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What Can You Use To Cut Copper Pipe? (How To)

Copper is a rather unusual metal and it is probably one of the more versatile metals that we use on a DIY basis. It can easily be pulled into wire or you can hammer it into a wide variety of shapes.

One of the things that you will ultimately want to do with copper is cut it. What tools can be used for this purpose and how can you cut copper effectively?

The easiest way to cut copper pipe is with a pipe cutter. This is a tool that is made specifically for that purpose. You clamp on the pipe cutter, screw it in place to touch the blades to the pipe, and then spin it around the pipe. Continue to tighten until you cut through the copper cleanly.

Cutting a copper pipe

A pipe cutter is by far the best choice for cutting pipe but it is by no means the only option that you have available. In fact, you can cut copper with almost any type of saw but you will want to consider the blade that you are using.

In addition, there may be certain types of saws that can easily be used to cut copper but they are not going to be a great choice in every instance. We will cover some of those factors in this article as well as look into some of the different ways in which you can cut copper cleanly.

What Can You Use To Cut Copper Pipe?

There are a few different issues that need to be considered any time you are cutting copper. This is especially true if you are cutting copper tubing.

First of all, if you are cutting copper tubing and it is loose, it is very difficult to stabilize it using your hand alone. That is why it can be difficult to use some of the more common tools that may be considered, such as a hacksaw.

If the copper pipe should happen to destabilize while you are holding it, then the cut could go off very easily. In many cases, you’re going to need to cut copper pipe to a very specific length so even a little error is going to make a big difference.

The only way to overcome this issue is to clamp the copper in place. This is possible, but you also need to be cautious that you don’t tighten the clamp too hard as you could change the shape of the copper pipe easily.

Another issue that needs to be considered is if you are cutting copper pipe that is already attached in some way or another. Since copper pipe is attached by soldering it from one piece to another, you would not want to put too much strain on the joint.

One way in which this can happen is if you are using a hacksaw. Even though a hacksaw can easily cut through a copper pipe, it is also going to cause a lot of vibration and this can make the soldered piece come loose.

If you are cutting copper tubing that is already attached, it is a much better option to use a pipe cutter as it will cut the pipe cleanly without causing a lot of strain on the connecting points.

Finally, as you cut the copper, you are going to be creating some dust that can easily cut your fingers. In addition, the cut edge of the pipe may also be extremely sharp, so it is best if you wear gloves while you’re working on the copper pipe.

Can You Cut Copper Pipe With Hacksaw?

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One of the first tools that most people grab when they are cutting copper pipes is a hacksaw. Is it the right tool for the job?

A hacksaw with a fine-tooth blade is ideal for cutting through a copper pipe. It will cut through it cleanly and easily. As long as the pipe is clamped so that it doesn’t move, you can make precise cuts with a hacksaw. Do not try to stabilize a copper pipe with your hand while cutting it.

Although a hacksaw can cut through pipes easily, there are reasons why you would want to use a pipe cutter instead.

One of the primary reasons why a pipe cutter may be better than a hacksaw is if the pipe is already soldered in place. Using a hacksaw creates vibrations that can loosen the solder in some instances.

Can You Cut Copper Pipe With Sawzall?

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Undoubtedly, a Sawzall is one of the more handy tools that we have in our home. It is used for a number of different tasks but can it be used for cutting copper?

You can easily cut through copper with a Sawzall, along with any other material that may be in the area. It is ideally suited for demolition, and if there is a copper pipe in the area, it will cut through it easily along with any wood, nails, or any other construction material.

Although a Sawzall can easily be used to cut through copper, it is not always going to be the best choice for doing so. It is a tool that is better suited for demolition and not for precise cuts, as may be needed for copper pipe.

When you cut through a copper pipe with a Sawzall, it can leave a rough edge. This makes it difficult to solder that edge into another piece, and you may end up with a leak.

It is better to use a pipe cutter or hacksaw for more precise work and to use the Sawzall when doing demolition.

Can You Cut Copper Pipe With Dremel?

Tools to cut copper pipe

One of the more common tools that we have around the home is the Dremel. It’s an excellent tool for crafting but can it be used for cutting copper?

Any Dremel tool can easily be used for cutting a copper pipe. As long as you purchase the right blade, particularly a metal cut-off wheel, you can begin cutting with the Dremel tool and work your way around the pipe until you cut through it cleanly. You can even use the Dremel to clean up the edge.

When you consider the fact that copper is one of the most common building materials in use, you can see why it is necessary to have the right tool for cutting it.

I’m not necessarily saying that the Dremel tool is the best available tool for cutting copper pipes. In fact, a simple pipe cutter or hacksaw is going to do a better job in many cases.

That being said, if all you have available is a Dremel tool and you need to cut a small amount of pipe, it’s an excellent choice because it cuts cleanly.

Can You Cut Copper Pipe With Multi-Tool?

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Do you have a multi-tool available? You might be surprised with how good of a job it can do when cutting copper pipes.

A multi-tool is an excellent choice for cutting cleanly through a copper pipe. You need to have a metal cutting blade installed but you can cut through the pipe easily and leave a clean edge that can be used for connecting to another pipe.

One of the reasons why a multi-tool is preferred in many cases is because it cuts so quickly and without a lot of vibration. If you were to use another type of saw, such as a hacksaw or reciprocating saw, the vibration could cause nearby joints to loosen.

The only problem with a multi-tool is that it is not going to fit into every area to cut the pipe. If you have to cut the pipe behind the wall or through a small opening, then you would be better off using a pipe-cutting tool. They come in a variety of sizes.

Can You Cut Copper Pipe With Angle Grinder?

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Most homes have an angle grinder available in their box of tools. Is this a tool that you can use for cutting copper?

Like any type of cutting power tool, you can use an angle grinder to cut through a copper pipe. As long as it is equipped with the right type of metal cutting blade, it can slice through the pipe cleanly and leave an edge that could easily be used for connecting to another pipe.

Angle grinders are sometimes preferred as a method of cutting copper because they work so quickly and cleanly. You don’t have to worry about grinding away on the copper for an extended amount of time and causing nearby joints to loosen.

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The angle grinder also can fit in small areas and at times, it may be one of the only options you have available for cutting a copper pipe. It may sometimes even work if a pipe-cutting tool does not work.

An angle grinder is not always going to be the best choice but it’s a good choice to keep in mind.

Can You Cut Copper Pipe With Jigsaw?

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We often rely on jigsaws to cut unusual shapes and curves. Is it a good choice for cutting through copper pipes?

You can easily use a jigsaw to cut through copper pipe up to 1 inch in diameter or more. As long as you have it fitted with a metal cutting jigsaw blade and operate the saw at a slow speed, it will cut through the pipe cleanly and easily.

Since a jigsaw is going to put some pressure on the pipe while you are cutting it, it is better that you clamp the pipe rather than trying to hold it by hand. A handheld pipe is going to be difficult to maintain control while you’re cutting it.

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A jigsaw can also cause a considerable amount of vibration. This is going to put some strain on nearby joints and could cause the solder to come loose.

You can limit how much strain you’re putting on the joints by slowing down the speed of the jigsaw and cutting while allowing the blade to do the majority of the work. If you have to cut a lot of pipe in one area, however, you may want to choose a different tool.

Can You Cut Copper Pipe With Miter Saw?

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If you have a miter saw available, you may consider using it to cut copper pipe. After all, miter Salz are often used for cutting at 90° angles. Is it possible to do the same with copper?

A miter saw is an excellent choice for cutting copper pipes if you need to cut many pipes at a square angle. The one thing to keep in mind when cutting copper with a miter saw is the blade you’re using. A metal blade will cut through the copper cleanly and easily but if you are using a heavy-gauge tooth blade, it will damage the pipe more than it is cutting it.

One factor that needs to be kept in mind when cutting copper tubing with a miter saw is how you are stabilizing. It can be very difficult to hold a copper pipe in place if you are doing so by hand.

Of course, there are C clamps in other ways for you to be able to attach the copper pipe to the saw itself so that it will hold it smoothly in place. This is a good idea, because any movement of the pipe can cause the cut to be askew.

As we discussed, you also need to ensure that you are using the right blade while using a miter saw. This is something that can easily be changed and if you use a fine tooth metal Saul blade, it will do an excellent job on cutting through the pipe.

Make sure that you wear safety glasses and gloves while cutting with a miter saw. You are going to leave a sharp edge behind and the shards of copper can easily become airborne and get your eyes.

Can You Cut Copper Pipe With Chop Saw?

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A chop saw can be a very convenient tool for a variety of purposes. Can you also use it for cutting copper pipes?

One of the easiest ways to cut copper pipes is using a chop saw. As long as you use a metal cutting blade, it will cut the pipe cleanly and at the right angle. You can cut a considerable amount of copper pipe with a chop saw in a little bit of time. Just make sure that you are clamping the copper so that it doesn’t move while you’re cutting it.

A chop saw provides the benefit of being able to cut the pipe at a 90° angle flawlessly. If you are using the right type of metal blade, it will also provide a clean cut that can easily be utilized for attaching the pipe at a joint.

There are a few things to look out for so that you can cut the pipe properly. For one thing, you need to make sure that the pipe is held in place securely. Don’t rely on your hand to hold the pipe. Use a clamp.

Secondly, if you have to cut the pipe at a strange angle, you will need to make a jig for a standard chop saw. You can use a miter saw for this purpose but a chop saw only cuts at a 90° angle.

How To Cut Copper Pipe The Proper Way

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As you know by now, there are multiple ways to cut copper tubing but there is one particular way that is the industry standard.

The proper way to cut copper pipe is with a tubing cutter. This tool, which is also called an autocut, allows you to work in very tight areas where you could not typically cut pipe using a hacksaw or another type of tool. It also is a tool that cuts pipes cleanly and always at the right angle.

The first step in the process is to mark the pipe where you want to cut it. You can then put the tubing cutter on the pipe at that area and clamp it in place.

When you clamp the tubing cutter in place, you are actually putting small cutting blades that will stick into the copper. Copper is a relatively soft metal so it will give enough that it will hold it in place.

At that point, you simply spin the tubing cutter in a circle around the pipe. If you chose the right size, you will be able to spin the cutter the entire way of the circle.

As you spin the tubing cutter, continue to clamp down by turning the end of the cutter. Some cutters are spring-loaded. This will push the blades further into the copper and continue to cut the tubing as you do so.

Eventually, the cutter will pass the entire way through the tubing and it will be cut off clean. You can then dress it with some sandpaper and prepare it for connecting to another pipe.

Using a tubing cutter is always going to be a good idea for cutting copper. You can also use other tools, such as a hacksaw, an angle grinder, or even a chop saw. Choose the right method for cutting the pipe according to your needs.

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