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Samsung Dryer Won’t Turn on/Powers On But Won’t Spin

Samsung dryers are jam-packed with drying features that complement your Samsung washer. Not only are the Samsung dryers built to last, but these dryers are also designed with beautiful high-end finishes with a spacious capacity to tumble dry big loads of laundry. However, like all household electronics with complex mechanisms, Samsung dryers eventually run into a few problems of their own.

When a Samsung dryer turns on but doesn’t spin, a common cause is a broken drive belt. Over time, the belt can wear out or snap, preventing the drum from turning. To fix this, unplug the dryer, remove the back panel, and check the belt. If it’s broken or looks worn, replace it with a new one.

Another reason for a Samsung dryer not spinning could be an overloaded drum. If the dryer is packed too tightly with clothes, the weight can prevent the drum from spinning. The solution is simple: remove some of the clothes to reduce the load and try starting the dryer again. It’s important to evenly distribute clothes in the drum for optimal performance.

Samsung Dryer Won't Turn on/Powers On But Won't Spin

Through the course of this article, you will also learn the following info:

  • How to troubleshoot your Samsung dryer’s power issues
  • Common spin issues and solutions for your Samsung dryer
  • How to prevent spin cycle issues from occurring

Samsung Dryer Won’t Turn On/Power On At All

Samsung Dryer Won’t Turn On/Power On At All

Many different types of Samsung dryers are available for sale on the Samsung website, such as gas, electric, and ventless dryers. 

Traditionally, gas and electric dryers heat air to tumble dry your clothes, and then the heated air is expelled by an exterior vent. Ventless dryers do not require an external vent, and the air within the dryer is recycled. While gas and electric dryers tend to be less expensive, ventless dryers have lower maintenance but tend to be more pricey and can take a longer time to dry your clothes.

If your Samsung dryer does not turn on, it could be due to various reasons, such as the circuit breaker.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Switch off the circuit breaker to prevent any electrical shock when checking the Samsung dryer’s power cord. Inspect the plug, cable, outlet, and socket for any burn marks or worn areas that may indicate damage. If you do see damage or burnt areas, immediately stop and call a licensed electrician to take a look.

After checking the circuit breaker, wait approximately 30 seconds and plug the Samsung dryer back into the outlet. Switch the circuit breaker on as this procedure will confirm that the circuit did not trip.

A 15 Amp circuit is necessary for Samsung gas dryers, and often tripped circuits closely mimic circuits that are turned on. But these circuits need to be shut off before they are powered back on. Two-part circuits are in use for Samsung electric dryers for a total of 30 Amps. 

In some rare cases, the circuit can become “half-tripped,” and powering all circuits off for approximately 30 seconds and then powering the household appliance back on to correct the situation.

In the case of Samsung gas dryers, you should also open the dryer door and check to see if the dryer’s drum light turns on. If the drum light on your Samsung dryer does not turn on, test the outlet by plugging another electrical appliance such as a lamp. If the outlet does not work, contact an electrician for further assistance.

Samsung Dryer Powers On But Won’t Start/Spin

Samsung Dryer Powers On But Won't Start/Spin

Unfortunately, it generally implies that your household appliance requires servicing if your dryer is not spinning. But you can check the following and conduct a test to see if you can narrow down the malfunctioning part of your Samsung dryer.

Check Error Codes

Your Samsung dryer might be having something stuck that stops the dryer from running correctly. In this case, there may be an error code displayed on the dryer console. Troubleshoot the error code, and it may fix the issue with the dryer’s cycle.

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Check Child Lock Mode Is Turned Off

Child Lock mode prevents the Start button from operating, so this could be why the appliance powers on but does not spin. Depending on the Samsung dryer model, the Child Lock button can either depict a baby or a smiley face. 

Verify if the Child Lock icon light is on and if so, refer to your dryer’s user manual to turn it off. If you have issues turning the mode off, you can unplug the dryer or switch the circuit breaker off for approximately 60 seconds and then power the device back on.

Conduct a Test

While the prior procedures should resolve any issues, conduct a test to confirm that a cycle is running while the dryer drum is not spinning. You should do this test after the display console does not have any error codes or Child Lock mode displayed. 

Select the option to Time Dry and then hold the Start button. If the dryer’s timer starts counting down, but the dryer’s drum does not spin after approximately two minutes, then you will need to request your machine to be serviced.

Samsung Dryer Not Spinning, Making Clicking Noise or Just Clicks

Samsung Dryer Not Spinning, Making Clicking Noise or Just Clicks

If your Samsung dryer is not spinning and you hear the machine make clicking noises or just clicks, it could be many components, but one of the most common issues can be due to a faulty drum belt.

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Check the Drum Belt

Determine if your Samsung dryer has a belt switch. In most dryers, the dryer’s motor can still work, but the drum will not spin. Some dryers also have a control that cuts off the dryer’s power if the belt is malfunctioning. Run the dryer and wait for the clicking or buzzing noise. If the Samsung dryer makes the noise when you start it, it is not a faulty belt switch.

However, if your test proves that it is malfunctioning, then the part will need to be replaced.

Samsung Dryer Turns On Automatically

Samsung Dryer Turns On Automatically

If your Samsung dryer turns on automatically by itself, then it could be due to a malfunctioning timer, control board, or motor.

Check the Timer

If the timer in the dryer malfunctions, it can cause the timer to stay in position, and the dryer will continue to turn on and run through the cycle until the timer manually turns off or the door to the dryer opens. You will need to replace the timer.

Check the Control Board and Motor

Check to see if the control board of the Samsung dryer is sending power to the motor. You should also check your dryer to see if there are any breaks, damage, or loose connections. If the case holding the motor feels hot, then it may be a faulty centrifugal switch. 

The dryer’s motor may likely be shutting off due to the built-in safety thermal switch, which causes the dryer to turn on and off. According to other consumers with a Samsung dryer, switching attached to the motor could also be due. Usually, replacing the dryer’s motor solves the problem.

Consult a Professional

Samsung Dryer Won't Turn on/Powers On But Won't Spin: Consult a Professional

Samsung dryers are complex mechanical appliances that may require professional assistance to do a deep dive into your machine to figure out any issues. You can go online and get support by contacting Samsung’s Official Support Center and chat with a Samsung product expert. You can also locate a Samsung-Certified Pro and find a Samsung repair center for local assistance.

Final Thoughts

Samsung dryers are powerful appliances with many different cycles and features to dry your laundry. But like most electronic home appliances, the machine will inevitably need repairs over time. Common issues that stop your Samsung dryer from powering on and drying your laundry may occur due to malfunctioning parts or electrical issues. Your unresponsive machine may even be due to a unique feature rather than a faulty problem. 

Samsung dryers are complicated machines that can quickly become daunting to many people. It might be best to consult an authorized Samsung service technician before taking on a DIY repair project.

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