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How To Fix Kenmore Dryer Beeping/Buzzing

Are you having a problem with your Kenmore dryer? If it is not running properly and you hear some beeping, what can you do to fix it?

If your Kenmore dryer shuts off after a few seconds of operating and beeps three times briefly, it is likely a problem with a short in the wire harness or the thermistor. You can check those with a multimeter or with a visual inspection.

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You should realize that it is not unusual for a Kenmore dryer to beep three times during the normal operation of the machine. In this particular case, however, it is three short beeps associated with the machine shutting down.

Another potential problem is for the machine to be overheating. This could be associated with the thermistor but it may also be a clogged lint screen or a faulty thermal fuse.

In any case, it is a relatively easy fix once you identify the problem.

Top Reasons Why Your Kenmore Dryer Is Beeping And Buzzing

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One of the more convenient appliances we have in our home is our dryer. We use it sometimes on a daily basis and it just keeps working. When it does have a problem, such as beeping or buzzing, what can be done to fix it?

The typical reason why a dryer is beeping or buzzing is that you haven’t pressed the start button. Modern dryers require that you press the start button once the door is closed because they will not start automatically. They will recognize that the load is full and the beeping is there to remind you to do so.

It would be nice if everything was as simple as remembering to push a button but sometimes, the issue may be even more complex. We will take a look at some of the different problems that can occur with a dryer and lead to a beeping or buzzing. We will also look at some typical repairs.

Some of the options that we have for you to fix the dryer are going to be fairly straightforward and easy. They can be as simple as cleaning the filter or perhaps taking a few clothes out of the dryer.

There is something to be considered, however, any time you are working on an appliance and that is your personal safety. Since you’re working on an electrical appliance and one that carries a lot of energy, the possibility of getting shocked or electrocuted is high.

Anytime you work on your dryer and have to remove the panel or reach into an area where you may be touching something electrical, you need to ensure that the power is off. Dryers operate on a higher voltage, so it is easier to get electrocuted with that much power.

Always turn the power off to the dryer but do more than simply turn off the power button. You need to ensure that there is no power flowing to the dryer and you need to wait a few minutes for the power to dissipate.

There is a principle in safety that is known as lockout tag out. This is something that is often skipped, especially when you’re working on items around the home but it is vitally important when doing any electrical work.

When you turn off the power, either by unplugging the dryer or by switching off the circuit breakers, you need to test to ensure that the power is really off. You also need to have full control over the energy source so that it doesn’t get turned on while you’re working on it.

You should also wear safety glasses and gloves when working on any parts that could cause problems with your eyes or hands. This is not something to fool around with, because it only takes a moment for tragedy to strike.

Now that we have discussed safety, let’s consider some of the different reasons why a dryer may be beeping and look at how to fix them.

Reasons Why Your Kenmore Dryer Is Beeping And Buzzing

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1. The Load Is Finished

This is a common reason why the dryer is beeping and it is not a reason that requires any work on your part. Quite simply, when the load is finished, the dryer will often beep to let you know that it is finished. You can then unload the dryer.

The problem is, you may think that there is a problem because the beeping continues. If you don’t unload the dryer, it will continue to beep on a periodic basis to alert you to the fact that there are clothes inside. Why is this important?

If you don’t take the clothing out of the dryer, it is going to get wrinkled. This can add a lot of extra work to your already busy day. Listen for the beeping and when it occurs, open the dryer and remove the clothing. It should stop beeping right away.

You should also be aware that most dryers have the ability to turn off the audible noise. It will require that you either push a single button or multiple buttons to turn the sound on and off.

When you do turn the sound off to your dryer, it will only be turned off for the normal operation. If a beeping occurs because of an error or other issue, it will continue to sound.

2. Clogged Filter

This is also a common issue and one that requires some action on your part. If the filter is clogged, you can have numerous problems, including the clothing not getting dried properly or it could even be a fire hazard.

The typical lint filter that is found in the dryer is something that needs to be cleaned every time you use it. Going just a few loads between cleaning the filter is going to cause problems and likely, you will hear a beeping to alert you to the issue.

There may also be other filters on the dryer that need to be cleaned as well. This will differ from one dryer to another, but it is something to look into if you continue to have a beeping sound. Cleaning the filter is one of the easiest things you can do to correct the issue.

Additionally, never run the dryer without the filter in place. Imagine if all of the lint that typically got on the filter were to go through the machine. It wouldn’t be long before other issues were cropping up.

3. Dryer Is Overloaded

If you’re like most people, you want to get as much done as you possibly can during the day. You try to multitask whenever possible and you expect more out of your appliances than what they may be capable of giving.

The problem of overloading a dryer is one that can often cause it to beep. It may give you that warning, but it may also stop operating if it is overloaded.

Overloading the dryer can cause a number of different issues but most importantly, it can stop the dryer from operating because it will break down the parts. Your dryer was made to withstand a certain amount of weight, and if you loaded too much, then it will let you know about it.

This is also an issue that can involve the washing machine. If your washer is not spinning and draining properly, you may have heavy clothing that is going into the dryer. This can be a problem that needs to be addressed because it will cause your dryer to beep and stop operating.

Otherwise, if you feel that you may just have put too much clothing in the dryer, remove a few items and see if it corrects the problem.

4. Thermal Fuse Is Failing

We are now getting into an internal part and you will need to turn off the power in order to test or fix this fuse. It is the thermal fuse, and it has the job of checking the temperature in the dryer and stopping it from operating if it gets too hot.

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The thermal fuse may not necessarily be completely bad but even if it is failing, it can cause this issue to occur. The dryer may beep and it will not operate, but it is just a problem with the fuse.

You can check the thermal fuse by removing it from the dryer. Make sure that you turn the power off first. After removing the thermal fuse, check it for continuity using a multimeter. Replace it if necessary.

5. Dryer Is Too Hot

Along with the possibility that the thermal fuse is indicating that the dryer is too hot, the dryer may actually be running too hot. This can be a problem that occurs as a result of overloading or perhaps an issue with the thermal fuse or heater coil.

You definitely don’t want to work on the heater portion of the dryer without unplugging it or turning off the circuit breaker. There is a lot of energy that flows through those parts. Don’t get shocked.

You can check the heater coil for continuity and replace it if necessary. You should also check the thermal fuse, because it may not let the dryer know that it is getting too hot.

Buy a cheap dryer temperature gauge or an oven thermometer and run the dryer with it inside. It will let you know how hot the temperature is inside the dryer and if something needs to be done.

A dryer that is running too hot will quickly cause other issues. Not only is it a fire hazard, but it will also wear out the internal parts of the dryer quickly and they will need to be replaced.

6. Door Is Not Closed

Believe it or not, one of the common reasons why a dryer is beeping is because the door is not closed. This may sound simple, but it is something that should be checked regularly when a beeping occurs. Simply open the door and close it again.

There are also other parts of the door that can falsely indicate that the door is not closed. This is an issue while the machine is operating, because it may stop the operation and cause it to beep.

The door switch is one of the parts that can be a problem in this case. If the door switch is not working properly, the door may come open slightly during operation. Fortunately, the door switch is easy to replace.

There is also a door sensor and it is an important part of the operation of your dryer. If the door sensor is faulty, it may send a signal to the control panel that the dryer door is open. This would stop the dryer from working and cause an error with a beep.

You can check the sensor with a multimeter. If it is not operating properly, it can be replaced.

7. You Didn’t Press The Start Button

We had already mentioned this potential problem at the outset of the article but it is worth mentioning again. Some dryers require that you push the start button when you close the door in order to start the operation.

Modern dryers can recognize when you load clothing into the dryer. If you do so and don’t start a load, it will indicate that the load needs to be started by beeping periodically. This is a convenience and one that can save you a lot of time.

We will now take a look at five different things that can be done to easily fix a problem with a dryer beeping or buzzing.

Things You Can Try To Fix Your Kenmore Dryer Beeping/Buzzing

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We all want an easy fix when problems occur with an appliance. If your dryer is beeping or buzzing, here are five simple things you can try to fix the problem, regardless of the brand.

1. Check the Door

A dryer will not operate unless the door is closed. This is a safety feature that should not be circumvented. Is also the first thing you should try when your dryer is beeping and not working.

Open and close the door, making sure that it latches properly. You should also pull on the door slightly without engaging the latch to see if it opens. If it does, you may need to replace the door latch.

Finally, if the dryer is beeping and it indicates that the door is open, even when it is closed, you may have a problem with the door sensor. This little unit indicates when the door is opened and closed to keep the dryer from operating. You can replace the door sensor if it is faulty.

2. Check the Load

It is always beneficial to check the load when you are having a problem with the dryer. Loading too much into the dryer or loading clothing that is too wet or heavy may cause the dryer to operate improperly, as well as give a warning beep. It may even stop the dryer from operating.

If this seems to be a problem, you can remove some of the items from the dryer to see if it starts operating again. You should also check the washer if the clothing is unusually wet because it is typically to blame for that problem.

3. Check the Filter

It is important to clean the lint filter every time you operate the dryer. Some types of clothing will even clog the filter so much that it’s a wonder you don’t have problems during the middle of the cycle.

If you hear a beeping sound and the dryer is giving you an error message, it may be time to check the filter again. It should be cleaned periodically and there may be other filters that need to be cleaned as well.

A lint filter that is packed full of lint is a fire hazard and your dryer will stop operating if it detects that it is clogged.

4. Check the Temperature

There are times when the temperature may be too hot inside the dryer and it will shut down automatically. The thermal fuse is what detects the heat in the dryer to cause it to turn off. When it does so, you also hear a beeping sound.

You can check the thermal fuse with a multimeter to make sure it is not faulty. Other parts of the dryer can also be checked, including the heater coil.

5. Restart the Machine

One other thing that can be done if you have an error associated with a beeping or buzzing sound is resetting the machine. Most dryers do not have a dedicated restart button but you can restart them in the following way:

Unplug – The first step in the restart process is to unplug the dryer. If you don’t have easy access to the receptacle, go to the circuit panel and turn off both circuit breakers for the dryer. You want the power to be completely off.

Test – Make sure that you have the machine turned off by pushing some buttons on the control panel. Listen for any audible beeps and look for lights. If there are any, then the dryer is not disconnected.

Wait – It may take a few minutes for all of the energy to fully dissipate from the dryer. Leave it unplugged or turned off for a minimum of five minutes so this can occur.

Restart – Plug the dryer back in or turn on the circuit breakers. Allow the dryer to go fully through the startup process. The error should be gone and the dryer should no longer be beeping.

It’s important to recognize that restarting the machine will work at times but it is not going to correct any underlying issues that are causing the error. If they continue to occur, contact a qualified maintenance technician.

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