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Amana Washer Door/Lid Won’t Lock/Unlock

Amana washers are considered reliable and trustworthy appliances that wash and dry your clothes. They are easy to use, energy-efficient, budget-friendly, and last for multiple years. However, like all complex electronic household appliances, Amana washers can end up having a few issues of their own.

If your Amana washer lid lock won’t unlock, a frequent culprit is a malfunctioning lid lock switch. The switch can become faulty over time, preventing the lid from unlocking. To resolve this, disconnect the washer from the power source, wait a few minutes, and then reconnect. If the issue persists, consider replacing the lid lock switch.

Amana Washer Door/Lid Won’t Lock/Unlock

Another potential reason for the Amana washer lid not unlocking is a disrupted wash cycle. Sometimes, if the cycle gets interrupted (like a power outage), the machine might not reset properly, leaving the lid locked. In such situations, manually setting the washer to the drain/spin cycle and letting it complete can help unlock the lid.

Lastly, the washer’s drain system might be clogged or not draining properly. If the washer detects that water hasn’t fully drained, it might keep the lid locked for safety reasons. Check the drain hose and pump for any blockages and clear them. Ensuring the machine can drain efficiently will typically resolve the lid locking issue.

Amana Washer Machine Types

Amana Washer Machine Types

Amana has two different washers available on the market. These are the Amana Top-Load Washer and the Amana Front-Load Washer. These two washers differ the way you unload and load clothes into the machines. 

Front-Load Amana Washer Locking/Unlocking Issues and Solutions

Front-Load Amana Washer Locking/Unlocking Issues and Solutions

Front-load washers often use less water and take slightly longer than top-load washers. Front-load washers also usually have a mechanism that locks the appliance and only opens once the cleaning cycle has finished or a pause button that allows you to add more clothes. There are different issues and solutions for front-load Amana washers.

Front-Load Door Locked At Installation

If you decided to purchase a new Amana front-load washer, in some cases, the new appliance might arrive at your residence with the door locked due to various movements caused by shipping. 

Plugging the washer into a grounded three-prong outlet as listed in the owner installation instructions will cause the following events to occur:

  1. The door will immediately unlock.
  2. The lock on the door will blink and unlock after approximately sixty seconds, and nothing else will happen with the machine during this.
  3. The washer will go through a hold and drain process for approximately eight minutes and unlock afterward. You may hear the pump running, but the drum will not spin.

Caution: There may be residual water pumped from the drainage hose, so ensure there is a bucket to catch this water or have the hose installed in a drain.

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Front-Load “Fresh Hold” Cycle

Some of Amana’s front-load washer models have a “fresh hold” cycle. When using this cycle, the door will be locked until the button to cancel the cycle is pushed. The lock is normal and intentional. However, if the front-load washer does not unlock at the end of the “fresh hold” washing cycle, unplug or disconnect the appliance from the power. Allow about two minutes for the control to reset.

Front-Load Washer Turned On Before Water Connection

In some cases, if the washer was turned on before connecting to a water source, the door will remain locked and go into drainage mode. There may be a listed F8 E1 Error code.

If you see an F8 E1 error or a LO FL error, the washer control will not respond properly, and the washer door will be locked. To unlock the door, press the power button as it will make the washer start a drain procedure that can take about eight to ten minutes. The pump will run during this time, while the washer control will continually be unresponsive. Wait ten minutes before attempting to perform any further functions.

Front-Load “Add Garment Light”

There may be a “add a garment” light that turns on in the front-load washer panel. You may find that this does not allow the door to unlock. In this situation, press the Pause/Cancel one time. It will restart the front-load washer at the same point where it had been left off during the cycle.

If the “add a garment” light is off, then press the Pause/Cancel two times. If the washing cycle is running, the appliance’s water level may be too high for the door to unlock. If the water temperature is high or it is in the middle of tumbling or spinning, the door will not unlock. 

It may take approximately more than five minutes for the front-load washer to stop spinning the wash cycle and draining the water before the door properly unlocks with an audible click.

Wash Cycle Starting but Not Locking

The door for the front-load washer will not lock for about ten seconds after it begins a wash cycle. This is intentional and normal.

Top-Load Amana Washer Locking/Unlocking Issues and Solutions

Top-Load Amana Washer Locking/Unlocking Issues and Solutions

Top-load washers are usually easier to take laundry loads out of the washer as the appliance has a lid on top that opens rather than a door like front-load washers. There are different problems and solutions for front-load Amana washers as the mechanism to shut the lid differs from front-load washing machines.

Top-Load Error Code

If you have issues with the lid locking or unlocking, you may see some of the error codes. See below for the codes and an explanation of why the lid is not working as intended:

  • LdL: The lid is unable to lock. It is highly possible that there is an item in the laundry load, keeping the lid from closing and locking properly. It is crucial to check for any items directly underneath the lid. Check for detergent debris that may have built up around the lock mechanism.
  • LdU: The lid is unable to unlock. The top-load washer is detecting an object on the appliance’s lid that is preventing it from unlocking. Remove any obstructions from the top of the appliance, such as any baskets or laundry.

Check for Lock Interference

If the lid of the top-load is locking, you should check for lock interference with the washer’s lock striker. The lock striker is the component on the lid that goes inside the lid lock. It may be in various locations, depending on the Amana model type but will always be located near the lid.

Check the lock or lock striker for any lint, detergent, or other build-up and wash away any debris using a spine or damp cloth. You should only use mild cleaning soaps or water when cleaning the surface of Amana washers.

Clean the Lock

According to Amana, front-load washers need to be verified that there is no blockage of the door and the lock mechanism. Due to soap, lint, or other debris building up over time, you should always regularly clean the door area. You should always check the Amana Owner’s Manual to determine how your washer lid or door operates properly.

When to Call a Washer Repair Professional

When to Call a Washer Repair Professional

If there are still issues with the door not locking or locking, cycle power to the washer and disconnect for thirty seconds. Then, plug the appliance back into power.

If the washing machine’s door or lid does not unlock after going through the entire article, contact customer service and schedule a call to service your appliance with an authorized technician.

Final Thoughts

Troubleshooting for various issues that may affect the door or lid depends on the type of Amana washer model. By following the suggestions throughout this article, you will be able to check any issues with the door or lid.

While there is a high possibility that issues can occur due to a build-up of washing debris, there are various other potential factors that can cause the lock or unlock mechanism to malfunction on the washer. Rather than potentially ruining the entire appliance by attempting to repair it yourself, you should consider the option to call Amana’s customer service and have a professional technician service the appliance properly.

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