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Quartz Countertop Estimator / Calculator

Quartz countertops can beautify a kitchen. Those countertops are also a usable part of the home. If you would like to step up to quartz, using an online countertop estimator is an excellent place to start.

A quartz countertop estimator receives specific data from the user, such as the length and width of the countertop. It then calculates the cost. The cost of the material, labor, and incidentals associated with the project will be included in the estimate.

Different style of quartz tiles for countertop

Generally, you will pay approximately $60 per square foot for a quartz countertop. The $60 price will get you a high-quality countertop, but you can save money by going with lower quality.

Although you can save money, it is best not to go with a lower-quality quartz countertop slab. Doing so would introduce some unexpected issues to the area, possibly damaging the countertop with heat or liquid.

The quartz countertop estimator will take the new countertop’s square footage and use the slab’s cost per square footage as a guide. It is important to recognize that this price may not be exact.

First of all, a quartz countertop slab is not going to be precisely the size you need. On average, 30% of the slab will be considered waste.

Some waste can be used as remnants for other countertops in the home. The customer can often retain these remnants, but, in many cases, the contractor or fabricator will keep the remnants to sell later.

Avoiding one of the common misconceptions about quartz countertops is also essential. Unlike marble or granite, quartz countertops are not made from natural stone.

When you look at the slabs with the fabricator, you will be looking at material containing natural quartz, but it also includes other minerals and resin. It is not a natural stone but, rather, is engineered.

Since it contains some quartz in the mixture, you must exercise caution if cutting the material at home. Quartz is silica, and the dust created when you cut quartz can harm you.

At a minimum, when doing any work on the countertop, you should wear an N95 respirator. You should also wear gloves and safety glasses.

How To Calculate How Much Quartz Countertop Is Needed

Budgeting using calculator

A big part of estimating a quartz countertop project is figuring out how many slabs are needed. This may seem like a straightforward mathematical formula, but there are always unexpected items to consider.

As a general rule, calculate the needed quartz countertop for any project by multiplying the length by the width. The estimator will then determine how many slabs are required. The fabricator can then verify this figure.

Most people who undertake a quartz countertop project will go through a middleman. There is nothing wrong with doing so, but you need to count the cost first.

A middleman is going to charge you for the entire slab. They will do the calculations to determine the number of slabs necessary for your particular countertop configuration.

The problem is, if there is waste, you will have to pay for it. Waste isn’t unusual, and 30% of waste material is considered an industry standard.

On the other hand, if there is a large section of slab left, the fabricator will retain it as a remnant and try to sell it later. You still pay for the remnant in the square footage for the complete slab, but they make extra money from it.

It’s good to discuss this with the fabricator. You may have another small project at your home that would benefit from any leftover remnants.

On the other hand, don’t be too quick to keep the remnant and store it for later use. A big chunk of quartz in your garage will get in the way, and you will likely move it around for years until you finally figure out how to get rid of it.

Another factor to consider when calculating how much quartz countertop you need is any odd shapes. Circles, triangles, and odd corners can make a difference in the square footage.

They may also make it challenging to fit all your countertop pieces on a single slab. At times, purchasing a second slab with significant waste is necessary to get the job done.

How To Calculate the Cost Of Quartz Countertops

Budgeting using calculator

Aside from knowing how much material is needed for a quartz countertop project, it’s also important to know how much you will spend. Part of this is knowing the cost of the countertop material.

The average price for a quartz slab is about $60 per square foot. This price point will be for a quality slab. After you know the square footage of the countertop you are installing, you can multiply it by the price per square foot to get a general idea of what you’ll spend.

Calculating the price is one of the more challenging parts of the project because it isn’t just a simple mathematical figure. When you pick out the slab of quartz, not every square inch of the slab will be used in your home.

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There is always a degree of waste associated with this type of project. The industry standard is 30%, but there are times when it could be as much as 50% or more.

Not everything that is considered waste is actually going to be wasted. There is a possibility that some larger pieces are left over from the slab, and these can be used in different ways.

In most cases, the fabricator will keep the leftover piece as a remnant and sell it to another client. This practice is something that is done in the industry regularly.

On the other hand, the fabricator could offer you the leftover piece if you want to use it for a project. Think carefully before storing a piece of quartz in your basement or garage.

When my wife and I had a countertop installed in our kitchen, I had high hopes of using the leftover pieces for a tabletop. About 20 years later, I finally hauled it to the dump. I moved it around the garage for two decades anytime it got in the way and never used it.

There will always be variations in what you pay for a quartz slab. It’s a good idea to strike a balance so that you purchase something affordable and of the highest quality possible.

How To Calculate Cost Of Quartz Countertop Installation (Labor, Incidentals, Etc)

Budgeting using calculator

The installation is an essential part of calculating the cost of a quartz countertop. How much can you expect to pay for labor and incidentals?

The cost of installing a quartz countertop is very similar to the material cost per square foot. Most contractors will charge $60 per square foot to install the countertop. That price is in addition to the fabrication and material cost.

One way to reduce the price of installing a quartz countertop is to use the same contractor for every portion. If they work with you from measurements to clean up, you will find that they charge less overall.

Here are the items that the contractor should include in any quartz countertop installation estimate:

Initial Measurements: Measuring the countertop is important because it allows the fabricator to determine how many slabs are needed. A good fabricator will lower the number of slabs by fitting every piece possible onto a single slab.

Template: Before fabricating the countertop, the installer will design and temporarily install a template. The template gives you an idea of what to expect from your new countertop. It also provides the fabricator with a guide so they can successfully cut the quartz slab.

Fabrication: A lot of work goes into fabricating a quartz slab and turning it into a beautiful countertop. Each piece has to be cut out, including any smaller cutouts for sinks and other drop-in items.

You also have to choose the edge you want for the countertop. Fabricating the edge can be a dangerous part of the job because if there are any voids in the slab, it could blow out a chunk of material.

Fortunately, most fabricators will be able to work with the issue so that they can successfully fix it.

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Installation: Any contractor should also include the countertop installation in the invoice. Their price would also include any incidentals, such as brackets and adhesives.

Other Things To Consider When Estimating Quartz Countertop Installation Project

Budgeting using calculator

It is exciting to shop for and install a new quartz countertop. At the same time, it’s essential to slow down and look for any additional items that could affect the project. Here are a few to consider:

Aggregate and Resin: Not every slab of quartz is manufactured in the same way. You may have some slabs that experience aggregate settling or are made with low-quality resin.

If the materials and process are not of the highest quality, the result will not be as desired. It is much easier to ruin a quartz countertop when the resin and aggregate materials are not up to par.

Polish: Look at the slab carefully from every angle possible. If there are any inconsistencies in the polish, you should think twice before you choose the slab.

Warranty: Finally, consider any warranties offered by the manufacturer, fabricator, or installer. Problems are likely to occur at some point in the process, and having a warranty in place guarantees you will make it through.

The first step in installing a quartz countertop is to use an estimator. The estimator takes several factors, such as the square footage and costs per square foot to give you a general idea of what you will spend for the project. A good quartz countertop estimator can also provide information on installation costs.

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