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Can You Put Sheet Vinyl Flooring Over Pergo Flooring? (How To)

Applying sheet vinyl successfully depends on how well you prepare your area ahead of time. Sheet vinyl can be applied to smooth surfaces. The area needs to be free of ridges or imperfections to avoid trapping moisture under the vinyl. If the area is not smooth, you could cause damage to your new floor.

The key to a successful sheet vinyl installation is preparation. Sheet vinyl can be applied to Pergo flooring as long as all ridges and lines are fixed. If ridges are left under the sheet vinyl, moisture can get trapped and cause warping and damage over time. 

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If you have the proper tools and prepare well, you will have no trouble installing sheet vinyl over Pergo flooring. Make sure you fix any ridges or imperfections on your floor before you apply your sheet vinyl. 

Pergo is a type of laminate flooring. Moisture will warp your vinyl, and it will swell over time. If you want long-lasting sheet vinyl, make sure you prepare your area well.

Should You Put Sheet Vinyl Flooring Over Pergo Flooring? 

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You can apply sheet vinyl to any floor that has a smooth surface. As long as your Pergo flooring is adequately prepared, you can install sheet vinyl without any problems. If you do not qualify, you could ruin the integrity of your new floor. Ensure you are watching out for moisture that could get trapped, and install the vinyl carefully.

When installing sheet vinyl over Pergo flooring, you need to make sure the floor is prepped so that it has an entirely smooth surface to lay the sheet vinyl over. You will have problems if you allow moisture to get trapped under the vinyl, so ensure the area stays dry to get a clean application. 

You should have no problems installing your sheet vinyl over Pergo flooring as long as you ensure the Pergo flooring is clean, dry, and free of any imperfections before installing the sheet vinyl. You need to make sure you are preparing your floor correctly to avoid any issues you might encounter.

If the moisture gets trapped under the vinyl, it will cause swelling and damage to your flooring. It is imperative that you make sure your floor is smooth and dry beforehand. 

What Tools Do You Need to Put Sheet Vinyl Flooring Over Pergo Flooring?

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The proper tools will help you to be successful throughout your flooring project. If you prepare yourself with the right equipment, installing sheet vinyl won’t be a difficult task. Visit your local hardware store to get all the tools you need to complete this DIY project and get your sheet vinyl installed correctly. 

To install your sheet vinyl, you will need some essential tools you probably already have on hand: a tape measurer, calculator, bevel, pencil, tape, gloves, a vacuum, and other cleaning supplies. The things you may need to buy include a leveling compound, a concave cutter knife, and spacers.

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  Having the right tools is imperative to the success of your project. You can’t complete any DIY project without making sure you have all the right tools on hand. Once you have gathered all of your supplies, you should be all set to get your project started.

Installing sheet vinyl is a project you can take on yourself as long as you are prepared with the right tools ahead of time. 

What Preparations do You Need to Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring Over Pergo Flooring 

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The key to ensuring a proper installation of your sheet vinyl comes down to how well you prepare your space. As long as the floor is clean, dry, and smooth, you will have an easy and successful sheet vinyl installation.

The key to ensuring long-lasting sheet vinyl flooring is proper preparation and a dry environment. Sheet vinyl requires a completely dry surface. So, as long as you carefully clean and dry your floor thoroughly before you begin, you should have a successful installation. 

Don’t let something as small as a bit of moisture ruin all the hard work you did for your flooring project. Prepare well by making sure your floor is completely dry and smooth. The last thing you want is for your sheet vinyl to swell and warp because you didn’t prepare your area well enough.

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How to Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring Over Pergo Flooring

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Figuring out how to install sheet vinyl on Pergo flooring doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Pergo is a type of laminate, so the steps to installation will be the same. As long as you make sure you prepare properly for your project, you will be able to install sheet vinyl successfully.

Prepare your floor by cleaning, drying, and ensuring the surface is completely smooth. Install the underlayment on your floor. Measure out the vinyl and cut it to size. Apply adhesive and carefully apply the sheet vinyl, taking care to remove any air bubbles you might come across.

As long as you have the right tools and you have adequately prepared, you should have no problem installing sheet vinyl yourself. It is easily a project you can DIY if you have done your research and prepared well for your project.

The first thing you need to do is clean, dry, and smooth out your floor to make sure no moisture will be trapped under the vinyl. If you do not prepare well enough for this step, you will cause damage to your vinyl flooring as moisture will cause it to swell.

Apply the underlayment and apply a full bond adhesive to the surface of your floor. Measure and cut out your vinyl to size. The easiest thing to do is measure it to be three inches longer than you need to make sure you have some margin for error when you begin to apply the vinyl.

Apply the vinyl slowly, removing any air bubbles you might come across on the way. Trim down the excess vinyl around the edges of your floor and ensure that the edges have adhered cleanly and close to the baseboards.

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