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Hotpoint Washing Machine Not Spinning (How To Fix)

We rely on our washing machines to keep our clothes clean. After all, what is the alternative? Handwashing is extremely heavy to do and takes a lot of time. So, when your Hotpoint washing machine suddenly stops spinning, you need to figure out what is wrong as soon as possible to return the appliance to working order.

The main causes of your Hotpoint washing machine not spinning are the following: there is something wrong with the motor, the door latch is faulty, a load of clothes is unevenly distributed in the drum, or you used non-high efficiency detergent to wash your clothes.

Washing machine with clothes inside

The spinning cycle removes the excess water from your clothes, so they are ready to be dried. If the machine does not spin, your clothes will be soaking wet after the wash cycle completes, and there may even be excess water remaining in the machine drum.

Not the best result. To help you figure out what may be going wrong with your Hotpoint washing machine, here is a guide that points out the main causes of this disaster.

Reasons Hotpoint Washing Machine Not Spinning

Washing machine with clothes inside

Unfortunately, there are many reasons or causes for your Hotpoint washing machine not spinning. It can be something as small as using the wrong type of detergent or a larger repair of a mechanical failure like replacing a damaged or snapped washer belt which likely needs to be replaced by a qualified repair person.

All the possible reasons for your Hotpoint washing machine not spinning can be divided into four categories: mechanical failure of the machine components, faults caused by incorrect usage of the appliance, electricity supply faults, and blockage in the water outlet pipe or filters.

When troubleshooting the cause of a wet pile of clothes at the bottom of your Hotpoint washer, start with eliminating all the minor causes first, before you start looking at the major mechanical or electrical component failures.

If you are using incorrect washing powder, which is not the high efficiency kind, the clothes may hold more water even though the spin cycle works fine. The clothes will feel wetter when you take them out of the machine, but there is no fault with the washing machine.

Sometimes when you wash large, heavy items, as the machine works the clothes may end up spread unevenly inside the drum, causing the load to be heavier on one side. The spin cycle won’t efficiently remove the water when the drum is heavier on one side.

Spinning of the drum full of clothes causes considerable forces inside the machine and results in excessive movement of the appliance. If the machine is not well balanced with the adjustable feet, it may wobble and move too much during the spin cycle. The Hotpoint washing machine has a sensor that cuts off the spinning cycle when the load is unbalanced or there is excessive movement of the machine.

You may have incorrectly set a bulky load on a slow spin cycle. Slow spin cycles remove less water than fast cycles. So if you are washing bedding or towels, set your machine on a fast spin to remove sufficient water from the items, to prevent ending up with a load that is still wet and dripping at the end of the wash cycle.

There could be a mechanical fault with your machine that causes your Hotpoint washing machine not spinning. The things to check are the following: rear drum bearing, motor coupling, rotor assembly magnets, door or lid switches, and the washer belt. These are the most common parts that fail and result in your machine not spinning the load effectively.

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On the electrical side, make sure that there is sufficient power getting through to the washer. Check that the power cords are intact and plugged in securely. The other thing to check is the motor control board. Although, if there is a fault with the motor control board, the chances are that the machine would fail to start and let alone spin.

The last things that can go wrong with the Hotpoint washing machine are the water inlet and outlet. Check that the water inlet valve is not leaking. A leaking valve will let water drip continuously into the drum; no matter how long the machine spins, the washing will still be wet inside.

On the water drainage side, check that the machine is draining well. If the water cannot drain out of the machine, it will remain in the drum resulting in wet washing. A clogged drain filter will not let water escape efficiently. Also, check that the draining pipe is not pinched or kinked somewhere. During the spin cycle, the machine may sometimes move and trap the drainage pipe under it. Lastly, check the drain pump for any malfunction.

Tips On How to Fix/Avoid Hotpoint Washing Machine Not Spinning

Washing machine with clothes inside

To make sure your Hotpoint washing machine works perfectly for as long as possible, we provided a couple of tips for you to follow.

To fix/avoid Hotpoint washing machine not spinning, ensure you use your machine correctly, get the machine serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent mechanical breakdowns, and ensure a secure electricity supply and adequate drainage.

Firstly, the easiest step is to make sure you use the correct washing powder as recommended by the manufacturer. If you are unsure which washing powder is safe for your Hotpoint, check the owner’s manual. The recommended brand should be listed there.

When installing the washing machine, make sure that it is leveled. The machine has four feet that can be adjusted with a spanner to the correct height to make the machine level, even if the floor isn’t completely level. The balanced machine will work quieter and avoid excessive wobbling.

Do not overload your machine. Stuffing all that can fit into the drum can cause the load to become uneven during the washing process. Other reasons are that your washing won’t be cleaned well when the drum is overloaded. To prevent overload, ensure there is enough room left to fit in your hand between the washing and the drum after it’s loaded.

Ensure the correct spinning cycle is chosen for each load. When set on the correct cycle, the machine removes water effectively, making the washing easier to dry. Jeans and hoodies will need at least a 600 rpm cycle, while your delicates may only require 500 rpm.

Stick to the mechanical service schedule recommended by the manufacturer. After all, the washing machine needs regular checks of its components to ensure any damaged parts get replaced and to prevent catastrophic damage that will require the replacement of the unit.

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Check the machine door. It should be closing and opening smoothly. If it isn’t, there may be a fault with the door switch, which will cause the machine to stop spinning as a safety precaution against the door flying open mid-cycle. If you notice any corrosion or damage on the door switch, you may need to replace it.

Check the water supply and don’t forget to clean out the drain filters regularly. A blocked drain will result in wet washing inside the drum.

So, to sum up, the Hotpoint washing machine not spinning may be caused by incorrect usage, mechanical breakdown of components, electrical fault, or drainage blockage. When it happens to you, to work out the exact cause of the malfunction, you can use this guide to help you figure it out. Enjoy your Hotpoint washing machine.

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