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Xbox Netflix Not Working

One of the many benefits of having an Xbox not only includes your ability to game wherever your console can be played, but also having direct access to streaming services such as Netflix. However, when Netflix stops working on your Xbox, what can you do to resolve the issue?

If Netflix is not working on your Xbox, turn the console off and back on, free up storage space, reset your modem, be sure you are using a high-quality HDMI cable, ensure you have the right username and password, and deselect ‘Idle Options’ within ‘Settings,’ among other solutions.

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Being able to play any compatible game of your choice is the main reason individuals invest in an Xbox in the first place, but many have a close second reason for bringing this console home with them: its ability to support different apps, in particular, Netflix. By being able to switch back and forth between gaming and binging, users are offered the best of both worlds. If Netflix is not working on your Xbox though, take a look below to find the right solution.

Xbox Netflix Not Working

Once you have your Xbox set up and running properly, you should be able to go to the apps menu and find or search for all the different apps that are available for download on your console, with one of those apps being Netflix. Once downloaded and installed, input your subscriber information and you will be well on your way to watching content. If you go through this process and are still having issues with the app working though, take a look below.

If Netflix is not working on your Xbox, one of the simplest solutions to try first is to turn the console off and back on. To do this, press the power button located on the Xbox and allow the console to completely shut down. Once done, press the power button once more and wait for it to reboot.

Once you have turned the Xbox off and back on, try accessing Netflix once again to see if you are met with the same compilations. If Netflix is still not working, try discharging your Xbox by unplugging the Xbox directly from its power source. Once you have the Xbox unplugged, press and hold down the power button on the console for five seconds to allow the device to completely discharge and wait for one minute before turning it back on and trying Netflix again.

Xbox Netflix Won’t Download/Install

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Although Netflix can be easily accessed through your Xbox, you must first go through a process to make sure that the streaming services content has been downloaded to your system so you can begin use. As previously mentioned, this process starts by searching for Netflix through the app section within your Netflix. Once you have found the app, you should be able to download Netflix with ease, but if the app is not downloading and installing, what can be done?

If Netflix won’t download or install on your Xbox, it could be that the memory on your console is too full, which prevents further content from being installed. To check the storage space on your Xbox, click on ‘Profile & Settings’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘Storage.’

Once you are here, you will be able to see the items that are taking up the most storage on your Xbox, which typically include downloaded apps. If you see any apps that are taking up a significant amount of space and you do not use those apps, consider deleting them and removing them from your console. By doing this, you free up storage space which should allow you to download and install Netflix without a problem once items have been deleted.

Netflix Frozen/Keeps Freezing/Crashing on Xbox

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If you are able to download and install Netflix successfully on your Xbox, you should then be able to input your subscriber information into the app, log in, and have access to all the content within. Once you have selected an item to play, there should be no interruption, but some Xbox users have found that once they are in the app, it freezes or crashes. If you have Netflix downloaded on your Xbox but it keeps freezing or crashing, continue reading below.

If Netflix is frozen, keeps freezing, or is crashing on your Xbox, reset your modem (or router if it is separate). To do this, start by turning off your Xbox then unplug the modem directly from its power source and allow it to sit for 30 seconds. Once the time has passed, plug the router back in.

Once you have the modem plugged back in, wait for all new indicator lights to stop flashing to ensure that it has completely rebooted. When the lights are stable, turn your Xbox back on and navigate to the Netflix app. Open the app and see if its performance has been improved, as this process should cause any minute issues to absolve on either end, whether it be a problem with your internet connection or a problem with your Xbox.

Xbox Netflix Black Screen/No Picture

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When opening the Netflix app from your Xbox, there will be a brief period as the app loads where you should see the Netflix loading screen. Once the app has completely loaded, you will then be navigated to the home screen of Netflix where you can then select content to watch. If you try to open the app, or try to play a movie or show from within the app and are met with a black screen, you need a quick solution to get visible content back on your device.

If Netflix is showing a black screen or no picture on your Xbox, if you are using an HDMI cable, it could be the culprit. Check to make sure that there is no damage to the HDMI cable and that the cable is securely connected to both the TV and your Xbox to avoid physical connection issues.

If you verify that your HDMI cable is secured and properly inserted into your TV and Xbox and has no damage, consider the overall quality of the cable. If you are using a cable that is of poor quality, it can easily malfunction, therefore, consider replacing the cable with an HDMI cable that is known for its quality and reliability. If you do not want to replace the cable, try switching the cable to a different HDMI port and see if this causes Netflix to show up when in use.

If you have tried all of these troubleshooting steps but are still met with a black screen when using Netflix, try reversing the ends of the HDMI cable you are using. This can sometimes cause the cable to start working, simply be sure that you know the port you have the cable connected to and be sure to select this port when trying to get back to testing Netflix.

Xbox Netflix Login/Sign In Problems

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You may have an Xbox already, but when it comes to available apps within your console, there are those apps that come free and those apps that require users to have a paid subscription. Netflix is a streaming service that is subscriber-based, which means that you have to set up account information as well as create a user login and password to have access to your individual Netflix account. If you can’t log in to Netflix on your Xbox though, what can you do?

If you are having sign in problems with Netflix on your Xbox, you want to first verify that you are inputting the correct username and password information for your individual profile. To confirm this isn’t the problem, log in to Netflix on another device to see if you are able to access it there.

If you are not able to access Netflix using the same login information you have tried on your Xbox, consider resetting your password. If you have a phone number set up with your Netflix account, you can click on “Reset Password” and you will be sent a SMS text message which will allow you to reset the password. Once reset, use the username you had previously set up and then input the new password to see if this allows you access.

If you are still not able to log in to Netflix and know that you are putting in the correct username and password, it can be helpful to delete the app and reinstall it to your Xbox console. To do this, from the Xbox dashboard select ‘My Games & Apps’ > ‘Apps’ > ‘Netflix’ > press the ‘Menu’ button on your controller > ‘Manage App’ > ‘Uninstall All.’ To redownload, go to ‘My Games & Apps’ > ‘Apps’ > find Netflix > then select download to begin the reinstallation.

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Xbox Netflix Screen Dimming

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If you are in the middle of watching your favorite movie or show in the middle of the day on Netflix through your Xbox, there may be a need for the screen to be a bit brighter than you would normally have it. Once evening comes though, you may want to dim the screen to accommodate the light around you. However, Xbox users have found that the Netflix screen dims without their prompting, making it quite an annoyance when in the middle of a show.

If Netflix on your Xbox screen is dimming, try to resolve the issue by going into the settings on your Xbox. Once you are in ‘Settings,’ go to ‘Preferences’ > ‘Idle Options’ and be sure to deselect ‘Show me things when idle.’ Once you have this deselected, go back to the homepage of your Xbox.

Once you are back to the home screen of your Xbox, you will then go to ‘System’ > ‘Restart Console’ and allow your console to completely restart. Be sure to be patient with this process and allow your console to completely restart before trying to go back into its system. Once restarted and on again, you can then go back into your apps and try once more to see if Netflix is functioning as it should with no dimming issues.

Xbox Netflix Keeps Logging Out/Signing Out/Kicks

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You may not have any problems with Netflix downloading or installing, may be able to sign in without any resistance, and you may even be able to access and watch content without a single interruption. That is, until you find that you are suddenly being logged out of the Netflix app when using the streaming service from your Xbox. This is a very interruptive issue that when occurring over and over, leaves users wanting to stop use altogether, but there is a fix below.

If, on Xbox, Netflix keeps logging out, signing out, or kicking you out of the app, one of the fastest ways to resolve the issue is to uninstall and reinstall the app. To do this, see the previous section, “Xbox Netflix Login/Sign In Problems’ to find the steps you need to complete this process.

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If you don’t want to go through this process initially, try a more simplistic approach to get Netflix to stop kicking you out. Simply log out of Netflix and then log back in using the same username and password. Be sure that you know the correct login information before doing this though, as multiple tries are more difficult on an Xbox console, causing you more time wasted. Once you have logged out, it can also be helpful to turn off your Xbox, turn it back on, then log back in.

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