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Top Reasons Your Air Fryer Keeps Beeping and Flashing (How to Fix)

Air fryers are amazing appliances (according to most people, at least) and they can change how you cook your food. But, like any other appliance, problems can pop up while using them, and it can be quite frustrating getting to the bottom of what’s going on.

Air fryers beeping is quite a common occurrence, but figuring out why it’s beeping can be challenging. An air fryer can beep because the heating element isn’t working, a timer goes off, or the fan is faulty. 

Black modern air fryer

There are also other reasons why an air fryer is beeping and flashing, and this article will look at the most likely causes and what you can do to resolve the issue.

Often, simply unplugging the appliance can sort things out (though that doesn’t diagnose the issue), but if that doesn’t work for you, we have solutions to your problems!

8 Reasons Air Fryer Keeps Beeping and Flashing

Black modern air fryer

Air fryers often beep and flash to alert users when something important is happening. Timer alerts are in most cases the reason for the beeping and flashing, but sometimes something else can be the cause.

Your air fryer could be beeping and flashing because there are buttons stuck, there is a temperature fault, or an error code is displayed after an incorrect cooking program was selected.

It could also be that your air fryer has other problems, such as loose internal components or a defective heating element. You’ll have to determine the problem and then proceed accordingly.

Read on to find out how to check what’s bugging your air fryer and how to make it happy again.

The Heating Element Doesn’t Work Correctly

Sometimes, food debris, grime, and grease can get stuck in the back of your air fryer, and this can lead to difficulties with the external heating element. Before you check if that’s what’s going on, make sure the air fryer has properly cooled down.

Once cool, you can pick up the appliance and inspect it from every side. Look for any loose components or damage. If you find no signs of any damage or components that are loose, you can go ahead and try to fix this problem.

Buttons Are Stuck

It can happen that your air fryer starts to beep and flash because one of the buttons on it has been pressed incorrectly or become stuck. Buttons can become stuck when they are pressed multiple times or if food debris finds its way into an area it shouldn’t be.

To determine if your air fryer is unhappy because of a stuck button, line up the air fryer with your eyes and look for buttons that look odd or out of place. The display may also offer clues on this specific situation.

Idle Use Indicator

If you plugged in your air fryer and turned it on but didn’t choose a cooking option or set the timer, it may start beeping. This is a feature that is meant to help users remember they plugged in and turned on the appliance.

Timer Alert Going Off

One of the most common reasons for an air fryer’s beeping and flashing is the timer. It could be that the timer has done its task and ended, and as a result, the cooking process has ended. 

Temperature Fault

Air fryers are designed to operate at specific temperatures. If that doesn’t happen, your appliance can malfunction. You may discover that your air fryer has started beeping and flashing because it’s operating at too high or too low temperatures.

Faulty Fan 

Air fryers are meant to indicate if they’re not working as they should. A faulty fan is undesirable and will result in the appliance beeping to get the user’s attention. A faulty fan can lead to unwanted temperature changes, which isn’t good for cooking food.

Error Code

An error code can make your air fryer beep and flash because something has been done to it that it did not expect. Choosing the wrong cooking program could cause an error code, but so can undiscovered faults on the inside.

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Take a look at the error code and look in the user manual to find out what it means. You can also look up the error code on the internet.

Loose or Stuck Internal Components

Internal components not functioning as they should can lead to an air fryer beeping and flashing to get the user’s attention. You may even hear other strange or loud noises while the appliance is beeping. 

You should check for an error code to determine if that’s causing problems. If you don’t see one, you may have to let the air fryer cool down properly and carefully open it to look for loose or stuck internal components.

8 Ways to Fix Air Fryer Keeps Beeping and Flashing

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Once you have discovered the reason for your air fryer’s beeping and flashing, you can proceed with finding solutions to the problem.

To fix your air dryer that keeps beeping and flashing, you may have to clean the appliance, reset or turn it off, or, in some cases, contact the manufacturer to replace a faulty component.

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Always be careful when you attempt to solve your air fryer’s problem so you don’t cause permanent damage. It might, sometimes, be best to reach out to a professional repairman if you’re unsure of how to proceed.

The Heating Element Doesn’t Work Correctly

If you have determined that food debris is causing the heating element to malfunction, you should let the appliance cool off and then gently clean it. Don’t touch the air fryer before it has cooled off and be sure to clean it thoroughly.

Buttons Are Stuck

Should a stuck button be the reason why your air fryer is beeping and flashing, you can sort the issues out fairly easily. You will have to clean the exterior gently and try to remove any food debris that might be the cause. 

Some buttons can be sorted out with a toothpick, but make sure this won’t cause damage to your appliance. If a good cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, you may have to replace the button.

Idle Use Indicator

To determine if that’s the case, select a cooking option and set the timer. If the beeping stops, you’ve solved the issue! However, if the beeping hasn’t stopped 30 seconds after you selected a cooking option, there may be another reason behind the problem.

Timer Alert Going Off

If a timer is the reason for the beeping, you should be able to determine this by simply looking at the clock or timer on your machine. If you think that’s the reason, you can reset the air fryer or turn it off.

Temperature Fault

If your air fryer is making a beeping noise because of a temperature fault, you may also experience other issues, such as a faulty fan or an error code. If that’s what’s causing problems, you will have to switch off the appliance and contact the manufacturer or a professional repairman as this is a complicated issue to fix.

Faulty Fan 

A faulty fan can affect the operating temperature of your air fryer, which can decrease or increase quite dramatically. This can lead to an error code, so keep an eye out for one. You may also notice the fan no longer making any noise, or being too noisy.

If you suspect that a faulty fan is the root of your problems, switch off the air fryer and contact the manufacturer or get a professional repairman to help sort out the issue.

Error Code

If you notice an error code, you should look it up in your air fryer’s user manual. Don’t worry if you don’t have the manual, you can search online for an explanation. Use the information provided to proceed with fixing your air fryer.

Loose or Stuck Internal Components

If your air fryer is making loud noises in addition to beeping and flashing, it could be that there are stuck or loose internal components. If there is no error code to help you out, switch off the appliance and let it cool down.

You can then open the air fryer and look for anything that is loose or stuck. Don’t touch anything and contact the manufacturer for guidance on how to proceed.

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