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Kenmore Oven Not Heating/Working

There are few things worse when getting ready to cook a family meal than finding out that your Kenmore Oven is either not heating up or is simply just not working at all. Fortunately, you can usually fairly quickly diagnose and then fix whatever the problem turns out to be to enable you to get on with your family’s meal preparation.

A common cause for your Kenmore oven not turning on or heating is a malfunctioning bake element. The bake element is a heating element that is located at the oven bottom. Commonly, wires that power the bake element can become burned out and will need to be replaced.

Woman looking at the oven

The bake element should be glowing red if it is working properly. If it is not, it could simply just be burned out. This may lead to visible holes or blisters in the bake element itself. If you check the voltage with a digital multimeter you can see if it is still intact and functioning or if you should replace it.

Kenmore Oven Not Working

Various other common problems can prevent your Kenmore Oven from turning on or not heating properly. One of these is a problem with a defective temperature control thermostat that is responsible for controlling the broiler temperature.

The temperature control thermostat can become defective causing the oven to not work. If this is the case, as the Kenmore Oven’s temperature rises an activator inside the thermostat will turn off the heat and cause the oven to not work. If this is the problem you will have to replace the thermostat.

Other possible causes for your Kenmore Oven not working could be from a faulty valve and pressure regulator or from a malfunctioning safety valve in gas ovens. If either one is not working they will need to be replaced.

Kenmore Oven Not Heating

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If your Kenmore Oven is just not heating properly it could indicate something wrong with a major component involving the supply of electricity to one of the heating elements. This could involve a defective or malfunctioning oven relay board.

The oven relay board is responsible for adjusting how much electricity is supplied to the heating elements. If any one of the relays on the oven relay board has failed the oven will fail to heat normally. If the Kenmore Oven relay board is defective you will have to replace it entirely.

Another potential reason for your Kenmore Oven not heating could be from a malfunctioning door spring. These springs can easily be removed and then replaced which can be a quick fix for your oven’s failure to heat.

Kenmore Oven Won’t Open

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Everyone is familiar with reliable Kenmore Ovens and so it is indeed a shock when suddenly your Kenmore Oven’s door won’t open. Kenmore’s ovens come with built-in lock that is motorized and instantly engages when the heat comes on.

If the lock does not disengage, try disengaging from the oven lock cycle. First, press the unlock button or clear/off button for around three seconds. Then look for the door lock indicator light to turn off. Then wait for another fifteen seconds for the door lock to completely open.

Another possible cause for the oven door not opening is if the oven is in the self-cleaning cycle. If this is the case, the oven will have heated to a high level and so the door will automatically lock. Try to rotate out of this cycle so that the oven door will reopen.

Kenmore Oven Will Not Preheat

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If you are unable to preheat your Kenmore oven you are simply wasting time and delaying your meal preparation. This is often due to a problematic or defective igniter whose function is to bring electrical current into the oven safety valve to cause it to open. The oven igniter also causes the ignition of gas in the oven burner.

After turning the oven on, see if the igniter will continue to glow for ninety seconds or more before igniting the gas flame. If this happens it means that the igniter is not working properly. Then test it with a multimeter to see if it is fully operational or needs to be replaced.

Kenmore Oven Not Keeping Temperature

Woman opening the oven

If your Kenmore Oven is not maintaining temperature your food items will certainly come out undercooked or indeed raw. This of course is totally unacceptable and needs to be fixed immediately.

Check to see if your Kenmore Oven’s sensor probe has stopped working. The sensor probe can be found within the oven tub. See if it has been damaged in any way is causing the oven temperature to decrease too much. Check it with a multimeter to see if it needs to be replaced.

Kenmore Oven Will Not Ignite

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Proper ignition of your Kenmore oven is of course essential to being able to use your oven properly and to have food cook evenly. If your oven is not igniting, a broken or failing bake or broil electrode could be the culprit.

The Bake or Broil Spark Electrode is located very close to the burner and provides the spark to ignite the gas in the oven. If it is malfunctioning it will not issue a spark for ignition. Check to see if it appears broken or cracked in any way and if so it will need to be replaced.

If the gas igniter glows but does not ignite it will need replacement. Check to see if it is rusted or crusted with food. Check your Kenmore oven’s owner manual for instructions on replacing the gas igniter.

Kenmore Oven Keeps Beeping

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Constant beeping from your Kenmore oven can drive you and your family crazy. If this keeps happening and no error code is showing, it most likely is connected to a problem with the control board.

Check the control board to look for any areas or wires which appeared to be burned or damaged. If you find significant damage you will need to replace the control board which of course is a lot cheaper than buying a new oven.

If your Kenmore Oven is showing some type of error code while beeping, you can check for different causes by disconnecting the oven and checking for a damaged heating element. If you are getting a F11 code while the incessant beeping continues, this means that there is a short circuit within the touch controls of the oven. If an F3 error is showing, your problem is with a temperature control sensor. At this point, your best bet is probably to consult a certified Kenmore repair expert.