyl sheet?

Vinyl Plank – It is very easy to clean vinyl plank. You should dry mop the floor every day and wet mop it as needed. You don’t need to use any type of chemical or wax on the floor. Doing so could actually ruin it.

Vinyl Sheet – There really is nothing to cleaning vinyl sheet flooring. Dust it daily and wet mop it as needed. It is a lot easier to clean vinyl sheet, because you don’t have to worry about water in the slightest.

4. Moisture: One of the biggest decision-makers when it comes to choosing between these two vinyl floors is if they can stand up to moisture. After all, they are usually installed in a damp part of the home.

Vinyl Plank – You can confidently install vinyl plank in any part of the home where water exists, including the basement and the bathroom. It is waterproof from the top to the bottom, although vinyl plank can sometimes allow water to get underneath which can be hard on the subfloor.

Vinyl Sheet – Since you are dealing with a continual sheet of vinyl, you can really allow water to stand on it as long as you like. As long as the water is not reaching the edge and getting underneath or damaging the baseboard, it is completely waterproof.

5. Cost: This is sometimes the deal breaker for people who are choosing between vinyl plank and vinyl sheet. What is the cost difference?

Vinyl Plank – You will pay as little as $1 and up to $20 or more per square foot, depending upon the quality that you desire. You will pay an additional $1-$2 for installation.

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Vinyl Sheet – The price of vinyl sheet is in the same ballpark as vinyl plank. It tends to be a little less expensive, however, and you can usually get it installed for $1 per square foot. It is also a good DIY project.

When To Use Vinyl Plank That’s Better Than Vinyl Sheet?

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Obviously, there are differences between vinyl plank and vinyl sheet. When would you choose vinyl plank as the best selection?

1. Looks – The main reason why you would choose vinyl plank is that it looks better than vinyl sheet flooring. There is a reason why they call it luxury vinyl plank, and that is because it has the look of luxury but you will pay less for it.

2. Repair – If you have a busy home and things tend to get a little crazy, you may have some damaged floor every once in a while. You can repair vinyl plank and you will never know the difference. You always see the repair when it is on vinyl sheet.

When To Use Vinyl Sheet That’s Better Than Vinyl Plank?

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There are going to be times when vinyl sheet flooring is the best choice. What are some of those reasons?

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1. Cost – When it comes to cost, you could spend a similar amount on both vinyl plank and vinyl sheet but you can always spend less on vinyl sheet. The installation is also less expensive and it is an easy DIY project.

2. Flipping – If you are flipping a home, you may just want to put down some vinyl sheet and get it over with. Generally speaking, you don’t get back what you spend on vinyl plank if you are trying to get it back right away.

There are differences between vinyl plank and vinyl sheet beyond the look. Vinyl plank tends to be more luxurious and can mimic the look of wood or stone. Vinyl sheet is a good choice for those on a budget and if you just need to put a quick floor down to cover the subfloor.

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