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AEG Dryer Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

Modern dryer with clothes inside

It’s one of the winter months, your laundry is piling up, and the worst happens — your AEG dryer suddenly stops working. In such a case (or even any other time), you want to get your appliance fixed quickly as possible. A do-it-yourself solution could serve you better. But you need to figure out the problem first, of which several failed parts could be responsible such as the drive belt, the pulley, the door switch, or the motor.

To fix an AEG dryer that’s not working, inspect the parts that may have failed — drive belt, pulley, door switch, or motors. Resetting is an excellent way to clear any issue or error messages on the control panel. Press the reset button, or unplug from the socket, wait for a moment, and plug it back.

The drive belt’s function is to turn the drum. It’s possible for the belt to slip or snap, causing problems for your dryer. Heating the belt with a hair-dryer may expand it enough to make fitting easier, though some dryers still require the Tumble Dryer Drive Belt tool to attach the belt.

The culprit could as well be the pulley — it can wear at the same rate as the belt. If the belt and pulley are fine, check the motor. You can use a multimeter to test it, but ensure the power is disconnected. There’s also a likelihood that a faulty door switch is impacting the dryer’s drum’s ability to work, which you can also test with an ohm meter whether you’ll have to replace it.

AEG Dryer Not Turning On (Reason/How to Fix)

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Your AEG dryer is an invaluable home appliance, especially in winter when it’s impossible to hang your laundry out. Unfortunately, your dryer is susceptible to faults, and one of the most common tumble dryer faults is the dryer not turning on. Several factors that may cause the problem include.

If your dryer isn’t turning on, check if the electrical breaker is getting juice. You may also check if the thermal fuse is defective, or if the start switch and door switch are in good condition. If anything seems to have a problem, replace whichever part is faulty.

You can test your thermal fuse, start switch, and door switch with a continuity checker or an ohm meter. The fuse breaker is one of the most common parts that may have failed when the dryer won’t start. Once it has blown, you have to replace it as it cannot be reset.

The dryer won’t turn on or produce a sound if your start switch is faulty. A start switch that has no continuity when activated needs to be replaced. As for the door switch, check if it makes a clicking sound when activated. If there’s no click sound, consider a replacement, it’s usually not very expensive for this part.

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AEG Dryer Start Button Not Working (Reason/How to Fix)

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You’ll find the start button or start switch on the control panel of your AEG. This is the button you need to press to start the dryer. It’s obvious that if the start button stops working, you’ll not be able to start your dryer, or use the dryer.

When your AEG dryer start button stops working, test the switch using testing tools like continuity checker or ohm meter. If the button doesn’t have continuity when you activate it, getting a replacement is the surest solution to the problem at hand.

If the dryer vibrates when you activate the start switch, or if the motor runs only when activating the switch, the motor might be flawed, or something might be hindering the drum and keeping it from turning freely.

Remember to make your safety a priority as you do any inspection on the switch on any other part of your dryer. In case you have any doubt, always contact a professional for a qualified check-up or replacement.

AEG Dryer Drum Not Spinning (Reason/How to Fix)

Modern dryer with clothes inside

If your AEG dryer no longer spins, its functioning is next to impossible. On top of providing heat, the dryer’s drum needs to rotate for your laundry to tumble. Several whys and wherefores make your dryer stop spinning, so the solutions to the problem are also numerous. But with some patience and willpower, there’s no reason why you cannot take back your dryer to its ultimate performance.

If your dryer’s drum doesn’t spin though the motor is running, the drive belt has become worn, snapped, or slipped. Manually turn the drum and see if it’s not easy to spin. If it’s stiff, the fault is elsewhere, and if it spins freely, the belt is the problem.

Apart from the drive belt, other causes of a non-spinning drum are problems with idler pulley assembly, defective motor, and faulty door switch.

If lights are flashing on the front of your dryer, but the drum doesn’t rotate, the motor or start capacitor could be at fault. You can test by physically spinning the drum and then closing the door. If the drum goes on to turn but won’t start again, the motor capacitor is damaged.

You may tell if the idler pulley assembly has an issue if your dryer begins to make a squeaking noise or if the drum rotates slower.

AEG Dryer Not Heating (Reason/How to Fix)

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You really can’t do much with an AEG dryer that’s not heating. Thankfully, this’s a rectifiable fault since, most of the time, it requires simple testing, replacing elements that may be faulty, or just pressing a reset button at the back of the appliance. If your tumble dryer fails to heat, you will likely have a problem with the heating element, thermostat, or dirty filters.

When your AEG dryer isn’t heating, use a multimeter to test if the heating element is faulty. The reading should be between zero and fifty ohms; anything outside that means the part is defective, replace it. Also, check if it’s the thermostat that needs a substitute or if the filters need cleaning.

Replacing the heating element is a relatively straightforward and inexpensive task, which you should complete in ten minutes or so. All you need is to locate the detachable metal plate on the dryer’s back panel, undo the defective parts, and replace them with a new one. The thermostat regulates the temperature within your dryer. Its malfunction may hinder the appliance’s performance until a replacement is done.

The dryer may not heat because the filters, vent pipe, or condenser are blocked with lint, fluff, or debris. Such obstacles stop air from circulating in the appliance, keeping it from working as it should. Cleaning the parts regularly could eliminate much of your dryer’s heating problems.

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AEG Dryer Not Drying Clothes (Reason/How to Fix)

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The first thing to notice when the dryer belt snaps is the dryer making a motor sound though the drum isn’t spinning or the dryer failing to dry your clothes. It’s the main course for AEG failing to dry your laundry. If the drum isn’t rotating, there are chances that the drum belt has broken, and all you end up with is a warm and damp pile of attires!

If you have an AEG dryer that’s not drying clothes, unplug the appliance from the power source and let it cool for some minutes. Remove its lid and visually check if the belt has snapped or looks significantly worn out. If it does, consider replacing it.

To remove the lid, you need to undo the bolts at the back of the top panel, after which you should now be able to see if the belt is wrecked or not. Snapped belts usually fall to the bottom of the dryer.

To complete a belt replacement:

  • Remove the e-ring holding the drum shaft to the bearing case, undo the bolts or screws, then take off the case.  
  • Take out the bolts that foot the side panel plus the back plate with a socket and wrench.
  • Detach the drum from the back panel to get on the new belt, and remove the left side panel to get to the motor.
  • Remove the damaged belt if you’re yet to do so
  • While supporting the drum, move the back panel from the dryer to get the belt around the drum and above the motor. Note that the belt should pass above the pulley wheel and below the motor shaft to create the required tension.
  • Re-fit bearing support of the back cover as you align the drum to the anterior drum supports

For more solutions, you can clean or replace the condenser if it’s covered with fluff, double-check if the water tank is emptied correctly, and ascertain that your loads are appropriately sorted – different fabrics pilled together can lengthen the drying time.

AEG Dryer Beeping (Reason/How to Fix)

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It’s alarming to have an AEG dryer making noise when you’re using it. But knowing what the issue depends on the type of noise and what else is happening to your appliance as it makes the noise.

If your AEG dryer beeps every few minutes as the drum spins – the possible reason is the drum pivot bearing getting tattered. A more evident sign is black graphite-like dust over the bearing. Wear and tear of this part means a bearing change is needed.

Other reasons that could lead to a noisy dryer while the drum is rotating are the wearing-out belt tension pulley, support wheels that have gone out of shape, or a distorted or unbalanced drum.

If the machine produces a loud humming noise with no drum rotation, you probably have a seized drum. Try to rotate the drum manually. If it spins fine, check if the motor or capacitor is faulty and needs to be changed.

AEG Dryer Keeps Stopping (Reason/How to Fix)

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Anytime you start your AEG dryer, there’s a reasonable expectation that it’ll finish a cycle. This doesn’t certainly mean all your laundry will be dry, but the cycle has run in full — else there’s a problem. While your clothes may eventually dry, you shouldn’t have to come back every minute to start your dryer. Some causes of this annoying issue that may as well increase your energy bill include overheating, condenser issues, faulty power supply, and door opening mid-cycle.

Check if the thermal fuse has tripped due to overheating, and replace it since it’s a one-time use part. You may also empty the condenser tray if it’s complete, check if the cord is in good shape, or close the door if it opens before the cycle completes.

The leading cause of a stopping dryer is that it overheats while drying your clothes. This trips the safety features that shut off the dryer to avoid starting a fire. As for what caused overheating mid-cycle stop, the likely culprit is lint. Getting into the habit of cleaning your link filters before drying your loads can save you many problems.

The next possibility is a blocked condenser — the part that confiscates the water from passing air. Lint can get stuck on this part. Therefore, it also needs a regular check to avoid clogging and shutting off your dryer.

There’s also a chance that the plug fuse has tripped or your dryer tripped the circuit breaker and stopped. Or the dryer door opened, and the safety mechanism stopped it to avoid wasting energy and spewing laundry everywhere.

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AEG Dryer Overheating And Tripping Electric (Reason/How to Fix)

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It may be frustrating and disturbing if your AEG dryer keeps overheating or your electrics are tripping (turning off) whenever you use your dryer. On top of the need to get your appliance performing as it should, any issue affecting your electric system needs to be addressed sooner than later.

Suppose your dryer is overheating or tripping the electricity; test if the thermal fuse has blown and needs to be substituted. The condenser box might also be blocked with wet or fluff and debris from laundry. Clean it and keep an eye on clothes that shed more.

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The thermal prevents dryer fire by shutting off power when there’s overheating. You use an ohm meter or continuity checker to test if the fuse is defective; hence overheating is happening.

When the condenser box is blocked, steamy, moist air doesn’t condense into water efficiently, so the dryer gets steamy and damp inside. Any susceptible part of the dryer gets damp, resulting in a flash-over between neutral or earth and the live component, and causing a tripping or a blown switch.

Is There a Reset Button on an AEG Dryer?

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Modern AEG dryers are not the same as our parents’ or grandparents’ old machines. They often come with more settings and possibly other connections that can cause issues just like in any other electronic device, especially when there are power outages. Resetting your dryer solves many of the basic glitches and errors. But is there a reset button on an AEG dryer?

An AEG dryer does have a reset button, although this may not apply to every single AEG dryer. Some models may lack a reset button. You can check the user manual to find out if your dryer has a reset button or not, and where that reset button is located.

You can check for the reset button on the control panel or the front side of the plug. But if you can’t locate the button and can’t access your dryer’s manual, visit the manufacturer’s website or call the customer support line. You’ll get to know everything you need to know about your AEG dryer.

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How To Hard Reset AEG Dryer To Factory Settings

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An AEG dryer consists of many parts — the drum that works along with a motor, the pulleys, and heated air that dry your wet laundry. All the pieces have to function optimally and complement each other; otherwise, the dryers fail all the time. But most problems have simple solutions; you don’t have to waste money on a technician when you can fix it through a simple reset.

A simple reset is actually the solution to hard reset an AEG dryer to a factory setting. Locate and press the reset button, then wait for the reset to take place. You can also turn off and disconnect the appliance from power, give it a moment to cool, reconnect, and turn it on.

For most dryers and other appliances that harness technological capabilities, you can complete a factory reset to restore them to factory settings. This means you restore the machine to how it originally was straight from the production before any settings or operations are performed.

If a factory reset and other troubleshooting techniques won’t solve your dryer problems, call for professional help or check if you have a warranty covering the damage.

If your AEG dryer stopped working, inspect the parts that may have failed — the drive belt, pulley, door switch, or motors.  A reset may clear any problem or error message on the control panel. Press and release the reset button, remove the plug from the socket, then plug it back after a few minutes.

ReadyToDIY is the owner of this article. This post was published on July 14, 2022.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 07/14/2022.