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Zanussi Dryer Not Working (How to Fix/Reset)

Stylish Zanussi tumble dryers and washing machines look fantastic and work exceptionally well.

Their Italian flair and European style are the hallmarks of Zanussi’s range of home appliances. But the attractiveness soon fades when your Zanussi dryer stops working.

Read on to discover how to fix or rest your malfunctioning dryer.

A Zanussi dryer that is not working may not be receiving power due to the delay start feature being enabled. The plug may be faulty or a fuse may be blown. Other possible causes include damaged or misaligned door hinges or locking mechanisms. A full water tank will also stop the dryer from working.

The Zanussi dryer may also have a problem when the child lock or energy-saving function is enabled.

If the start/pause button is flashing next to a time signal, then you can be sure that the problem relates to the delayed start feature. You can push the delay start button until a suitable delay period is displayed or you can switch the dryer off by pressing the start/pause button.

Wait a couple of minutes and then press the start/pause button again to switch the dryer on. You should then be able to select the drying program you want without the delay being activated.

If you suspect that the wall socket or plug is faulty, try plugging the dryer into another wall socket to see if it will work then. Should the dryer still switch on, there may be a blown fuse or the main circuit breaker may have tripped.

Check your electrical distribution board to see if any of the breakers have tripped. If the breakers are fine, then the thermal fuse in your dryer may have blown.

Zanussi Dryer Won’t Turn On/Start (Reason/How to Fix)

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There are a few reasons why your Zanussi dryer won’t turn on or start. Some will require a professional technician to fix, while others you can sort out yourself.

When your Zanussi dryer doesn’t turn on or start, check that there is power at the wall socket and that the plug s not faulty. A tripped breaker or a blown fuse may cause the dryer not to start. If the dryer door is open or the hinges are misaligned, it can cause the dryer to not start.

The water tank may also be full, which will prevent the dryer from operating.

If you can rule out the wall socket and plug as possible causes, then check the thermal fuse. To do this, remove the back panel. Once the panel is removed, locate the thermal fuse and unplug the two wires that are attached to it.

Unscrew the fuse and if it is blown, replace it by screwing a new fuse in place. Re-attach the wires and close the back panel.

When you cannot find the reason for the dryer not starting, you can enter error mode to find the error codes relating to the fault. Turn the program selector to position 1. This is the first line marking the start of the programs arranged around the dial.

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Then press the start button and the buzzer button simultaneously. This enters the first stage of the diagnostic program. The dryer will now check all the LEDs.

Each dryer model has a slightly different panel design. These designs are referred to by their codes, either TC2, TC3, TC4, or TC6.

Each of the dryer models has a slightly different sequence of testing but you will be able to test whether the motor is working with test 3, related to the position of the program selector dial, as well as other functions controlled by the PC board.

If your dryer model has an LCD readout then an error code will appear and you can check to see if it relates to an open door or door switch fault. This fault will appear as an E45 error code.

You can order replacement parts by accessing the Zanussi website and ordering the parts based on the model number.

Zanussi Dryer Not Spinning (Reason/How to Fix)

As with any appliance, drive belts and motors wear out, and PC boards can become faulty.

This is especially true of appliances that vibrate when they are operating, such as tumble dryers.

If your Zanussi dryer is not spinning, check to see that you have power to the dryer. If the dryer switches on, then there may be an LED flashing on the tumble dryer display. Red flashing lights are an indication that the wiring, drive train, motor, or motor capacitor are faulty.  

Another possible cause of the dryer not spinning is a failure or short on the printed circuit board.

Unless you are a qualified technician, it is best to leave these issues for a specialist repair service.

Zanussi Dryer Not Heating (Reason/How to Fix)

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Your Zanussi dryer is sensitive to the environment in which it is located.

Zanussi dryers that won’t heat up may need to be relocated to another room if the ambient temperature is too high. The heat pump may be faulty or you may have a dirty filter, condenser, or heat exchanger. Be careful that you don’t overload the dryer, as that can stop it from heating too.

It’s a good idea to check the vent hoses as they have an obstruction in them. A clean vent hose will allow the air to flow easily through the dryer. Otherwise, it may overheat.

To repair or replace the heat pump, you’ll need to remove the rear panel. But before you do that, check for the error code E61. This will narrow down the problem to either the heater unit, an NTC sensor that needs recalibration, or possibly faulty wiring.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 07/14/2022.

The NTC sensor is effectively a resistor that changes its resistance as the temperature varies. If the sensor Is working properly, it will switch the heater element on and off depending on what temperature is set.

Once removed, you can connect the NTC sensor or thermistor, as they are also known, to your multimeter, and after placing it in some warm water, you should see the resistance drop to about 1300 ohms when the water is about 140°F (60°C).

You’ll find the sensor inside your dryer, fitted into the heater element. With the element removed, you can slide the sensor out very easily.

Zanussi Dryer Not Drying Clothes (Reason/How to Fix) 

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Just like any other household appliance, the Zanussi dryer will work better if it is cleaned and maintained regularly.

If a Zanussi dryer isn’t drying clothes, then it is likely that the humidity sensor is dirty. To restore the dryer to full functionality, locate the sensor along the bottom edge of the loading door opening. Use a rough kitchen sponge to rub away any dirt or scale using a little vinegar and water.

It is also important that the filters are all cleaned after each load of washing is dried. If the lint is allowed to build up in the filter, the air will have nowhere to go.

This will reduce the efficiency of the dryer and it will also shorten the lifespan of your tumble dryer.

Zanussi Dryer Keeps Beeping (Reason/How to Fix) 

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There are many different reasons why your Zanussi tumble dryer will beep while it is operating.

When the Zanussi dryer bleeps, it is either a warning signal or a reminder. If you have set the dryer parameters but forgotten to hit the start button, the dryer will beep to remind you to start the cycle. When the dryer cycle is finished, it will let you know with a beep or melody.

If the dryer beeps immediately after you have hit the start button, the loading door is most probably open. To stop the beeping, close the door.

If the door does not close properly, then you may have too much washing inside the dryer. Remove some of the washing and try to close the door again.

Another reason that your Zanussi dryer may be beeping at you is due to the lint filter being blocked. If you switch the dryer on and a little while later it starts to bleep, you may have forgotten to clean out the lint filter after the last load.

A clogged lint filter can cause the dryer to overheat and damage your clothes as well as the appliance.

The dryer may also beep because it is overloaded. Just because you can fit a load of washing into the dryer, does not mean that the dryer can cope with the amount of washing.

Heavy items such as bedding, curtains, or sports equipment can retain a lot of water. This can overload the dryer and damage it as it spins up.

You will just have to remove some of the washing so that the weight does not exceed about 17 lbs (8kg). Your tumble dryer manual will indicate the maximum load that your dryer can handle.

Zanussi Dryer Keeps Stopping/Tripping (Reason/How to Fix) 

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Over time, home appliances will wear out or a part may require replacement. This is something that can cause the appliance to trip the main breaker or blow a fuse.

If the Zanussi dryer stops or trips the power then it is likely a problem with the dryer’s terminal block. Unless the power cord or plug is damaged, the problem will be related to the dryer’s wiring or a component inside the dryer. The motor or start switch may be faulty and require replacement.

The motor may wear out or be drawing too much current due to worn bearings. This will usually result in the dryer tripping a breaker after 5 or 10 minutes of operation.

The reason for the delay is that the motor will progressively use more amperage as it becomes more difficult to turn the drum. You will need to remove the motor and check it for continuity. If it is worn out and shorting, then you must replace the motor.

When the motor is removed you can check the bearings to see if they are turning freely. If they are stiff or make a grinding sound when they turn, then you will need to replace them to return the dryer to operation.

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The wires coming from the terminal block may be loose. To check, unplug the dryer and then check each wire by gently pulling on it to see if it is firmly in place. Tighten any loose wires.

A fault in your heating element can cause a short which will trip the breaker. Remove the heating element and test it for continuity. If it is faulty, replace it with a new one and that should solve the problem.

The thermostat can also cause your breaker to trip. A faulty thermostat can allow a greater draw of current through the heating circuit, causing the breaker to trip. Replacing the thermostat will fix the problem.

Zanussi Dryer Keeps Saying Tank Full (Reason/How to Fix) 

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To catch all the moisture that comes out of a load of washing, the Zanussi dryers have a water tank that you can access from the front panel.

When the Zanussi dryer indicates that the water tank is full, you must empty it so that the tank does not overflow. When the indicator light shows that the tank is full, slide the water tank out of the front of the dryer and pour the water out. When the tank is empty, slide it back into the dryer.

Some Zanussi dryers have a water tank built into the door. If this is the case, remove the tank from the door and empty it into the sink. Then replace the tank and the tank’s full light should switch off.

If the light stays on, you may have lint or a piece of debris stuck in the water filter. You will need to run the filter under a tap to clean it out before replacing it.

Zanussi Dryer Flashing Red Light (Reason/How to Fix)

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It can be disheartening to see the red LED flashing when you go to use your Zanussi dryer. But with a little perseverance, you can get your tumble dryer working again, as good as new.

A flashing red light on a Zanussi dryer indicates that there is a fault somewhere in the machine. If you have a readout panel, then you may see the error code displayed. If there is no display, then you must enter the diagnostic mode to find out which component is causing the error.

To enter diagnostic mode, you’ll need to hold the start and buzzer buttons down together and wait for the LEDs to start flashing.

Once they have all flashed showing that they are working, you can turn the program selector dial to the 10th line. This allows you to access the circuit board error fault code.

The start/pause button light will flash at a predetermined rate and color, depending on which fault is being read. For instance, a heater fault will cause the LED to flash red six times and then twice green.

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Once you know that it is the heater that is causing the problem, you can enter diagnostic mode by holding the buzzer and start buttons down, and turning the dial to the fifth line. Each dryer model will have a different sequence. Once you have selected the diagnostic mode, you can check on the current draw to see if the heater is working correctly in our example above.

Check out the Zanussi website for a full list of error codes based on the model dryer you have.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 07/14/2022.

Where is the Reset Button on a Zanussi Dryer? 

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Some tumble dryers have a reset button that you can push to rest your machine when it has popped out.

The Zanussi dryer has a reset switch that is located inside the dryer behind the drum. To reset it, you must remove the back panel and remove the heater element. The switch is next to the bi-metal plate and you will need to push it in so that it clicks back in place or doesn’t come up again.

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The reset button will usually pop out if the fan that blows air across the heater element stops working. This is normally caused by the small belt that drives the fan breaking or jumping off the pulley.

Once the fan stops turning, the air will no longer cool the element and it will overheat. That is what triggers the cut-off switch. You must replace the fan on the pulley, making sure that it is clean and free of any lint or debris which may cause it to break or jump off the pulley again.

How to Hard Reset Zanussi Dryer to Factory Settings

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Once you have diagnosed an error, you can reset your dryer.

To reset a Zanussi dryer, turn the dial to the off position and then press and hold the start and buzzer buttons. While holding the buttons, turn the dial to the first line. Release the buttons and wait for the lights to scroll. Then turn the dial to position 10 and note the code.

Keep turning the dial to the off position. Then turn the dial to any program and then back off.

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This will reset the error code in the diagnostic mode. You can now switch off the dryer and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. Switch the dryer on again and the dryer will reset to factory settings.