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Nuwave Air Fryer Fan Not Working (How To Fix)

Have you ever been in the middle of preparing a delicious meal with your Nuwave Fryer, only to find out the fan isn’t working? It’s a surprisingly common issue that can turn your cooking plans upside down. The Nuwave Fryer relies on its fan for essential air circulation, crucial for that perfect crispy finish. Let’s explore why your Nuwave Fryer’s fan might be giving up and how to bring it back to life.

Fan failure in Nuwave Fryers is often caused by a faulty motor, which powers the fan. Over time, this motor can wear out or get damaged. Replacing the motor is generally required to fix this issue. Though it’s a complex repair, following the manufacturer’s instructions or consulting a professional is recommended.

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While a faulty motor is a typical issue, your Nuwave Fryer’s fan might face other challenges too. Keep reading to uncover more solutions to keep your Nuwave Fryer running smoothly and efficiently.

Motor Belt Tension

Like any other belt that is used in an appliance, the motor belt for your Nuwave air fryer may, at times, stretch or get damaged. Not every air fryer is going to use a belt but some by this manufacturer do use it.

If you have a motor belt that is damaged in any way, it will have to be replaced. The motor belt is not an extremely large item, especially in an air fryer, so it can be replaced relatively easily.

PRO TIP: While you have the motor exposed, make sure that you check it for continuity using a multimeter.

Power Surge

The last thing that any of us want to have happen to our air fryer is for a power surge to knock it out. This can be a big problem, causing the fan to stop working unexpectedly.

It may be possible to replace the circuit board if it is damaged due to a power surge. More than likely, however, the extent of the damage will be considerable and you will have to do much more than you would like to do for a relatively inexpensive appliance.

Electronic Interference

Since there are infrared sensors in many air fryers, they may be affected by any electronic interference in the area. This may come from microwaves, medical equipment, and other large appliances.

When you have this problem, move the air fryer to a different location or move the offending appliance to a different location.

Troubleshooting Nuwave Air Fryer Fan Not Working

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Air fryers have become a kitchen staple for many, offering a healthier alternative to traditional frying. However, like all appliances, they can run into issues, one of which is the fan not working properly. Understanding the reasons behind this and knowing how to fix them can help maintain your air fryer’s performance and longevity.

If your air fryer fan stops working, it’s often due to grease or food particle buildup. Turn off and unplug the air fryer, then clean the fan area. Remove debris and gently brush the blades. This maintenance often restores the fan’s functionality.

While cleaning the fan area and checking the motor are good first steps, there are other potential causes for an air fryer fan not working. In the following sections, we’ll explore more reasons, such as electrical faults and component wear, providing solutions to keep your air fryer in optimal condition.

No Power

If there is no power to the unit, the fan will not work and no other part of the unit will be working either. If you notice that there aren’t any lights and the fan is not operating, this may be the issue.

Carefully inspect the power cord and all other components of the electrical system. Plug something else into the receptacle, such as a lamp, and see if it is working.

If the receptacle is not working, it may be a GFCI breaker that needs to be reset. These breakers may be on that receptacle or on a nearby receptacle and can be reset directly.

It may also be possible that the circuit breaker for the kitchen circuit is tripped. Look in the circuit breaker panel for a circuit breaker that is out of alignment or that has a red stripe beside it. Turn that circuit breaker off and back on again.

If you continue to have problems with the circuit breaker or another component in the electrical system, even after resetting it, you need to call an electrician to look into the matter.

Safety Button

Many air fryers have a safety button that can be used for a number of different purposes. It may be a child lock or perhaps a button that shuts down the air fryer quickly in the event of an emergency.

Check your user manual to see if you have a safety button or some type of safety feature that would keep the fan from operating. More than likely, you will either have a single button to press or you may have a combination of buttons that will be pressed to deactivate the feature.

Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse is a small internal fuse that measures the temperature and if the temperature gets too high, the fuse will disconnect. This could disconnect the fan and other interior components or it may stop power from flowing to the unit altogether.

If the thermal fuse is blown, you will have no option but to replace it because it cannot be repaired. After removing the thermal fuse, check it with the multimeter and if it doesn’t check for continuity, it must be replaced.

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Along with the thermal fuse, there are other components within the air fryer that monitor the temperature and shut it down if it gets too hot. It may stop the fan from working or it could turn off the unit altogether.

If the fan is overheating, it likely has grease buildup or debris that is keeping it from spinning freely. You may also be using the air fryer longer than its intended use, as most of them are only for temporary, at-home use. Clean the fan if necessary and allow it to cool down before proceeding.


Any damage to the fan blade or motor could cause the family to be misaligned. If it comes into contact with the housing of the air fryer at any time during operation, this could also cause damage and may result in misalignment.

After unplugging the air fryer, open the panel and inspect the fan blade visually. If you notice any damage to the fan blade, it will have to be replaced.

Mechanical Blockage

There may be times when small pieces of food or other items can get into the fan compartment and cause a physical blockage.

To check for and fix a blockage, you will have to enter the fan compartment. Be sure to unplug the unit before doing so to avoid the possibility of electrical shock.

If you see any obstruction, it should be removed carefully to avoid damaging the fan blade in the process. After removing the obstruction, the fan should start working normally.

Faulty Control Board

The control board in an air fryer is similar to a small computer that controls all aspects of the appliance. This includes the fan, which can be affected if the control board is faulty.

It is impossible to fix a control board in an air fryer but you can sometimes replace them. If you can access the control board to remove it, see if there is a replacement part that can be inserted.


This problem doesn’t happen very often but it can affect the fan when it does. Because of the food particles and grease that sometimes get into the fan compartment, it can attract insects and when it does, they can block the fan from spinning.

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There is not much you can do about insects in the air fryer other than taking the air fryer apart and cleaning them out. You will have to clean the entire unit at that point because it will be contaminated.

Thermal Cut-off

There may be a number of different cut-off options available in the air fryer as safety features in case the temperature gets too high. Many of these are one-use products that have to be replaced but there may also be a switch that could be reset in some cases.

Allow the air fryer to cool down completely before restarting it. If the fan continues to shut down as the unit overheats, it may be necessary to send it in for additional repairs.

Motor Overload

The motor that powers the fan blade in a small appliance, such as an air fryer, is not typically heavy-duty. If the motor is overloaded because of physical damage or because of extensive use, it will stop working.

The best way to approach fixing this is to allow the air fryer to cool down completely and try operating it again. If it continues to overload and stop working, you will have to replace the fan motor completely.

Risks Of Running Air Fryer With Broken Fan

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Air fryers have revolutionized the way we cook, offering a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods. However, like any appliance, they can experience issues, such as the fan not working properly. Understanding the common causes of this problem and how to fix them can ensure your air fryer continues to deliver delicious and crispy meals.

A common cause of an air fryer fan not working is blockage from grease or debris. To resolve this, switch off and unplug the air fryer. Clean the fan area by removing any obstruction and gently brushing the blades. This often gets the fan working again.

In some cases, you may be able to continue to cook your food in the air fryer without a fan operating but it is going to take a lot longer and you will not get the even cooking that typically occurs. In addition, there are times when it could be a fire hazard.

Essentially, you change the air fryer from a mini convection oven to a regular oven when the fan is not working. You will not get the crispy food that you usually get from the air fryer when the fan is operational.

Typically, we realize that there is a problem with the air fryer fan when we don’t hear any sound coming from the appliance. If the fan is not running, it will not make any noise and that is when you can check for any obstructions in the blade.

There are also times when the fan is off by design. This includes times when you are broiling, baking, reheating, or keeping something warm in the air fryer.

Look for a button on your air fryer that cycles the fan on and off for those reasons. You may just have set something on an improper setting and it can be fixed at that point.

Since the air fryer is a relatively simple appliance, it can often be fixed by the homeowner. That doesn’t mean that you can throw caution to the wind and ignore all safety procedures when doing so.

For example, if you try to work on an air fryer while it is still plugged in, you run the risk of electrical shock or perhaps even electrocution. Always make sure that you unplug the air fryer before you do any work.

You should also be conscious of any sharp edges that may exist once you open the appliance. This is something that can cause injury and since the inside of an air fryer is not always clean because of grease, you run the risk of an infection if you get cut.

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Finally, you should not open any appliance if you have a warranty in place. In almost all cases, the warranty is going to be voided if you open the appliance and begin working on it. If you aren’t sure if you have a warranty, contact the manufacturer or the store where you purchased it.