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Can You Put Stone Veneer on Interior Walls? (How To)

Home construction can be a tricky matter. If you’re not a carpenter or some other professional in the construction field, you might not have any idea about the possibilities for the design of interior walls and much more. 

The short answer to whether you can put stone veneer on the interior walls of your home is yes. You’ll need to seek the assistance of an expert or do adequate research before you start. If you can find detailed instructions and put the focus and effort in, you stand a good chance at success. 

Stone veneer wall

Should You Put Stone Veneer on Interior Walls? 

Stone veneer wall

It’s a great idea to place stone veneer on the walls inside your house. This material has a way of transforming your interior walls into a focal point. There are some different options from which you can choose, such as just putting on a stone wainscot that will be on the lower portion of your wall. You could decide to have the veneer on the entire wall. 

Stone veneer is an excellent material to have on your interior walls. Due to the fact that it’s lighter in weight than natural stone and how you can have it cut for a custom fit, you can make it align with your vision of a stunning wall space. 

The benefits of stone veneer for interior walls are numerous. Not only can you have it customized to fit the size of your wall and to your liking style-wise, but you also will find that it’s compatible with almost every contemporary wall material including wood, brick, and metal. This is fairly easy to install, even over curved surfaces. The veneer is attractive because it’s less expensive than other materials out there today. Stone veneer is easier to clean than many other materials, it’s durable, and it’s heat-resistant. 

What Tools Do You Need to Put Stone Veneer on Interior Walls? 

Stone and construction hat

You may wonder what tools are required for you to have on hand to put stone veneer on your interior walls. It’s important that you gather these up before you get started with your veneer project. 

There are a variety of supplies that you’ll need to have for the process of putting up stone veneer on your walls. Those that are the most important are 1 ¼ inch wood screws, screwdriver, putty knife, rubber mallet, hammer, chisel, cement mortar mix, trowel, and saw with masonry blade. 

When putting a stone veneer together for your interior walls, you need certain tools and supplies. The following are what you’ll need for this task: 

  • Screwdriver 
  • 1 ¼ inch wood screws 
  • Rubber mallet 
  • Hammer 
  • Chisel
  • Notched trowel 
  • Saw with masonry blade 
  • Putty knife 
  • Cement mortar mix 
  • Pencil 
  • Cement Board 
  • Stud finder 
  • Bucket
  • Tape measure 
  • Wooden stick 
  • Vacuum 
  • Damp rag 
  • Nylon brush 

What Preparations Do You Need to Put Stone Veneer on Interior Walls? 

Stone veneer wall

I learned quickly after the first time I tried putting up stone veneer that there really is a right way to go about it. I fumbled through the first part, became a bit lost, and decided to take to the internet. I asked a few experts some questions on a forum on what I’d need to do to prepare for this process. 

When you’re about to put up stone veneer, you should use a stud finder and place a cement board onto a corner of the wall, then drive screws through it. Attach boards over the rest of this wall. Prepare and spread mortar on the board, then create lines with a trowel to properly set your veneer. 

You need to prepare the wall space before you put veneer on it. This requires that you find the studs and mark wherever you can detect them with a stud finder. Then, place cement boards, starting with one at the corner of the wall you intend to cover with stone veneer. Drive screws through the board and leave 8 inches between each screw. Place boards onto the rest of the wall. 

Prepare your mortar and spread a thin layer (1/8 inch) on your cement board using the end of a trowel. Let this harden for around an hour, but before it dries completely, take the notched trowel end and make lines on the mortar. This is so that you can ensure that the stone veneer will properly set. 

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How to Put Stone Veneer on Interior Walls 

Man in white shirt with hands up in the air

How do you put up stone veneer on interior accent walls? This is a complicated process, yet one that can be a weekend DIY project if you’re ambitious enough and can follow instructions closely. 

Putting up veneer doesn’t have to be an impossible DIY task. You just need to be able to pull off the baseboard, move your furnishings, gather materials, and prepare the wall. One of the most important things is lining up your board and veneer pieces, and making the necessary measurements. 

First, move your furnishings from where you’ll be installing veneer. Remove anything that’s hanging from the wall, as well as any electrical trim plates. Cover outlets and switches with masking tape. You also need to pry up the baseboard using a nail bar. Be sure to place drop cloths down on the floor and put your stone veneer pieces on a ¼ inch sheet of plywood. 

Put up a layer of cement board on your wall with a power drill where you plan to put the veneer. Arrange your 4 ft. square stone veneer piece on the floor, then select those that have a straight edge so you can install them at the wall’s base. Arrange your other stones based on how they align with one another and what you think will look the best when it’s filled in with grout. Leave a space for grout that’s no more than ½ inch. 

Use a 5 gallon container of adhesive mortar to put a generous amount on your backer board where you will place the first section. This should be done with an adhesive trowel. Start out at the bottom of your wall and press your stones in, copying this step as you go along. Do this until the main portion of your wall is covered. If you’re only creating a wainscot, you can use upper pieces of stone in order to have a ledge for your wood trim. 

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It’s important to use a stepladder to install the veneer pieces on your upper wall. Set your wet tile saw on your stand and fill up a tray with fresh water, then place your water-intake hose in the water. Select your veneer pieces for your open spaces at each end of your wall. Mark them so you can make cuts, then cut at these marks with your saw. Apply adhesive to the back of each of your pieces, then press them into place. Repeat this step in order to fill in the spots at the opposite end and the top of your wall. 

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