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What Can You Use To Cut Downspout? (How To)

Cutting downspout is something that requires a very specific skill set. It also requires a lot of consideration for safety. What can you use to cut a downspout properly?

If you’re cutting a straight line in a downspout, the easiest way to do so is using the chop or miter saw. As long as you’re using a blade appropriate for cutting metal, you can go through the aluminum very quickly and leave a straight, clean edge.

That being said, not all the edges that you’re going to cut are going to be straight. Using a chop saw is an excellent choice but you may also want to have a miter saw, just because you can cut the straight edges at an angle.

In addition, there are other tools that may be used for this purpose. They can include tin snips and other similar tools that are used for cutting aluminum. These are especially beneficial for cutting at odd angles.

What Can You Use To Cut Downspout? (How To)

In this article, we’re going to consider some of the many different tools that are used for cutting downspouts. We will also cover a little bit of safety because that is important to us of the dangers that are involved.

Quite honestly, if you have anything that can cut metal, it can be used for cutting a downspout. At the same time, however, you want to make sure that you do a good job and are able to get to it as quickly and cleanly as possible so there are some that are going to be more suitable than others.

We want to take a moment to have a word on safety. After all, there are many safety issues that are involved with cutting downspouts, from sharp edges to pinch points.

As far as the sharp edges are concerned, you really need to be cautious because they can cut you like a razor blade. Always were cut-resistant gloves, long sleeves, and long pants. Never work on downspouts in open-toed shoes.

Safety glasses are also something to consider because your eyes are a very valuable commodity. Quite honestly, if you damage your eyes, you don’t get to grow another pair. Always wear safety glasses when doing DIY projects.

More than likely, you’re going to be up on a ladder and that requires a lot of safety consideration as well. Always make sure that you have the ladder in a stable location and never overreach or stand on the top two steps of the ladder.

As long as you take your time and use the appropriate tools, you can get through the job safely.

Can You Use Hacksaw To Cut Downspout?

Tools to cut downspout

One of the tools that you may consider using for cutting downspouts is a hacksaw. We know it can cut metal but can it cut a downspout?

If you have a hacksaw with a good blade, it will go through a downspout in a matter of minutes. Although it is always better to use a power tool because it is quicker and more efficient, a hacksaw can work in a pinch.

If you use the hacksaw properly, it can really make a difference in the quality of the work you are doing. It will also reduce the amount of time that you are spending while cutting the downspout.

First of all, you should always make sure that the blade you are using is new. When the blade is dull, it is not going to cut as well.

In addition, use the entire blade if possible. Many people tend to focus the cut on the center of the blade and it wears down that portion but they still have the ends of the blade that are available.

Can You Use an Angle Grinder To Cut Downspout?

Tools to cut downspout

If you have an angle grinder available, can you use it for cutting downspouts?

An angle grinder equipped with a metal cutting blade makes a great tool for cutting aluminum downspouts. It is especially useful when you have to cut the downspout in place for removal.

When you use an angle grinder, make sure that you take your time and guide it properly. Wear your safety glasses.

Can You Use Dremel To Cut Downspout?

Tools to cut downspout

Another tool that is sometimes considered for cutting a downspout is a Dremel tool. Is this a proper choice?

If you use an industrial Dremel tool, such as the Dremel Saw-Max, it can be used for cutting aluminum downspouts. In fact, equipped with the proper wheel, it will go through the downspout very easily and give you a lot of control over the cutting process.

Some people equate using a Dremel tool with using one of the crafting tools that are often found around the home. Although that may be true, and it can cut through aluminum, it is not going to be the proper tool for the job when you are doing a large amount of cutting.

Can You Use a Jigsaw To Cut Downspout?

Tools to cut downspout

Jigsaws are one of the more common tools that we have around the home. Can it also be used for cutting downspouts?

As long as you use a metal cutting blade in the jigsaw, it makes an excellent tool for cutting aluminum downspouts. Not only can it cut a straight line but you can also cut strange angles and unusual shapes.

When it comes to power tools, you really have a lot of different options for cutting downspouts. The real key to cutting them properly is to use the appropriate blade. That is also true of a jigsaw.

If you have a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade, it really isn’t necessary for you to have any other tool for cutting. That being said, it is still handy to have a chop saw available.

Can You Use Miter Saw To Cut Downspout?

Tools to cut downspout

If you have a miter saw, can you use it for cutting downspouts?

You can use a miter saw to make precision cuts through an aluminum downspout. You should use a carbide-tipped blade for cutting the aluminum, and it will cut a straight line very easily. You can also change the angle of the cut where needed.

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You might find that having a miter saw available for a downspout installation is one of the best tools you can have. There are plenty of other options, but you will have a difficult time finding one that is as convenient as a miter saw.

Can You Use Reciprocating Saw To Cut Downspout?

Tools to cut downspout

Reciprocating saws, such as a Sawzall are common tools that we have around the home. Can they be used to cut downspouts properly?

If you use a metal cutting blade in a reciprocating saw, it can cut through an aluminum downspout very quickly. Typically, a Sawzall is used for construction and demolition but there is nothing wrong with using the tool for more accurate cutting while installing a downspout.

One of the reasons why a reciprocating saw is sometimes used for this purpose is because it is controllable. You will have both hands on the saw, allowing you to guide the blade to wherever you want it to be.

On the other hand, you need to make sure that you have the saw firmly held and you also need to hold the downspout at the same time. You can either clamp it in place or have somebody with you to help. In either case, you can use the reciprocating saw for that purpose.

Can You Use Table Saw To Cut Downspout?

Tools to cut downspout

A table saw seems like a very convenient tool to have for cutting many objects. Can you add cutting a downspout to that list?

You can use a table saw for cutting downspouts but it is not the most convenient choice available. Table saws are better suited for ripping long items and not necessarily cutting something that is somewhat flimsy, such as a piece of a downspout.

At the same time, however, if you put a metal cutting blade on the table saw, it can cut through the downspout quickly and cleanly.

You do need to be cautious about your hands because they can get close to the blade at times. It can be difficult to cut, but it is an option you can consider if you don’t have any other options available.

How To Cut Downspout (Best Way)

Confused man standing

Now that you know there are many different saws you can use to cut downspout, what is the best way to do it?

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Step 1: Measure – Measure the area that you need to cut and mark the downspout at that appropriate space. A small mark is all that is needed if you are using a chop saw or miter saw. Otherwise, you should mark the entire piece.

Step 2: Stabilize – Since you will have to pay attention to the saw you are using, you will have to stabilize the downspout in the appropriate manner. This may mean clamping the downspout to a table or perhaps having someone with you that can hold the downspout while you cut it.

Step 3: Cut – Now is the time when you actually make the cut. The most important factor is to take your time and be as accurate as possible. You should also use the appropriate metal cutting blade for the tool you are using.

Step 3: Snips – There are going to be times when you need to use snips. For example, you may have to cut around a corner or around an unusual protrusion. You can use snips to cut those unusual shapes or you can use a jigsaw.

The only thing that is left after you cut the downspout is to install it. Be safe.

If you need to cut a downspout, your best choice is either a chop saw or a miter saw equipped with a metal cutting blade. A carbide blade will work well for this purpose. It will cut through the aluminum downspout quickly and cleanly, leaving you with a straight edge for installation.

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