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Emerson Microwave Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

Like other kitchen appliances, your Emerson microwave may stop working. It might develop smoke, a burning smell, sparks, or heat the food much slower. These problems don’t always mean you need to replace the microwave. A simple reset could be all it needs to keep it working.

Emerson microwave not working and needs resetting? Unplug the microwave from the power source and wait for a few seconds before plugging it back. Connect it to a different outlet to see if it works. If it doesn’t, reset the circuit breaker or replace the blown thermal or line fuse.

Using the microwave in the kitchen

Sometimes the microwave overheats causing the thermal fuse to blow off and cut off power. A multimeter helps determine if it’s still functional. If it’s not, you must replace it because thermal fuses can’t be reset. 

On the other hand, the line fuse may have blown off due to too much current passing through the microwave circuitry. Once it blows off, the microwave won’t start, and it needs a replacement. Be sure to identify the problem that caused the fuse to blow because the new fuse may blow off too if the underlying problem isn’t resolved.

A defective control board might also cause the microwave not to work. This scenario is quite rare hence the need to check other components before testing the control board for defectiveness. If they’re in good condition proceed to test the control board using a multimeter. If it’s defective, replace it with a new one.

It could also be that the Thermoprotector is faulty and needs to be replaced. The microwave may be overheating, and the Thermoprotector trips to cut off power to the microwave.  A multimeter should help you determine if it’s faulty; if so, replace it.

Emerson Microwave, Not Heating

Using the microwave in the kitchen

Your Emerson microwave may also fail to heat up once turned on. Different reasons cause the problem, but a faulty high voltage diode is the most common. This component is located near the magnetron and converts A/C power to D/C, increasing the voltage to 5000 volts. The high voltage then powers the magnetron to heat food. If the high voltage diode burns, it won’t provide the high voltage used to heat food.

If your Emerson microwave is not heating check the high voltage diode. Unplug it from the power outlet and remove the diode from its compartment. Then use a multimeter to test it for continuity. Set the device to Rx1 and if the diode doesn’t show continuity or displays readings in both directions, replace it.

It could also be that the magnetron is defective, causing the unit to blow the fuse. Other components may still be functional, but with a faulty magnetron, your Emerson microwave won’t heat food. A defective magnetron burns out and since it can’t be repaired, you must replace it.

A faulty capacitor may also cause an Emerson microwave not to heat up. The capacitor helps the high-voltage diode convert A/C power to DC, and if it’s faulty, the circuitry stops working, causing the microwave not to heat food. You can check if the capacitor is defective using a VOM meter.

It could also be that the high voltage transformer is faulty. Microwaves produce high voltage to power the magnetron antenna, which emits energy to heat food. If it’s defective, it develops a burning smell and needs to be replaced.

Another possible reason your Emerson microwave isn’t heating food is due to a faulty door switch. Most Emerson microwaves have 3-4 door switches, and if one of them is defective, the microwave won’t heat food. Typically, a door switch ensures the door is closed correctly to kick off the heating process. You must test each of the three doors and if any of them is faulty, replace it.

Emerson Microwave not Spinning

Using the microwave in the kitchen

The turntable is one of the most critical components of a microwave as it ensures food is heated uniformly. If it can’t spin, you end up with partially heated food. 

When your Emerson microwave is not spinning check the motor as it could be faulty. A multimeter is the best tool to check for continuity. Connect it to the motor’s terminals, and if it’s faulty, replace it. If it still has continuity, check if other parts may be causing the microwave not to spin.

Another reason the Emerson microwave is not spinning is due to an obstruction in the spinning path. Some large food particles could be stuck under the turntable causing it not to spin. If that’s the case, clean the glass tray and the turntable in warm, soapy water to remove any obstruction.

Check the glass tray drive coupling as it could be broken or stripped out, causing the microwave not to spin. Most Emerson microwaves have three-sided couplers, which are easy to remove from the motor shaft to check if they’re faulty. If it’s damaged, replace it.

Emerson Microwave Buttons not Working

Using the microwave in the kitchen

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Emerson microwave buttons may stop working, rendering a microwave inoperative. It could be the control panel, or the membrane switch is defective. Typically, the control panel receives input signals from the touchpad and uses them to relay the respective controls. If the control panel can’t receive input signals, it can’t rely on the output functions. 

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If your Emerson microwave buttons are not working check the control panel. Remove the microwave cabinet to access the internal components, including the control panel. Next, remove any screws holding it in place, unscrew the ground wire, and disconnect them. If it’s defective, remove it and install a new one.

Sometimes the touchpad is unresponsive, but the display lights remain turned on. If that’s the case, it’s likely that the membrane switch is faulty and needs to be replaced. This component consists of a series of electrical switches made from two layers of conductive material. Every time the two layers are in contact, an electrical circuit is completed. However, repeated use causes the conductive coating to wear out. When there isn’t enough contact to send input signals to the control panel the buttons stop working. 

Emerson Microwave not Starting

Using the microwave in the kitchen

Many reasons may cause a microwave not to start. The most common is a faulty door switch. The switch activates a sequence that causes other microwave components to receive power and start working. If the door switch is faulty, the microwave won’t start. In some situations, the interior light and fan motor continue working even after the door switch fails; thus, testing it using a multimeter is the best way to ascertain its condition.

If the Emerson microwave is not starting, check the door switch. Unplug the microwave and check the door hooks to ensure they activate the switch mechanically. Then use a multimeter to test the terminals for continuity. A reading of 0 indicates there’s continuity; if otherwise, replace it. 

It could also be that the ceramic fuse is faulty. This part protects the other components from sudden power surges and fluctuations and can make the microwave not start. Opening and closing the microwave door is the primary reason for ceramic fuse failure. 

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You may also need to test other components like the capacitor, transformer, and high voltage diode, as they also cause fuse failure using a multimeter. Use it to touch the probes at their terminals, and if the reading is 0, there’s continuity; if not, replace them.

Emerson Microwave Keeps Beeping

Using the microwave in the kitchen

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Emerson microwaves beep when pressing buttons, when the time is up and if you don’t open the door after heating the food. Sometimes the beeping continues for an extended period, which can be distracting. There could be a problem with the microwave, and finding a way to resolve it is necessary.

Does your Emerson microwave keeps beeping? Switch it off and unplug it from the power source. Allow the microwave to rest for a minute or two to discharge residual power and plug it back into the power outlet. Then, reset its onboard control panel to eliminate the beeping sound.

Most modern Emerson microwaves have a sound button on the control panel, usually on the ninth button. Once you press, it reads ‘On.’ Push it a second time to turn the sound off and save the settings by restarting the microwave.

Emerson Microwave Keeps Running

Using the microwave in the kitchen

When Emerson microwaves wear out, it becomes challenging to turn them off. Two components may cause this problem when faulty-the interlock switch and the smartboard. In many cases, the microwave doesn’t turn off even when the door is opened, and sometimes it keeps running when the door is closed.

When the Emerson microwave keeps running, the door interlock switch could be faulty, and a multimeter could help test it. Set it to Rx1 and ensure the button is depressed. Then, use the tool to touch the terminals and observe the reading. If it’s zero or nearly zero, the switch isn’t faulty.

Emerson microwave also keeps running when the smartboard or control board is faulty. This component powers the signals that control different functions of a microwave. Thus, if it’s defective, it won’t send the shut-off signal to the relays, and opening the door will be the only way to terminate the process. 

A multimeter is still used to check the continuity of the smartboard. It’s used to touch the output terminals of the relay. If the reading is zero when the relay isn’t powered, the control board is faulty. Be sure to check the board for signs of damage or burning too.

Is There a Reset Button on an Emerson Microwave?

Using the microwave in the kitchen

Before embarking on other troubleshooting techniques, resetting an Emerson microwave is the first step most users take. Whether the microwave isn’t heating food properly, not starting, or the buttons aren’t working, resetting is often the first solution. A reset button makes the process easier.

Is there a reset button on an Emerson microwave? Unfortunately, Emerson microwaves don’t have reset buttons; instead, the Cancel button initiates the reset process. You can then unplug the microwave (hard reset) or press the button for some minutes (soft reset) depending on the reset process.

How to Reset Emerson Microwave

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Some problems can only be resolved by resetting an Emerson microwave. There are two ways of doing it- performing a hard reset or a soft reset. A soft reset is the most common as it helps correct minor mistakes when inputting data. For example, you may have keyed in the wrong cooking mode and would like to correct it. A soft reset will do the trick.

How to reset an Emerson microwave is easy. Turn off the microwave to cancel the previous commands or erase the program by pressing the off/clear button. Hold it for three seconds, release and press the right settings to make it work again.

Sometimes a soft reset doesn’t erase the settings, and you may need to perform a hard reset. You need to unplug the microwave from the socket and wait for a few minutes before plugging it back. Then turn it back on and reset basic settings like the time, clock and minutes and restart.

How to Reset Emerson Microwave Clock

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Resetting an Emerson microwave clock is pretty straightforward regardless of the model. You may have forgotten how to do it or misplaced the product manual sending you into panic mode. Here’s how to reset the clock.

How to reset an Emerson microwave clock begins with pressing the cancel button to stop any activity on your microwave. Then press and hold the button for three seconds to turn the child’s lock feature. The clock displays 0.00 allowing you to reset the time. 

Proceed to enter four digits to separate the hours and the minutes and choose between AM and PM, and press Clock again. You may enter the wrong time and may need to correct it. Press the Stop/Clear button and start over. Emerson microwaves provide a 15-second window to rectify the problem after pressing the Clock button. Enter the correct time and press the ‘Clock’ button again.

How to Factory Reset Emerson Microwave

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Even the best microwave needs a factory reset at some point. It may develop a software glitch, the keypad may get frozen, and you may click the wrong settings. A factory reset is the only way to solve the problem. The reset may be in the form of a soft reset or a hard reset. A soft reset solves software glitches, while a hard reset is necessary when the touchpad is unresponsive.

How to factory reset an Emerson microwave begins with unplugging it from the power source. Allow the microwave to stay unplugged for 20-30 minutes to discharge all the power. Then plug the microwave back into the power source and reset the digital clock

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Be sure to wear a pair of rubber gloves if the electrical outlet has burns to avoid injury.