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What Can You Use To Cut Aluminum Siding? (How to)

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Aluminum siding is a material that many homeowners appreciate having available. It is relatively low maintenance and easy to install, but there is some cutting required. What should you use to cut aluminum siding?

The primary tool used for cutting aluminum siding is tin snips. Using shears, it is possible to cut through aluminum siding quickly and easily. There are also numerous options available, depending upon the cut that is being made and even if you are right or left-handed.

Since aluminum siding is relatively thin, it can be cut easily with tin snips and not a lot of action is needed on our part. There are some ways to do it using power tools, however, and you may find those to be more convenient.

For example, one of the tools that are used along with shears in many cases is the nibbler. This tool can be used to cut aluminum quickly and easily, but it is typically only used if you are cutting a pattern. You can also use the nibbler for cutting long pieces of aluminum siding lengthwise.

What Can You Use To Cut Aluminum Siding?

Just as shears come in a variety of sizes, there are also different types and sizes of nibbler shears as well. One factor that needs to be considered is the thickness of the metal that is being cut.

Since aluminum siding is relatively thin, you don’t need heavy-duty nibblers to cut through it. In fact, using a nimbler that is too strong may have negative consequences as you are cutting the aluminum siding.

One factor that should always be considered when cutting aluminum siding is your personal safety. There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself because it is possible to get hurt when doing this simple task.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider when cutting aluminum siding are the gloves you wear. The cut edge of aluminum siding could quickly cut you and many people have ended up getting stitches as a result of getting hurt in this way.

Choose the gloves that you use carefully. For the most part, all-purpose gloves will work well for light-duty work but you may want to increase to leather gloves or perhaps Cutlass gloves.

Keep in mind that Cutlass gloves are not the cure-all for working with sharp objects. You can still get cut, you will just get cut less.

Safety Glasses

It is always a good idea to wear safety glasses when doing any type of DIY project. Protecting our eyes is vitally important, and it only takes a second for the unthinkable to happen. Make sure you are wearing approved safety glasses and not simply your prescription glasses, as they don’t protect your eyes.


If you are doing a lot of cutting, it’s a good idea to wear a mask. This isn’t as important with aluminum, but every little bit helps.

Hearing Protection

If you are using a power tool for cutting aluminum siding, make sure you wear some hearing protection. This could be a set of earplugs or a headset.

We will now consider the different types of tools that may or may not be used for cutting aluminum siding.

Can You Cut Aluminum Siding With A Circular Saw?

Tools to cut aluminum siding

Most homeowners have a circular saw at their disposal. Can you use it to cut aluminum siding?

Circular saws can be used for making long, straight cuts in aluminum siding or you can cross-cut the siding using this tool. If you are only doing a few smaller cuts, it is better to use tin snips but with the right saw blade, a circular saw will work nicely.

One important factor for using a circular saw when cutting aluminum siding is keeping the saw blade sharp. It is possible to damage the blade with aluminum siding and if you have a lot to cut, you may need to change the blade frequently.

You should also choose a blade that is suitable for cutting aluminum. Be sure to read the packaging and choose one that is appropriate for this purpose.

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Can You Cut Aluminum Siding With Tin Snips?

Tools to cut aluminum siding

Are tin snips only for cutting tin or can you also use them for cutting aluminum?

Tin snips are the primary tool used for cutting aluminum siding. Choosing one that is a comfortable fit for your hand and the right strength for this purpose will make short order of the work.

You can use tin snips to make long straight cuts along the aluminum or you can use them to cross-cut the aluminum. With a steady hand, you can also use tin snips to cut intricate shapes.

The key to using tin snips effectively is to choose longer snips for making longer cuts. You should also use the majority of the blade, rather than only using the back end of it.

Can You Cut Aluminum Siding With A Knife?

Tools to cut aluminum siding

We cut many different objects with a knife, but can you cut aluminum siding?

Cutting aluminum siding with a knife is possible and you might even find it to be easier than using tin snips. Use a straight edge to guide the blade and score both sides of the siding. You can then bend the siding and it will break at the point where you cut it.

In order to get this to work properly, you have to have the score mark on both sides of the aluminum and they have to line up properly. You should also always use a sharp knife and change the blade frequently.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 08/05/2022.

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Can You Cut Aluminum Siding With Oscillating Multi Tool?

Tools to cut aluminum siding

You probably find your oscillating multi-tool to be very handy around the home. If you have to cut some aluminum siding, is it a tool that should be used?

An oscillating multi-tool will cut through aluminum siding very easily. It’s an excellent tool for use in this regard because it is small, easy to maneuver, and can even fit into tight areas if you need to cut the aluminum siding in place.

The key to using an oscillating multi-tool properly is to choose the right blade. Always choose one that is for cutting metal because choosing another type of blade will likely cause it to wear out quickly.

Can You Cut Aluminum Siding With Angle Grinder?

Tools to cut aluminum siding

If you have an angle grinder available, can it be used for cutting aluminum siding? Make sure you read this before trying.

Angle grinders can be used for making easy cuts through aluminum siding. With the right blade in place, it will cut through it and you can make a long, straight cut with no problem. It will take a steady hand, but it will work well if you are able to use the tool properly.

One thing to be careful of is if you are cutting the aluminum siding in place. An angle grinder will cut through the aluminum quickly and if you go too deep, it could cut the facia or other backing and damage it.

How To Cut Aluminum Siding Properly

Confused man standing

When it comes time to cut the aluminum siding, you want to do it properly. Doing it the right way will help you to be proud of the job that you have undertaken.

The most important factor for cutting aluminum siding is choosing the right saw blade. A panel blade is a perfect option because it will cut through the siding easily without ripping through it, due to the fact that it has finer teeth.

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when cutting aluminum siding. Understanding the step-by-step process will help you to make the most out of this chore.

1. Cut across the Siding

It is easier if you cut the aluminum siding across the contours to get it down to size. This is especially beneficial if you will be ripping some of the siding off, as you won’t have as much work to do.

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The easiest way to cut across the siding is to use a miter saw or chop saw outfitted with a panel blade. Doing so allows you to cut easily at a 90° angle and it provides a smooth, clean cut that will not rip the aluminum as it is cutting.

2. Measure Twice

I’m sure you’ve heard the old axiom that you should measure twice, cut once. This is especially true when it comes to installing aluminum siding. Always make sure that you are measuring the material properly and if necessary, install it backward to ensure that you are not taking too much material off.

Always keep in mind that you can cut more material off of the aluminum siding but you can’t put it back on.

3. Snips

Now is the time when you will cut the width of the siding with tin snips. You might also need to cut out the siding for any unusual shapes, such as fitting it around Windows or eaves.

4. Nibbler

The nimbler tool is excellent for cutting the straight, long sections along the entire length of the aluminum siding. It is not necessarily going to leave you with the cleanest cut, but using a light-duty nibbler will work well in this regard.

When cutting aluminum siding, the use of tin snips is going to be imperative. They will cut the material, either for removal or to work around an object that is in the way. Choosing the right tin snips will make it easier for you to get the job done.

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