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Roper Washer Not Spinning/Working

When it comes to washing clothes with a Roper washer, the ability for the appliance to agitate and spin the items to rid them of all dirt and germs is essential. Therefore, when this function stops working, owners are left stranded looking for a solution. What might that look like?

If your Roper washer isn’t spinning or working, the motor coupling could be failing due to an overloaded wash, check that the lid switch assembly has continuity, clear the drain pump of any obstructions, and confirm that the appliance is plugged in and hooked up to a working power outlet.

Dryer with clothes inside

Before washers, items were simply washed by hand using a variety of different tools to use as an agitation point to rid fabric items of dirt and grime. Moving into the modern world, washers imitate that exact same concept, only they spin and agitate in order to do so. If you have a Roper washer and notice that it is not spinning or working the way that it should be, continue reading on to find a troubleshooting method that will resolve the exact problem you’re facing.

Roper Washer Not Spinning/Working

The purpose of a Roper washer spinning during a washing cycle is so that the items that are within the drum are moved around and agitated enough that they are cleaned. Once cleaning is done, they are then spun for a longer period of time without any interruption so all the dirty water is drained of the items and they are left only mildly wet, rather than soaking. If you have a Roper washer and this process isn’t happening, what might be the problem?

If your Roper washer isn’t spinning or working, it could be that the washer has stopped due to being overloaded, which causes the motor coupling to fail. If the washer is overloaded, try removing some items and restarting the washing cycle. If it continues, it was simply too full.

Roper Washer Not Spinning

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As previously noted, a washer must spin so that not only items can be cleaned, but so they can be drained of dirty water as well. If a washer does not spin, the clothes remain dirty and you will open the appliance to see a drum full of dirty water and laundry detergent. If you have a Roper washer and you either notice by sound that it is not spinning or you open the washer to see it full of standing water, read below to see what you need to do to resolve this issue.

If your Roper washer isn’t spinning, it could be caused by the lid not being completely closed. If the lid is closed, the lid switch assembly will need to be tested with a multimeter to see if continuity is present. If it is not, this piece will need to be replaced so spinning can ensue.

Roper Washer Not Draining

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Your Roper washer may be doing just fine when it comes to spinning and agitating, but if you open the lid once the cycle has finished and notice a huge pool of dirty laundry water in your washer, a problem certainly exists. A Roper should drain clothes of all dirty water and rinse water before it begins to spin to wick moisture from the items. However, if you have this appliance and it is not draining as it should, read on to find the solution to get things draining.

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If your Roper washer isn’t draining, check to see if the drain pump has been obstructed. Debris can accumulate within the pump or smaller items can get easily stuck, which will prevent the appliance from draining. Locate the hose, remove it, and clear it of any items that are obstructing flow.

Roper Washer Won’t Turn On

Outside of having a washer that is able to spin, agitate, and drain as it should, you, first and foremost, need a washer that can turn on. Without power, this appliance renders useless and you will be sent back to the days of washing your clothes in a sink with a bar of soap. If you don’t prefer to partake in that previously mentioned scenario, take a look below to see what the most likely cause of this problem is and what you can do to quickly fix it.

If your Roper washer won’t turn on, always check first that power is present. Be sure that the appliance is plugged in securely to a working outlet. After this, check your breaker box and flip on any breakers that have been tripped to restore back to the area your washer is located in.

Roper Washer Agitates But Won’t Spin

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In order for clothes to be thoroughly cleaned within a Roper washer, not only does the appliance need to spin, but it also needs to agitate. The agitation stage is how the clothes are “scrubbed” within the washer, which is how dirt and germs are taken out of the surfaces on each item and when this function stops, your clothes remain dirty. If you have a Roper washer and it agitates but won’t spin, what can you do to restore this function and get your clothes clean again?

If your Roper washer agitates but won’t spin, it could be that the drive belt has been broken, which is the piece that causes the pulleys to create agitation. Check the drive belt for any significant wear or obvious breaks and if you can see them, the item needs to be replaced.

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Roper Washer Auto Sensing Not Working

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Auto sensing is an eco-friendly feature, as this feature works to recognize exactly how much laundry is in the washer and will then fill the appliance with only how much water is absolutely necessary. This helps to save on water waste, but also works in the favor of those who just can’t decide how much water is really needed for each load. If Auto sensing isn’t working on your Roper washer, read on to see what the cause likely is and what you can do.

If your Roper washer auto sensing feature isn’t working, be sure that you aren’t opening the lid and adding more clothing during the fill process, as this can throw off the sensors and cause the load to fill more than it should. If this is not the case, call a technician to diagnose the issue.

If your Roper washer isn’t spinning or working as it should, check to make sure that the drive belt does not have any obvious damage and if it does, replace the piece, and be sure you don’t interrupt the auto fill process by adding extra clothing during the fill phase.

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