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How to Reset LG Dryer

Even if you own an exceptionally reliable LG dryer and have never had problems with it, it is indeed shocking to find that your LG Dryer is either suddenly not working or has not been working efficiently for longer than you may have been aware.  Occasionally, your dryer’s problem could be due to an issue with your power source outlet or with your circuit breaker not working normally. Other times, the cause of the problem is with your LG Dryer itself. Here are some commonsense troubleshooting tips to consider when determining the best way to reset your LG Dryer.

If you need to reset your LG Dryer, first check to make sure there are no power issues to consider. If not enough power is going to your LG Dryer, it won’t start. Open the door of the dryer and check to see if the light illuminating the drum is turning on.

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If it hasn’t turned on, you will probably have a power problem. Check to see that the power cord of your LG Dryer is appropriately plugged into a working power outlet. Make sure that you are not using an extension cord and that the dryer is plugged directly into a power outlet.

Closely examine your circuit breakers to make sure that none of them have been somehow accidently tripped.

Now, go ahead and do a hard reset. To do this, first, unplug the LG dryer. Now, Press on Power and Start together for five seconds. Then, press on Play/Pause for five seconds.  Go ahead and plug the LG Dryer in again and at this point you should see the drum light turn on and the dryer should turn on as well.

In addition, check to see if the Child Lock Feature is enabled. If the Child Lock Feature is enabled, it will block all functions of the dryer from functioning. If the LG dryer is not working, and the Child Lock Function is on, you should see the display code indicating the letters CL.

You can now turn the Child Lock Feature off by pressing on the Child Lock Button for three seconds.

You can also check to see if the problem is with the Dryer Door Latch. If the Dryer Door Latch is not working properly, this can also keep your LG dryer from running properly. The Dryer Door Latch is designed to keep the dryer from running if the dryer door is not completely closed.

If the dryer door is fully locked, you should hear a click as the door closes. If you do not hear this click, the dryer will not start up. Therefore, it is crucial to close the dryer door carefully and gently so that you do not wear the dryer door latch out or break it. If the dryer door latch is broken, it will require replacement by a certified LG Dryer Technician.

Occasionally, the reason your LG Dryer is not working and needs to be reset is due to a faulty dryer start switch. You can find this switch below the display panel and posterior to the back of the Pause/Power Button. If the dryer start switch is not functional, it will not be able to send a signal to the Control Panel to start the dryer in a normal functioning manner.

If you see that the dryer does not start when the Power Pause switch is pressed, it is most likely due to a defective dryer Start Switch. Check it using a Multimeter to see if continuity is present. If electrical continuity is not present, you will need to replace the Power Pause Switch.

Finally, if all else fails, check to see if your LG Dryer fuse has blown out. If this has occurred, it is usually due to a clogged dryer duct that is causing the fuse to burn out. If this is the case, you will need to replace the fuse.   

Is There a Reset Button on a LG Dryer?

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It turns out that there is a reset button on an LG Dryer. You can easily find it by looking into the side access hole and using a screwdriver to remove the access hole cover.

If you need to reset your LG Dryer and use the LG Dryer Reset Button, first unplug the dryer. Then look for the side access hole where you will see a side mounted vent tube. Use a screwdriver to take off the plastic cover. You will see the Reset Button connected to red and white wires.

The reset button is black and is located between two terminals. You should be able to hear a clicking sound when you push it in.

How to Factory Reset LG Dryer

Adjusting the dryer

Sometimes, you will need to perform a Factory Reset of your LG Dryer. This can be easily done by following the steps as listed below.

If you need to reset your LG Dryer and perform a factory reset, first unplug the dryer. Then, press on Power and Start buttons together for five seconds. Now, press on Play/Pause also for five seconds. Plug the dryer in again and check for the dryer light and drum light to turn on again.

How to Reset LG Dryer Flow Sensor

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If you receive an error message that is a Flow Sensor Warning on your LG Dryer, it indicates that there are some restrictions and/or blockages in the ductwork in your home. These types of obstructions in turn cause a reduction of the exhaust airflow that is going through the dryer. To reset the LG Dryer Flow sensor, just follow the following steps.

If you need to reset your LG Dryer, and reset the LG Washer Flow Sensor, check first to make sure that no fuse has blown and/or circuit breaker has been tripped. Then make sure that the exhaust vent duct has not been bent or crushed in any way.

How to Reset LG Dryer Sensor

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Being able to dry your clothes normally is incredibly important to maintain a normal life schedule. If your clothes are coming out of your LG Dryer either partially wet or wrinkled or both, it is especially annoying and upsetting.

If you need to reset your LG Dryer and reset your LG Dryer Sensor, check to see if the sensor bar value is increasing as the wet clothes are contacting it. If the value is not increasing, it means that the sensor bar is defective and will need to be replaced.

How to Reset LG Dryer Thermostat

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Oftentimes, if your LG dryer is not giving off enough heat, you can perform several troubleshooting steps to try to determine the cause of the problem. Many times, this will involve a reset of the LG Dryer Thermostat.

 If you need to reset your LG Dryer and reset your LG Dryer Thermostat, make sure there are no problems involving either the gas supply or electric supply. Then clean out your lint filter of any obstructions. If you see tE2 error code, it indicates that the thermostat is still malfunctioning.

How to Reset LG Dryer WiFi

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If you are having trouble maintaining the WiFi connection with your LG Dryer, it could be due to a weak WiFi connection or to a problem with your LG Dryer itself. Careful troubleshooting can quickly get to the answer as to what is causing this issue, so that you can rapidly resume the normal functioning of your LG Dryer’s WiFi connection.

If you need to reset your LG Dryer, and reset your LG Dryer’s WiFi connection, download the SmartThinQ app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Relaunch the app and Select Dryer. Press and Hold the Dryer’s WiFi Button for three seconds and you will see the WiFi button blink. 

How to Reset LG Dryer Check Filter/Check Filter Light

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LG dryers are extremely popular but occasionally develop problems with their lint filters becoming blocked. This can then lead eventually to dust accumulating in the hoses and vents.

If you need to reset your LG Dryer, and check your filter and check the filter light, first check your lint filter. See if it is clogged and, if so, clean out any obstructions. Reboot the washer by unplugging it and pressing on Start/Pause for between eight to ten seconds.

Then plug the washer back in and restart it.

How to Reset LG Dryer Error/CL Code

Adjusting the dryer

If your LG Dryer is either not heating properly, or not drying at all or taking a long time to dry, you may see some initial Error Codes. Depending on the error code, you will need to take different troubleshooting steps to resolve whatever problem is affecting your LG Dryer.

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If you need to reset your LG Dryer and reset an LG Dryer Error Code/CL Code, check to see what the error code is indicating. If the Error Code is d75, d80, d90 or d95, the number indicates the percentage that the dryer’s exhaust duct is clogged.

The CL code stands for Child/Control Lock and when displayed, it indicates that the Child Lock Feature is activated. To reset the CL code, press on the Child Lock Key for three seconds to disable it.

If the dryer exhaust duct is clogged, it means that the hot and humid air from the dryer is not able to escape and so will flow backwards into the washer drum and eventually back into the clothes themselves.

Depending on how many bars are displayed on the indicator panel, anywhere from two to four bars will indicate a severe level of obstruction.

How to Reset LG Dryer After Cleaning Filter

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After you clean your lint filter, your indicator light may stay on due to your washer’s lint filter being still clogged up. Once you clean up this obstruction, you may need to reset the LG Dryer by rebooting it.

If you need to reset your LG Dryer, and reset it after cleaning the filter, first unplug the dryer. Then, press Start/Pause for eight to ten seconds.  Now, re-plug the LG Dryer back into the wall socket. Now, turn the dryer back on and observe if it is working normally.

How to Reset LG Dryer Heating Element

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If your LG Dryer is not heating at all, it could be a problem with the heating element. The heating element is responsible for heating the air inside of the drum of the dryer.

If you need to reset your LG Dryer and need to reset the LG Dryer Heating Element, check the heating element with a Multimeter for electricity continuity. If there is a lack of electrical continuity, the LG Dryer Heating Element will need to be replaced by a certified LG Dryer Service Technician.

How to Reset LG Dryer Control Panel

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The LG Dryer’s Control Board is responsible for controlling all of the dryer’s functions including temperature and drying times. If your dryer is not heating and cycling normally, and all other potential fixes have failed, it may be necessary to reset the Control Panel. This will often solve the problem and if it does not, the only option left available is to replace the Control Board.

If you need to reset your LG Dryer and need to reset your LG Dryer Control Panel, Power Off the Dryer. Then unplug the dryer from the electrical power outlet. Press down and then hold on Start/Pause for five seconds during the period when there is no power going to the dryer.

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Then, turn the power back on and recheck the washer.

If resetting the Control Panel does not work, you can also replace the LG Dryer Control Board. First unplug the dryer. Then unscrew the screws holding in the top cabinet. Then remove the top cabinet and remove the wire connectors from the Control Board. Then release the wires and take out the wire retainer.

Now unscrew all the screws that are holding in the LG Dryer Control Board. Lift the tab to release the Control Panel from the supporting bracket. Take the screws out that attach the Display Board to the Control Panel. Lift the Display Board out. Now reinstall the new LG Dryer Control Panel. Plug the dryer back in and see if it is working properly.

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