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Amana Microwave Not Working (How to Fix/Reset It)

Microwaves provide a convenient and usually trouble-free service.

There are few moving parts and the electronics are robust and well-designed so that the appliance is safe to use.

However, when you need to troubleshoot your microwave, it helps to follow a step-by-step approach to avoid making the problem worse or injuring yourself.

If an Amana microwave is not working, then fixing it is fairly easy. Check that the power cable is properly attached and that you have power in the wall socket. Check the door to see if it is closing properly. If not, the microwave will fail to turn on. Finally, check for error codes on the display.

Using the microwave in the kitchen

If your power cable is loose or there is a problem with the supply circuit, your microwave will fail to switch on. Check that the circuit breakers on the main distribution board have not tripped. If they have tripped, then reset them and try to operate the microwave.

If the circuit breakers trip again, then there is likely a short inside your microwave and you should call a technician or take the microwave to a service center for repair.

Unless you are qualified to work on Amana electronic appliances, it is not recommended that you try to fix the problem yourself due to the high voltages that you can encounter.

To test if your microwave is heating properly, place a glass of water in a microwave-safe cup or dish and set the microwave to 100% power (high) for 1 minute.

The water will be warm and you may see a little steam rise from the container if the microwave is working properly. If the water is still cold, then the microwave is not heating properly and you should follow the advice listed below to ascertain the reason.

The microwave door is equipped with a switch that will prevent the microwave from turning on if it is not closed properly.

This is a safety feature that prevents microwaves from escaping from the appliance when it is in use. Microwaves can damage your body if you come in contact with them, so it’s advisable to call a technician if the door is not closing properly.

Do not, under any circumstances, bypass the locking mechanism and use the microwave with the door open. You may find shipping material or a door spacer preventing the door from closing, so make sure that it is all removed before use.

 The errors that are displayed on the control panel will allow you to diagnose the problems you are having with your appliance.

If your microwave is in demo mode, it will allow you to enter functions without the magnetron switching on. To use the microwave properly, demo mode must be disabled.

Your display may show the word “LOC” or “L” to indicate that the appliance’s control lock is engaged. The control lock prevents the microwave from starting, especially if you have young children around the house.

To activate it, press and hold the “Cancel” button for 3 seconds. Two tones will sound and a padlock will appear on the screen.

To deactivate the control lock, repeat the process by holding the cancel button for 3 seconds until the tones sound and the padlock icon disappears from the screen.

Amana Microwave Not Heating

Using the microwave in the kitchen

It is not often that your Amana microwave will have problems heating food. But when it fails to heat the contents, there are a few common areas to look at.

If an Amana microwave is not heating, there are a few reasons for the failure. It could be the door locks that are not engaging, or the AC/DC conversion diode may have burnt out. With age, the magnetron or the high voltage capacitor may burn out. Only a technician should attend to these issues.

The high voltage transformer or the thermal fuse may also fail.

If your microwave overheats, the Thermo-protector will cut power to the circuit, preventing it from catching alight.

The main circuit board may also fail, but this seldom occurs.

There are three or four door switches that must each be activated before the microwave operates properly.

Should any of these door switches fail to engage, the microwave will not heat food.

The magnetron inside the microwave requires very high voltages to operate. It does this by converting alternating current into direct current which charges a high voltage capacitor.

It is imperative that you avoid tampering with any of these components as they carry exceptionally high voltage charges that can injure you even when the appliance is switched off or disassembled.

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Amana Microwave Not Beeping

Using the microwave in the kitchen

The Amana microwave can sometimes fail to make a sound when it is working fine.

The appliance may also not turn on or beep at all.

To fix an Amana Microwave that’s not beeping, check that the power is on and that the appliance is plugged in. If there is power, then your microwave may be in silent mode or the piezo buzzer component may be faulty. You can switch silent mode on and off by programming the microwave.

Hold the number 1 on the number pad for about 3 seconds. A tone will sound indicating that the microwave is in silent programming mode.

To turn silent mode off, repeat the process by pressing and holding the number one until the tone sounds again.

To switch all the sounds on the microwave off, press and hold the number 2 down for three seconds until a tone sounds. To switch sounds back on, repeat the process by holding the number two down for 3 seconds or until the tone sounds.

Amana Microwave Not Turning On

Using the microwave in the kitchen

Plugging in a microwave correctly will ensure that it always operates as expected and you will avoid an electrical shock or damage to your appliance or your home.

If your Amana microwave does not turn on, check that the power cord is grounded correctly and your wall socket is working. Check your distribution board for tripped breakers or blown fuses. You can check the wall socket by plugging another appliance into the socket to see if it will work.

Due to the high voltages present in microwaves, it is not a good idea to disassemble the appliance unless you are properly trained and certified.

Call an electrician if you are unsure of the status of your electrical supply.

If your clock and other lights do not come on when you plug in your microwave, and you know the electrical socket is fine, check the microwave fuse.

To access the fuse, unplug the microwave and remove the metal cover. The screws are located on the back and bottom edge of the casing.

Once the cover is off, locate the screws holding the control panel on and remove it. Let the control panel hang down and locate the fuse holder located behind the control panel.

Remove the fuse and check that it is blown before replacing it with a new one. Be careful not to touch the ends of the fuse so as not to contaminate the contact surfaces.

You can then replace the control panel, screws, and microwave cover.

**This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 06/04/2022**

Amana Microwave Light Not Working

Using the microwave in the kitchen

There are a variety of reasons that the lights on a microwave may not work.

Most lighting problems are easily fixed, but sometimes it is a bit more difficult to diagnose the problem.

If the light on your Amana microwave is not working properly, check to see that the bulb has not burnt out. Replace worn-out bulbs with ones of the same wattage. If the light bulb is fine, there may be a problem with the light socket, the wiring, or the main circuit board.

To see if the light socket is the problem, check it for continuity using a multimeter.

If there is no voltage showing on the multimeter, replace the light socket.

If the light still does not work, you can test the wiring and the main control board. If the control board is not sending the correct voltage to the light socket, then you may have to repair the board.

Amana Microwave Buttons Not Working

Using the microwave in the kitchen

It can be quite frustrating when the buttons on your microwave fail to function properly.

This is, unfortunately, not a cheap fix as control panels can cost more than $100 to replace.

If your Amana microwave buttons are not working, then you may have to replace the control panel. Before ordering a replacement panel, test each button on the control panel to make sure that they are all not functioning correctly. If all the buttons are faulty, replace the panel and display board.

You may find that after replacing the control panel and the display board, the buttons still do not work.

If that is the case, you may have to replace the main circuit board as well. This is an expensive option and it may be better to replace your microwave than to try and repair it further.

Amana Microwave Touchpad Not Working

Using the microwave in the kitchen

Over time, the touchpad on your microwave experiences a lot of wear and tear.

Eventually, the touch may wear out or become faulty. Luckily, you can fix it.

If your Amana microwave touchpad is not working, check to see if you have power in the wall socket and no tripped circuit breakers. Then check that the wiring is fine before considering a replacement touchpad. You may find that both the touch and control panel require replacement.

Before replacing the touchpad and control panel, check that the fuse located behind the control is not blown.

A blown fuse will prevent the microwave from operating properly and checking it could save you a lot of money.

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***This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 06/04/2022***

Amana Microwave Keeps Blowing Fuse

Using the microwave in the kitchen

Microwave fuses will blow for a variety of different reasons.

Some of the causes of blown fuses are quick and easy to sort out, but others can be expensive and difficult to trace.

If there is a surge of power from your electrical supply, it can blow the fuse. Alternatively, the heat inside your microwave may build up to a point that the fuse blows to prevent any damage to the appliance or your kitchen.

If your Amana microwave keeps blowing fuses, the fuses may not be correctly sized for your microwave or they may not be installed correctly. If there is a fault with the door or the magnetron, it can also cause the fuse to blow. Door switches will blow a fuse if the door doesn’t close correctly.

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You may find that the microwave blows a fuse as soon as you switch it on. This is usually caused by defective parts such as the voltage capacitors or magnetrons.

As replacing these high voltage components is extremely dangerous due to the high voltages involved, replacement is best left to a qualified electrician or technician.

Amana Microwave Fan Keeps Running

Using the microwave in the kitchen

It can be a little disconcerting if your microwave oven fans keep running when you are finished using it.

This is normally okay, as the fans are designed to run for up to an hour after the microwave oven has been switched off.

If you find that your Amana microwave fan keeps running, it is no cause for alarm. The fan is designed to run as soon as the microwave is switched on to heat your food. The fans will continue to run until the temperature inside the microwave oven is below the minimum safe temperature.

There are two types of fans in a microwave oven. The vent fan runs when your food is warming up and blows the steam and hot air out of the microwave.

The other type of fan cools the internal components of the microwave and can run for many minutes after the microwave has been switched off.

You may have the microwave hood combination that is located above the cooktop. In this case, if the cooktop below the microwave is being used and causing the microwave to heat up, then the cooling fans will run automatically, accompanied by the vent fans. This will continue until the temperatures are below the upper-temperature limits set by the manufacturer.

How to Reset Amana Microwave

Using the microwave in the kitchen

Microwaves are easy to reset as there are relatively few components.

To reset an Amana microwave, unplug the microwave from the wall socket and leave it like that for a few minutes. Then plug the microwave back into the wall socket and the microwave will revert to its factory settings. You will have to set the date and time and any alarms you may require.

How to Reset Clean Filter on Amana Microwave

Using the microwave in the kitchen

After a while, your microwave will display a notification to remind you to clean your air filter.

To clean and reset your “clean filter” notification on the Amana microwave, press the setup menu button and continue pressing it until the filter option appears. Press the start button to reset the filter notification. Press the vent fan button to check if the notification reappears.

If the “clean filter” notification comes up again, then you know that the filter is dirty and requires replacement.

To replace the filter, order the correct charcoal filter for your microwave model. Then open your microwave to remove and replace the dirty filter with a new one.

How to Reset Amana Microwave Clock

Using the microwave in the kitchen

After a hard reset, when the microwave is disconnected from the power supply, you’ll need to reset the date and time.

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To reset the Amana microwave clock, press the “open” button and then select “clock”. Enter the correct time and wait for the display to read ”clock saved”. You can also set the date and any alarms you may require. The microwave is then ready for use and will display the correct date and time.