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GE Stove Oven Won’t Work/Turn Off/Heat

GE stove ovens provide the perfect balance of cooking features and modern design. Ranges designed by the General Electric company are programmed to work efficiently and heat when needed.

When your GE oven doesn’t work as it should, an electrical issue like a blown fuse has damaged the mechanics. To solve this, confirm the broken parts by using a multimeter. Afterward, you can contact a technician or replace the damaged parts yourself.

Stove oven control knobs

In this article, we will discuss possible reasons why your GE oven may not be functioning correctly. Also, we will explain what you can do to identify and solve these problems as they arise.

GE Oven Won’t Work

Serviceman testing broken electric induction stove

Your GE oven will not work if it is not receiving adequate power. A power outage or an electrical shortage is usually responsible for this.

Most electric GE ovens require at least 240 volts of alternating current, whereas gas ovens require 120 volts. To test that your range is receiving adequate amounts of electricity:

  1. Use a multimeter. Set it to volts AC.
  2. Locate the power source. Sometimes, this is an external cable, but the power supply is inside the oven for some models.
  3. Check for continuity. The multimeter should read between 210 and 240 volts for electric stoves and between 100 and 120 volts for gas ovens. If not, the power supply is weak.

If the readings on your multimeter display a problem, reset the fuse box in your home. After the reset, your oven should work. If it doesn’t, that means you should replace the power supply.

GE Oven Won’t Heat

Stove burner ignition switch repair

The reasons for your oven’s malfunction will depend on whether you own a gas stove or an electric one.

Your Electric GE Oven Has a Faulty Igniter

When your GE electric oven does not heat, a broken igniter is most likely the cause. When the igniter fails, it cannot open the valve to heat the oven.

You will know that the igniter is the cause of your oven’s malfunction if the igniter glows but the range does not start. Observe the ignition switch for at least 2 minutes to confirm your suspicions.

After your test, contact a GE professional to replace the igniter if it is the source of your problems.

Your Electric Stove Has Errors That Need To Clear

GE ovens are advanced enough to communicate when they are experiencing an error. Consult your user manual to clear any error codes that may be flashing on your screen. If you see error codes like these:

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  • “Bad line.” This message is indicative of bad wiring.
  • F0 – F9

A qualified appliance technician is needed to inspect and solve the problems with the oven. On the other hand, if you see an FC or FD error code, the probe needs to be replaced.

Your oven has a temperature probe that is supposed to monitor and manage the heat. This probe can break, and if it does, your oven will not heat up at all. A maintenance specialist can safely replace the oven’s heat controls and get it to heat up again.

Your Gas Oven Needs To Reset

Sometimes gas ovens won’t heat because the electric components need to reset.

The reset process is easy. Locate your circuit breaker and turn the fuse that controls the oven off for one minute. Once you turn the breaker on, the range will reset and be fully functional.

GE Stove Oven Won’t Turn Off

Service technician doing repairs on a stove oven

When your GE stove oven doesn’t turn off, deactivate the fuse connected to the range. This method is a quick way to stop the oven from heating so you can diagnose the problem.

Suppose your oven continues to heat after flipping the fuse off. In situations like this, note that GE ovens have an automatic shut-off feature to protect against hazards when your range keeps heating. In the case of a continuously burning oven, you can wait for the feature to kick in, but this will take approximately 12 hours.

There are two possible reasons why your oven may do this:

  • The oven’s control board has malfunctioned.
  • The temperature control thermostat broke.

You can solve these components with a functional replacement. However, In both cases, get professional help as soon as possible.

This is not an at-home job. Mainly because the oven has become hazardous and there’s a high chance of fire.

GE Stove Oven Light Stays On

Oven door open and light on

An oven light that stays on results from a system failure due to a power surge. In most cases, you can solve this by requesting a repairer to replace the GE oven’s electronic control.

There are some cases where your oven light may stay on because the light switch is damaged. Some GE models have a trigger where the door of the oven rests. When the oven door opens, this switch activates the light.

Inspect your oven to find a light switch. If you notice that the piece is loose, missing, or broken, finding a replacement is what you need to do to restore your oven light to its normal functions.

GE Stove Oven Controls Not Working

Close up of oven control knobs

If there are problems with your oven controls, your touch panel is experiencing a shortage.

Power down your home’s fuse box for one minute, then turn it back on. The electronics in your oven will reset, and the controls should start working again.

Usually, if the controls still don’t work, the entire touchpad must be replaced by a technician. But before having to resort to this, try these tips:

  • Press the “Range Lockout” button. Most GE ovens have a feature that locks the control panel. This button will deactivate that feature.
  • Ensure that the power cord is secure.
  • Change the power outlet. Some outlets can deliver insufficient power and impair your oven’s performance.

If there is no improvement after trying these methods, you can be confident that it’s your control board. Contact a skilled technician who can replace your touchpad at an affordable rate.

GE Stove Oven On Light Blinking

Close up of oven control knobs

When your GE oven on light is continuously blinking, there is an internal error like a power failure or shortage. Use these steps to get rid of the blinking light on some GE models:

  1. Press the “Cancel” button.
  2. Push and activate the “Clock” program. You don’t have to accurately set the time at this step unless you want to.
  3. Touch the “Start” button.

Your oven’s light should stop blinking afterward. If not, unplug the oven for at least 4 hours to get rid of the blinking light.

When these steps fail, your GE oven needs professional service.

GE Stove Oven Light Not Working

Hand opening up stove oven door

If the oven light is not coming on, you’ll need a multimeter to determine the cause of this problem. Test each of these components:

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  • The light bulb. The light bulb could have burned out and needed a replacement.
  • The wall socket. If the multimeter shows continuity, then the oven’s light or the light socket is defective. Replace it.
  • The light switch.

The results of your test will indicate which piece needs to be replaced or switched. However, if none of these pieces are defective, the stove’s touchpad needs to be changed.

The oven’s touchpad is its control board, and this will signal to the range that the oven light should turn on. When the touchpad’s mechanics break, the oven light will not turn on because it’s not receiving the order to do so.

Replacing the touchpad cannot be done at home. Therefore, connect with an electrician who has experience working with GE stove ovens.

Final Thoughts

What cannot be solved by resetting your oven should be carried to a professional. Trying to fix a range at home is very dangerous. We do not recommend it unless you are simply replacing the light bulb.

You can use this video along with the tips in this article to have a better understanding of your oven’s issues before calling a technician.

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