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Amana Washer All Lights Flashing

Amana washers typically work perfectly fine for a very long time. But, issues can arise and need to be fixed as they occur. In this article, I will explain what it means when all the lights are flashing on an Amana washer, and what to do when this happens.

As a general rule, it indicates that there is a blockage in the water inlet hose which fills the tub, the tub can’t drain, or the control panel has malfunctioned. First reset your Amana washer by unplugging it at the wall. Then wait about 1 minute and plug it back in. After that, do the following.

Modern washer with clothes inside

If the lights stop flashing now, and your Amana washer works normally, then you don’t need to do anything. Otherwise, the water inlet valve can not be supplying water to the tub because of a blockage in the filter, or because the plumbing in your home is not supplying water for some reason. The tub can also not drain because the drain hose is blocked, or the drain pump needs to be cleaned or has failed, below are step by step instructions for how to see which of these is causing it, and how to fix each of them.

Amana Washer All Lights Flashing

The control panel will only make one of the lights on the control panel light up to indicate what part of the wash cycle your Amana washer is on. However, if all the lights are flashing this means there is an issue with your Amana washer that needs to be fixed for it to function normally. Here are the reasons the control panel on an Amana washer has all the lights flashing at once.

Overall, either the control panel is faulty or has malfunctioned, no water can enter the tub, or water can’t drain from the tub. Each issue needs to be checked individually until the issue is identified.

You can get a clue about what the issue is by opening the tub. If there is water in the tub then there is no issue with the water flowing into the tub.

Therefore, the issue is with water draining from the tub, or the control panel has malfunctioned. Below are each of the reasons why all the lights are flashing, and the individual fix for each.

Reasons Why Amana Washer Has All Lights Flashing

Modern washer with clothes inside

A feature of Amana washers is that when there is a problem it will make all the lights on the control panel flash at once. Amana explains that when this happens it is caused by one of three reasons. Here is what they are, and what to do for each of these issues.

In general, the control panel has malfunctioned and you need to restart your Amana washer, there is no water entering the tub, or the water can’t drain from the tub. Start by restarting your Amana washer and see if the issue persists. Then do the following steps below.

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I’ve provided detailed instructions for how to do each of the troubleshooting steps to fix your Amana washer when all the lights are flashing below. Start with step 1, and go through each of them one by one until it’s been fixed.

1. Control panel has malfunctioned and needs to be restarted

The area behind where the lights and button are on an Amana washer is one big component, that is similar to a computer. It can have a glitch and therefore is flashing when there isn’t anything wrong with your washer. You can restart the control panel by resetting your Amana washer.

To do that, unplug it from the wall outlet, wait about 30 seconds, then plug it back in again. Select a regular wash cycle. If all the lights still flash it’s possible the control panel component is faulty and will need to be repaired or replaced.

But, before doing that try the other steps below as they are easier, and can also be causing it. If you try both of the troubleshooting steps below and it’s still not working contact Amana support to see what they recommend regarding having it repaired. And whether or not it’s covered under warranty.

It’s also possible it’s in diagnostics mode. This is a mode that is only used by repair technicians, and with the help of the service manual can be used to tell a repair technician what issues are present on an Amana washer. It’s very difficult to put a washer in diagnostics mode by accident, because it involves a random sequence of button presses and/or turning the knobs on your Amana washer.

The info for how to enter and exit diagnostics mode is only available in the service manual. And the service manual should only be used by technicians. Therefore, if this has somehow happened then a registered technician can fix it for you.

2. Water can’t enter the tub from the water inlet valve

There is a sensor on Amana washers that tells the internal computer how full the tub is. If it detects there is no water in the tub after a certain amount of time, it can make all the lights on the controls light up to tell you there’s an issue.

If the tub does not fill after a certain amount of time it means:

  • There’s a problem with the water supply from the plumbing of your home
  • Or, there is a blockage in the water inlet hose

To identify that water is being supplied from the plumbing in your home, check a few of the faucets in other parts of your house to make sure water is coming out. If it is then you should disconnect the water inlet hose at the back of your Amana washer. Before doing so you should turn the water inlet valve off at the wall where your washer connects to the plumbing.

Amana washers are made by the same company that makes Whirlpool washers. Therefore, Amana washers have pretty much the same design as Whirlpool washers.

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Use this video as a guide so you can check that the water supply to your washer is working. It’s best to turn off the cold and hold water at the wall using the valve, disconnect it, and then turn on the valves a tiny bit to see if water is coming out from the internal plumbing on your home. If it is, then the filters on your Amana washer where the water inlet hoses connect can be clogged.

These commonly get clogged with sediment and hard water deposits. All washing machines have virtually identical water inlet filters.

3. Water can’t drain from the tub

On front loading Amana washers there is a drain pump filter that can be accessed on the front of the washer. It can be clogged, and you can easily pull it out, and clean it. Refer to this article on the official Amana website that shows pictures of where it’s located, and how to clean it.

When it’s clogged the drain pump can’t suck the water out of the tub, and your Amana washer will detect the water level is not changing. Another issue is the drain pump can be faulty or one of the related components. These are difficult to diagnose and repair yourself, unless you have a lot of experience repairing appliances.

Therefore, once you’ve tried all of the steps above, it’s generally best to contact Amana support or organize a repair technician. They can also tell you if the repair is covered under warranty.

In general, there is no water entering the tub, the tub can’t drain, or the control panel has malfunctioned. First, restart your Amana washer by unplugging it from the wall for 30 seconds, and then plugging it in again. If the lights still flash, then refer to the troubleshooting steps below.

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